South Carolina General Assembly
110th Session, 1993-1994

Bill 501

                    Current Status
Introducing Body:               Senate
Bill Number:                    501
Ratification Number:            155
Act Number:                     88
Primary Sponsor:                Peeler
Type of Legislation:            GB
Subject:                        Criminal offenders, work
                                service activities
Date Bill Passed both Bodies:   19930526
Computer Document Number:       CYY/15138SD.93
Governor's Action:              S
Date of Governor's Action:      19930614
Introduced Date:                19930304
Date of Last Amendment:         19930429
Last History Body:              ------
Last History Date:              19930614
Last History Type:              Act No. 88
Scope of Legislation:           Statewide
All Sponsors:                   Peeler
Type of Legislation:            General Bill


Bill   Body    Date          Action Description              CMN  Leg Involved
----   ------  ------------  ------------------------------  ---  ------------
501    ------  19930614      Act No. 88
501    ------  19930614      Signed by Governor
501    ------  19930610      Ratified R 155
501    House   19930526      Read third time, enrolled for
501    House   19930525      Read second time
501    House   19930512      Committee Report: Favorable     27
501    House   19930504      Introduced, read first time,    27
                             referred to Committee
501    Senate  19930430      Read third time, sent to House
501    Senate  19930429      Amended, read second time,
                             unanimous consent for third
                             reading on Friday, April 30,
501    Senate  19930427      Committee Report: Favorable     03
                             with amendment
501    Senate  19930304      Introduced, read first time,    03
                             referred to Committee
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(A88, R155, S501)


Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the State of South Carolina:

Public works performed by prisoners

SECTION 1. The 1976 Code is amended by adding:

"Section 24-13-660. (A) A criminal offender committed to incarceration anywhere in this State may be required by prison or jail officials to perform public service work or related activities while under the supervision of appropriate employees of a federal, state, county, or municipal agency, or of a regional governmental entity or special purpose district. Prison or jail officials shall make available each inmate who is assigned to the program for transportation to his place of work on all days when work is scheduled and shall receive each inmate back into confinement at the respective facility after work is concluded. This public service work is considered to be a contribution by the inmate toward the cost of his incarceration and does not entitle him to additional compensation.

(B) No offender may be allowed to participate in these public service work activities unless he first is properly classified and approved to be outside the prison or jail without armed escort.

(C) The public service work requirement in subsection (A) operates only when adequate supervision and accountability can be provided by the agency, entity, district, or organization which is responsible for the work or related activity. The types of public service work permitted to be performed include, but are not limited to, litter control, road and infrastructure repair, and emergency relief activities.

(D) The South Carolina Department of Corrections may enter into a contractual agreement with any federal, state, county, or municipal agency, or with any regional governmental entity or public service district, to provide public service work or related activities through the use of inmate labor under authorized circumstances and conditions. A jail or camp also may provide public service work or related activities through the use of inmate labor in accordance with the Minimum Standards for Local Detention Facilities in South Carolina and with applicable statutes and ordinances.

(E) It is the policy of this State and its subdivisions to utilize criminal offenders for public service work or related activities whenever it is practical and is consistent with public safety. All eligible agencies, entities, districts, and organizations are encouraged to participate by using a labor force that can be adequately supervised and for which public service work or related activities are available.

(F) Nothing in this section may be construed to prohibit or otherwise to limit the use of inmate labor by the South Carolina Department of Corrections within its own facilities or on its own property, or by any jail or camp within its own facilities or on its own property. Further, nothing in this section prevents the South Carolina Department of Corrections from escorting and supervising any inmate for a public purpose when the department provides its own security."

Time effective

SECTION 2. This act takes effect upon approval by the Governor.

Approved the 14th day of June, 1993.