South Carolina General Assembly
125th Session, 2023-2024

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S. 751


Senate Resolution
Sponsors: Senator Turner
Document Path: SR-0384KM-VC23.docx

Introduced in the Senate on April 26, 2023
Adopted by the Senate on April 26, 2023

Summary: Red Clay Strays


Date Body Action Description with journal page number
4/26/2023 Senate Introduced and adopted (Senate Journal-page 5)

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TO RECOGNIZE The Red Clay Strays, to congratulate them on their recent success, and to welcome them to the city of greenville.


Whereas, the members of the South Carolina Senate are pleased to recognize The Red Clay Strays and to welcome them to Greenville; and


Whereas, formed in Mobile, Alabama, The Red Clay Strays are a southern musical group known for their genre-bending style; and


Whereas, reminiscent of the vibrant heyday of southern music, the band finds their origins in the styles of classic country, rockabilly, and gospel-fed soul all the while ushering in a new era of rock-and-roll that is as distinctive as the men who form the group; and


Whereas, natives of Alabama, the members of The Red Clay Strays include Brandon Coleman on lead vocals and guitar; Drew Nix on vocals, electric guitar, and harmonica; Zach Rishel on electric guitar; Andrew Bishop on bass; and John Hall on drums; and


Whereas, the band's hits include "Good Godly Woman," "Doin' Time," "Stone's Throw," "Wondering Why," and "Heavy Heart" from their album, Moment of Truth; and


Whereas, the members of the South Carolina Senate greatly appreciate the dedication and commitment that The Red Clay Strays have shown in entertaining the people of South Carolina and hope for the band's imminent return to the Palmetto State. Now, therefore,


Be it resolved by the Senate:


That the members of the South Carolina Senate, by this resolution, recognize The Red Clay Strays.


Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be presented to The Red Clay Strays.


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