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Title 12 - Taxation



SECTION 12-13-10. "Association" defined.

For the purpose of this chapter, the word "association" includes any mutual or stock-chartered corporation insured by the Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation or any corporation subject to regulatory supervision by the Federal Home Loan Bank or the Savings and Loan Division of the State Board of Financial Institutions. Such banks as are taxable under the provisions of Sections 12-11-10 to 12-11-60 are not included.

SECTION 12-13-20. "Net income" defined.

The term "net income", as used in this chapter, means taxable income as determined for a regular corporation in Chapter 7 of this title after deducting all earnings accrued, paid, credited, or set aside for the benefit of holders of savings or investment accounts, any additions to reserves which are required by law, regulation, or direction of appropriate supervisory agencies, and a bad debt deduction. The bad debt deduction allowable for South Carolina income tax purposes is the amount determined under the Internal Revenue Code and the applicable regulations as amended through December 31, 1986. No deductions from income are allowed for any additions to undivided profits or surplus accounts other than herein required, and for the purposes of this chapter, a state-organized association is allowed the same deductions for bad debt reserves as those allowed to federally organized associations. Associations shall maintain the bad debt reserves allowed as a deduction pursuant to this section in accordance with the provisions of the Internal Revenue Code as amended through December 31, 1986, and shall keep a permanent record. These provisions are controlling notwithstanding any other provision of law.

SECTION 12-13-30. Imposition of tax on net income; rate.

Every association located or doing business within this State shall pay an income tax measured by its net income from all sources, except for income from municipal, state, or federal bonds or securities exempted by law from the tax, including interest earned on deposits at the Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta, or its successors, for those savings and loan associations which meet the qualified thrift lender test set forth in the Financial Institutions Reform, Recovery and Enforcement Act of 1989 (P.L. 101-73), as amended. The tax is six percent of the net income.

SECTION 12-13-40. Exemptions.

Associations shall be exempt from the provisions of this chapter during the first three years of their operation. The provisions of this chapter shall not apply to employees' credit unions.

SECTION 12-13-50. Tax shall be in lieu of other taxes; exceptions.

The income tax provided in this chapter shall be in lieu of any and all other taxes on such associations, except use taxes, documentary stamp taxes and taxes on real property. The real property of any such association shall be taxed in the place where it may be located, the same as the real property of individuals.

SECTION 12-13-60. Appropriate Chapter 7 provisions shall govern enforcement and administration of tax.

For the purpose of administration, enforcement, collection, liens, penalties, and other similar provisions, all of the provisions of Chapter 7 of this Title that may be appropriate or applicable are adopted and made a part of this chapter, including the requirement to make declarations of estimated tax and make estimated tax payments.

SECTION 12-13-70. Chapter shall be administered by Department of Revenue; rules and regulations.

The income tax imposed by this chapter shall be administered by the State Department of Revenue. The department shall make such rules and regulations not inconsistent with law as may be required for the proper administration and enforcement of this chapter, and such rules and regulations shall have full force and effect of law.

SECTION 12-13-80. Form and filing of returns.

Returns with respect to the income tax herein imposed shall be in such form as the department may prescribe. Returns shall be filed with the department on or before the fifteenth day of the third month following the close of the accounting period of the association.

SECTION 12-13-90. Payment of tax.

The income tax imposed by this chapter shall be paid in full to the department at the same time the return is filed.

SECTION 12-13-100. Disposition of proceeds.

All moneys collected by the department under the provisions of this chapter shall be deposited with the State Treasurer to the credit of the general fund.

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