South Carolina General Assembly
114th Session, 2001-2002

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Bill 4347

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Bill Number:                      4347
Type of Legislation:              House Resolution HR
Introducing Body:                 House
Introduced Date:                  20010827
Primary Sponsor:                  J. Young
All Sponsors:                     J. Young, G.M. Smith, Weeks, G. Brown, 
                                  Harvin, Allen, Allison, Altman, Askins, Bales, 
                                  Barfield, Barrett, Battle, Bingham, Bowers, 
                                  Breeland, J. Brown, R. Brown, Campsen, 
                                  Carnell, Cato, Chellis, Clyburn, Coates, 
                                  Cobb-Hunter, Coleman, Cooper, Cotty, Dantzler, 
                                  Davenport, Delleney, Easterday, Edge, Emory, 
                                  Fleming, Freeman, Frye, Gilham, Gourdine, 
                                  Govan, Hamilton, Harrell, Harrison, Haskins, 
                                  Hayes, J. Hines, M. Hines, Hinson, Hosey, 
                                  Howard, Huggins, Jennings, Keegan, Kelley, 
                                  Kennedy, Kirsh, Klauber, Knotts, Koon, Law, 
                                  Leach, Lee, Limehouse, Littlejohn, Lloyd, 
                                  Loftis, Lourie, Lucas, Mack, Martin, McCraw, 
                                  McGee, McLeod, Meacham-Richardson, Merrill, 
                                  Miller, Moody-Lawrence, J.H. Neal, J.M. Neal, 
                                  Neilson, Ott, Owens, Parks, Perry, Phillips, 
                                  Quinn, Rhoad, Rice, Riser, Rivers, Robinson, 
                                  Rodgers, Rutherford, Sandifer, Scarborough, 
                                  Scott, Sharpe, Sheheen, Simrill, Sinclair, 
                                  D.C. Smith, F.N. Smith, J.E. Smith, 
                                  J.R. Smith, W.D. Smith, Snow, Stille, Stuart, 
                                  Talley, Taylor, Thompson, Townsend, Tripp, 
                                  Trotter, Vaughn, Walker, Webb, Whatley, 
                                  Whipper, White, Wilder, Wilkins, Witherspoon 
                                  and A. Young
Drafted Document Number:          l:\council\bills\swb\5605djc01.doc
Date Bill Passed both Bodies:     20010827
Subject:                          Dr. Marvin K. Ballard, Jr., Resolutions


Body    Date      Action Description                     Com     Leg Involved
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House   20010827  Introduced, adopted

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Whereas, Dr. Marvin K. Ballard, Jr., age 63, of Sumter, died Sunday, August 19, 2001, at the Medical University Hospital in Charleston after a long illness. Born May 3, 1938, in Decatur, Georgia, he was a son of the late Marvin K. Ballard, Sr. and the late Christine Bass Ballard; and

Whereas, Dr. Ballard was reared in Macon, Georgia, and graduated from Mercer University. He was a graduate of the Medical College of Georgia and served his residency in psychiatry at the William S. Hall Institute in Columbia; and

Whereas, recruited by Dr. Bill King, Dr. Ballard moved to Sumter after completing his residency at the William S. Hall Institute in 1972. There he shared an office with Dr. King for twenty of the twenty-nine years he practiced psychiatry in Sumter; and

Whereas, for many years, Dr. King and Dr. Ballard were the only two psychiatrists working in Sumter, Kershaw, and Clarendon Counties. They often saw thirty to forty people in a morning and Dr. Ballard is noted by his colleagues as a true professional who really loved his patients and who was not just their doctor but also their dear friend; and

Whereas, Dr. Ballard was a member of the American Medical Association and a member of the American Psychiatric Association. He was a U.S. Army veteran and a member of the First Presbyterian Church in Sumter. He had a passion for wit and service and often went out of his way to help charitable causes. When asked to contribute to charitable causes, Dr. Ballard always doubled his donation; and

Whereas, Dr. Ballard's passion for service and his sense of humor made him a successful psychiatrist. He made enjoying life a priority and the biggest thing that typified him was his gift of laughter. It was said among his collogues and many friends that if someone happened across Dr. Ballard, he either made that person laugh or at least crack a smile. Not only could Dr. Ballard laugh at situations, and with others, but he could also laugh at himself. Dr. Ballard will be remembered as a doctor who graced his patients, his friends, and his family with laughter; and

Whereas, Dr. Ballard cared deeply about his family and that passion extended to the community and his patients. He is remembered as a loving father who set a wonderful example for his children and the children of family friends to live by; and

Whereas, surviving are his wife, Connie Shaw Ballard of Sumter; son, Tripp Ballard and his wife, Laura, of Houston; daughter, Beth Kinney and her husband, Byron, of Sumter; grandchildren, Kendrick Ballard, John Ballard, Maggie Ballard, Andrew Kinney and William Kinney; and his best friend, J. J. Britton. Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives:

That the members of the House of Representatives, by this resolution, express their profound sorrow upon the death of Marvin K. Ballard, Jr., M.D. of Sumter, and extend their deepest sympathy to his family and many friends.

Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to Mrs. Connie Shaw Ballard of Sumter.


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