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Title 48 - Environmental Protection and Conservation



SECTION 48-7-10. Assent given to Federal Conservation Act.

The assent of the General Assembly required by "An Act to Promote the Conservation and Profitable Use of Agricultural Land Resources by Temporary Federal Aid to Farmers and by Providing for a Permanent Policy of Federal Aid to States for Such Purposes," (Public No. 461, 74th Congress), approved by the President, February 29, 1936, is given to the provisions and requirements of that act.

SECTION 48-7-20. Powers of Clemson University.

The trustees of Clemson University may:

(1) Receive the grants and use them for the benefit of the State in accordance with the terms and conditions expressed in the act of Congress and as it may be hereafter amended by Congress and in accordance with such rules and regulations as may be prescribed by the Secretary of Agriculture under the authority delegated to him by Congress in the act;

(2) Submit to the Secretary prior to such time and in such manner and form as the Secretary prescribes a State plan to effectuate the purposes of the soil and water conservation and domestic allotment act for the year to which such plan is applicable;

(3) Provide for such methods of administration and such participation in the administration of the plan by county and community committees or associations of agricultural producers organized for such purpose as the Secretary finds necessary for the effective administration of the plan;

(4) Provide for the submission to the Secretary of such reports as he finds necessary to ascertain whether the plan is being carried out according to its terms and for compliance with such requirements as the Secretary may prescribe to assure the correctness of and make possible the verification of such reports; and

(5) Submit to the General Assembly an annual report for each year covering the administration and operation of such plan.

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