South Carolina General Assembly
117th Session, 2007-2008

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H. 3695


Concurrent Resolution
Sponsors: Reps. Govan, Sellers, Brantley, Hodges, Scott, Rutherford, J.H. Neal, Anderson, R. Brown, Clyburn, Cobb-Hunter, Hart, Hosey, Jefferson, Kennedy, Mitchell, Weeks, Whipper and Williams
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Introduced in the House on March 13, 2007
Introduced in the Senate on March 13, 2007
Adopted by the General Assembly on March 13, 2007

Summary: African-American members of S.C. executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government


     Date      Body   Action Description with journal page number
   3/13/2007  House   Introduced, adopted, sent to Senate HJ-48
   3/13/2007  Senate  Introduced, adopted, returned with concurrence SJ-15

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Whereas, South Carolina's history is filled with many contributions from its citizens of African-American heritage from the time the earliest European explorers visited the American continent to the present day; and

Whereas, originally brought to this land as slaves, their contributions played an integral role in the state's development as a center for economic, agricultural, and cultural advances in its early days; and

Whereas, in the aftermath of the Civil War, great progress was made in the fields of national, state, and local governments as former slaves and their descendents took their rightful seats in the highest offices of the state and federal governments; and

Whereas, during the period following the Civil War, the following men of African-American heritage filled the chamber of the State's House of Representatives:

Year    Name    County

1868    Richard M. Valentine    Abbeville

1868-69    William E. Johnston    Sumter

Jonas W. Nash        Kershaw

1868-70    W. A. Bishop    Greenville

John Boston    Darlington

William Brodie    Charleston

Stephen Brown    Charleston

Barney Burton    Chester

Edward J. Cain    Orangeburg

Richard H. Cain    Charleston

John A. Chestnut    Kershaw

Wilson Cooke    Greenville

Robert C. DeLarge    Charleston

William A. Driffle    Colleton

Robert B. Elliott


Philllip E. Ezekiel    Beaufort

John Gardner        Edgefield

John G. Grant        Marlboro

Eben Hayes        Marion

James A. Henderson    Newberry

Henry Jacobs        Fairfield

Burrell James        Sumter

D. J. J. Johnson        Chesterfield

Henry Johnson        Fairfield

Samuel Johnson        Charleston

George H. Lee        Charleston

Hutson J. Lomax    Abbeville

Julius Mayer        Barnwell

James P. Mays        Orangeburg

William McKinlay    Charleston

William J. McKinlay


William C. Morrison    Beaufort

William Nelson        Clarendon

Wade Perrin        Laurens

Henry W. Purvis    Lexington

Alonzo J. Ransier    Charleston

Thomas Richardson    Colleton

Alfred Rush        Darlington

Thaddeus K. Sasportas    Orangeburg

Robert F. Scott        Williamsburg

Henry L. Shrewsburg    Chesterfield

Robert Smalls        Beaufort

James E. Smiling    Sumter

Powell Smythe        Clarendon

Charles M. Wilder    Richland

John B. Wright        Charleston

1868-72    George W. Barber    Fairfield

Lawrence Cain        Edgefield

Simeon Farr        Union

Aesop Goodson        Richland

David Harris        Edgefield

Charles D. Hayne    Barnwell

James N. Hayne        Barnwell

Barney Humphries    Chester

William R. Jervay    Charleston

Griffin C. Johnson    Laurens

William H. Jones    Georgetown

Jordan Lang        Darlington

Harry McDaniels    Laurens

JohnW. Meade        York

Edward C. Mickey    Charleston

Junius S. Mobley    Union

Samuel Nuckles        Union

Jeffrey Pendergrass    Williamsburg

Sancho Saunders    Chester

William Simons        Richland

Abraham W. Smith    Charleston

William James Whipper    Beaufort

John H. White        York

1868-73    Benjamin A. Bosemon    Charleston

1868-74    Samuel J. Lee    Edgefield/Aiken

Prince R. Rivers    Edgefield/Aiken

Benjamin A. Thompson    Marion

Samuel B. Thompson    Richland

1868-76    Joseph D. Boston    Newberry

William M. Thomas    Colleton

1869-70    William Adamson    Kershaw

1869-74    James A. Bowley    Georgetown

1869-76    Warren W. Ramsey    Sumter

1870-71    James J. Hardy    Charleston

John Wallace    Orangeburg

1870-72    Benjamin Byos


James Davis    Richland

William E. Elliott    Charleston

Florian Henry Frost    Williamsburg

William H. Gardner    Sumter

Stephen Gary    Kershaw

William C. Glover    Charleston

Mitchell Goggins    Abbeville

John Green    Edgefield

Alfred Hart    Darlington

Plato P. Hedges    Charleston

John T. Henderson    Newberry

Allen Hudson    Lancaster

James L. Jamison    Orangeburg

Joseph W. Lloyd    Charleston

Aaron Logan    Charleston

Thomas D. McDowell    Georgetown

Syphax Milton    Clarendon

Alfred M. Moore    Fairfield

Asbury L. Singleton    Sumter

J. P. Singleton    Chesterfield

John W. Thomas    Marlboro

1870-74    Frank Adamson    Kershaw

John B. Bascomb    Beaufort

Richard Bryan    Charleston

Everidge Cain    Abbeville

Henry H. Ellison    Abbeville

Adam P. Ford    Charleston

Fortune Giles    Williamsburg

Gloster H. Holland    Aiken

Abraham P. Holmes    Colleton

Sherman Smalls    Colleton

Robert Tarlton    Colleton

Jared D. Warley    Clarendon

1870-75    Samuel Greene    Beaufort

William F. Myers    Colleton

1870-76    Thomas A. Davis    Charleston

Hastings Gantt    Beaufort

Richard H. Humbert    Darlington

Samuel I. Keith    Darlington

1872-73    Robert Turner    Charleston

1872-74    Robert B. Artson    Charleston

Abram Dannerly    Orangeburg

John Dix    Orangeburg

William H. Frazier    Colleton

John T. Gilmore    Richland

William A. Grant    Charleston

Ishom Greenwood    Newberry

Eben Hayes    Marion

Allison W. Hough    Kershaw

John W. Johnson    Marion

John Lee    Chester

Levi Lee    Fairfield

John Lilley    Chester

Thomas Martin    Abbeville

Benjamin Middleton    Barnwell

Isaac Miller    Fairfield

M. Miller    Fairfield

James Mills    Laurens

Charles S. Minort    Richland

Frederick Nix, Jr.    Barnwell

Charles F. North    Charleston

Edward Petty    Charleston

Thomas Pressley    Williamsburg

Isaac Prioleau    Charleston

George A. Reed    Beaufort

Henry Riley    Orangeburg

Limus Simons    Edgefield

Charles Sims    Chester

Butler Spears    Sumter

Nathaniel T. Spencer    Charleston

Charles H. Sperry    Georgetown

Caesar Sullivan    Laurens

Julius C. Tingman    Charleston

James Clement Wilson    Sumter

Prince Young    Chester

1872-76    Jacob C. Allman    Marion

Sampson S. Bridges    Newberry

Augustus Collins    Clarendon

Andrew W. Curtis    Richland

David Graham        Edgefield

Charles S. Green    Georgetown

Thomas Hamilton    Beaufort

Augustus Simkins    Edgefield

Paris Simpkins        Edgefield

Jackson A. Smith    Darlington

John Vanderpool    Charleston

Hannibal A. Wideman    Abbeville

James M. Young    Laurens

1872-78    James F. Peterson    Williamsburg

Samuel L. Duncan    Orangeburg

1873-76    Nelson Davies    York

1874-76    William J. Andrews    Sumter

Samuel J. Bampfield    Beaufort

E. M. Brayton    Aiken

Mitchel Goggins    Abbeville

Archie Weldon    Edgefield

John Westberry    Sumter

Ellison M. Weston    Richland

Peter Bright    Charleston

H. Z. Burchmeyer    Charleston

Simon P. Coker    Barnwell

Samuel B. Doiley    Charleston

Robert B. Elliott


Simeon Farrow        Union

John M. Freeman, Jr.    Charleston

Stephen Gary        Kershaw

Ebenezer F. George    Kershaw

John Gibson        Fairfield

R. M. Harriett        Georgetown

William A. Hayne    Marion

James A. Henderson    Newberry

A. H. Howard        Marion

Allen Hudson        Lancaster

Austin Jackson        Barnwell

Paul W. Jefferson    Aiken

A. H. Jones        Charleston

Paul E. Jones        Orangeburg

Syphax Milton        Clarendon

Shadrack Morgan    Orangeburg

Richard Nesbitt        Charleston

William G. Pinckney    Charleston

Thomas Richardson    Colleton

Alfred Rush        Darlington

William C. Scott    Williamsburg

Aaron Simmons        Orangeburg

Hercules Simmons    Colleton

William Simons        Richland

James A. Spencer    Abbeville

Henry Steele        York

Joseph Thompson    Richland

Bruce H. Williams    Georgetown

Smart Wright        Charleston

1874-77    Dublin Walker    Chester

1874-80    Thomas E. Miller    Beaufort

1875-76    Samuel Coleman    Chester

Benjamin Simmons    Beaufort

1876-78    Christian Wesley Caldwell


John Evans    Williamsburg

Eugene Herriot Dibble    Kershaw

Ellis Forrest    Orangeburg

William Lowman    Richland

Robert John Palmer    Richland

James Wells    Richland

Zachariah W. Wines    Darlington

1878-80    S. C. Eckhard    Charleston

W. T. Elfe    Charleston

B. G. Frederick    Orangeburg

Hastings Gantt    Beaufort

William Maree    Colleton

T. E. Miller    Beaufort

Rev. W. Smalls    Charleston

Benjamin Simons    Beaufort

J. W. Westberry    Sumter

1880-82    Paul B. Drayton    Charleston

W. A. Driffle    Colleton

Hastins Gantt    Beaufort

George M. Mears    Charleston

William Moultrie    Georgetown

Joseph Parker    Charleston

Joseph Alexander Owens


Joseph Robinson    Beaufort

J. C. Rue    Beaufort

1882-84    W. W. Beckett    Berkeley

Caesar P. Chisolm    Colleton

B. G. Frederick    Orangeburg

Hastings Gantt    Beaufort

George Mears    Charleston

L. S. Mills    Beaufort

W. J. Moultrie    Georgetown

W. G. Pinckney    Berkeley

Cain Ravenel    Berkeley

Joseph Robinson    Beaufort

Andrew Singleton    Berkeley

James Singleton    Berkeley

1884-86    J. A. Baxter    Georgetown

George M. Mears    Charleston

F. S. Mitchell    Beaufort

W. H. Sheppard    Beaufort

Aaron Simmons    Orangeburg

Joseph Robinson    Beaufort

1886-88    J. A. Baxter    Georgetown

Marshall Jones    Orangeburg

George M. Mears    Charleston

T. E. Miller    Beaufort

J. C. Rice    Beaufort

J. J. Washington    Beaufort

1888-90    J. A. Baxter    Georgetown

George M. Mears    Charleston

A. C. Reynolds    Beaufort

Aaron Simmons    Orangeburg

J. J. Washington    Beaufort

1890-92    R. B. Anderson    Georgetown

T. R. Fields    Beaufort

George M. Mears    Charleston

Mark P. Richardson    Berkeley

Thomas H. Wallace    Berkeley

James Wigg    Beaufort

1892-94    R. B. Anderson    Georgetown

M. C. Hamilton    Beaufort

J. R. Rivers    Beaufort

1894-96    R. B. Anderson    Georgetown

T. E. Miller        Beaufort

1896-98    R. B. Anderson    Georgetown

1898-1900    J. W. Bolts    Georgetown

1900-02    J. W. Bolts    Georgetown; and

Whereas, during the period following the Civil War until the early twentieth century, these men of African-American heritage served in our State's Senate:

Name        County

Henry E. Hayne        Marion

Reverend William E. Johnston    Sumter

William B. Nash        Richland

William R. Hoyt and William F. Myers    Colleton

Jonathan Jasper Wright        Beaufort

Samuel Green        Beaufort

Thomas E. Miller        Beaufort

Thomas J. Reynolds        Beaufort

Hamilton Robinson        Beaufort

Robert Smalls         Beaufort

Stephen A. Swails        Williamsburg

Joseph H. Rainey         Georgetown

Reverend Bruce H. Williams         Chester

John Lea         Chester

Dublin I. Walker        Chester

Lucius Winbush         Chester

George W. Barber        Fairfield

Isreal R. Bird         Fairfield

Sanders Ford         Fairfield

Moses Martin         Fairfield

Charles D. Hayne        Aiken

Robert Simmons         Berkeley

Reverend Jared D. Warley    Clarendon

Henry Cardozo        Kershaw

Frederick A. Clinton        Lancaster

Hiram W. Duncan         Union

Benjamin F. Randolph         Orangeburg

Joseph A. Green        Orangeburg

Samuel L. Duncan         Orangeburg

James L. Jamison         Orangeburg

Richard H. Cain         Orangeburg

Lawrence Cain        Edgefield; and

Whereas, the following men of African-American heritage held statewide office following the Civil War: Francis Louis Cardozo served as Secretary of State from 1870 to 1872 and as State Treasurer from 1872 to 1877; and Henry E. Hayne served as Secretary of State from 1872 to 1874; and

Whereas, during this period Samuel T. Lee served as Speaker of the House of Representatives from 1872 to 1874, and Robert Brown Elliott served as Speaker of the House of Representatives from 1874 to 1877; and

Whereas, the State sent the following men to serve as members of the United States Congress: Joseph H. Rainey, (1869-1879), Robert C. DeLarge, (1871-1873), Robert Brown Elliott, (1871-1875), Richard H. Cain, (1873-1875 and 1877-1879), Alonzo Ransier, (1873-1875), Robert Smalls, (1875-1879 and 1881-1887), Thomas E. Miller, (1884-1891), George W. Murray, (1893-1897); and

Whereas, the Honorable Jonathan Jasper Wright served from 1870 to 1877 on the South Carolina Supreme Court; and

Whereas, Lieutenant Governor Alonzo Jacob Ransier served in that capacity from 1870 to 1872, and Lieutenant Governor Richard H. Gleaves held that office from 1872 to 1877; and

Whereas, it is fitting and proper for the members of the South Carolina General Assembly to honor and recognize these sons of South Carolina for providing great leadership during a tumultuous period in the history of our nation. Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives, the Senate concurring:

That the members of the General Assembly by this resolution, honor and recognize the African-American members of the South Carolina executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government and members of the State's Congressional Delegation who heroically served this State following the Civil War until the early twentieth century.


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