South Carolina General Assembly
119th Session, 2011-2012

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Bill 4942

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Whereas, it is with great pleasure that the members of the South Carolina House of Representatives honor individuals who freely give of their time and resources for the good of others; and

Whereas, Corporal Bob Beres of Summerville has contributed valuable community and public service to the citizens of the Palmetto State and is thereby worthy of praise; and

Whereas, born in a refugee camp in Baden, Austria, in 1971, Corporal Bob Beres came to the United States with his parents, who had escaped from Communist Hungary. Upon their arrival in America, the family spent a few years living in a house on the grounds of Calvin United Church of Christ in Fairfield, Connecticut. After high school, young Bob joined the United States Navy and was stationed aboard the U.S.S. Mount Baker AE-34, which was located at the Naval Weapons Station in Goose Creek. Corporal Beres served in Operation Desert Storm/Desert Shield while in the Persian Gulf; and

Whereas, after his four years of military service, he felt his calling in life was to be a law enforcement officer. In 1994, he joined the South Carolina Highway Patrol and was assigned to Dorchester County, for which he presently is a spokesperson for Troop-6 and field supervisor for the patrol's Community Relations Unit; and

Whereas, his early life as a refugee and the kindness shown to his family by those who aided them had given him a special sensitivity to those in need, a trait his neighbors began to observe in action. In June of 2000, Corporal Beres sold the fishing boat he had saved for four years to purchase. He then gave the money from the sale of his boat to an elderly neighbor down the street who had lost her home to a house fire. Within weeks of the fire, he also had secured for her a mobile home, appliances, plumbing, electrical work, food, and clothing, all donated; and

Whereas, in 2001, while on patrol Corporal Beres often witnessed another neighbor making a ten-mile trek home from work. Purchasing a used truck out of his own pocket, Bob Beres paid the taxes, filled the tank with gas, put the neighbor's name on the title, and gave him the Chevy pickup; and

Whereas, a few years later, Corporal Beres took on the task of raising $20,000 for the Fallen Troopers Memorial Wall, which will display the names of every South Carolina trooper lost in the line of duty and give their families a place to visit and pay their respects. To raise the necessary funds for the project, Bob Beres organized a Fallen Trooper Run/Walk at Charleston Southern University. Ironically, he had been struck in his patrol vehicle months before and could not participate in the event, but fellow troopers ran a total of one hundred consecutive miles, raising a total of $36,000; and

Whereas, in addition, at his own expense Corporal Beres has attended troopers' funerals in several other states, where he has presented families of the fallen with the South Carolina state flag to honor their valor; and

Whereas, closer to home, he helps coach his son's church basketball team and spends time in schools reading to kids, encouraging them to believe they can achieve their goals, and teaching them how to be safer drivers on South Carolina roadways. He also serves as an honorary commander for the 315th Airlift Wing at the Charleston Air Force Base; and

Whereas, the members of the House of Representatives recognize that the success of the State of South Carolina, the strength of its communities, and the vitality of American society as a whole depend, in great measure, upon the dedication of individuals like Corporal Bob Beres who use their talents and resources to serve others. Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives:

That the members of the South Carolina House of Representatives, by this resolution, recognize and honor Corporal Bob Beres of Summerville for his outstanding community and public service to the people of South Carolina.

Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be presented to Corporal Bob Beres.


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