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Title 44 - Health



SECTION 44-99-10. Short title.

This chapter may be cited as the "Insect Sting Emergency Treatment Act".

SECTION 44-99-20. Definitions.

As used in this chapter:

(1) "Certificate" means official acknowledgment by the department that an individual has completed the required training program pursuant to this chapter.

(2) "Department" means the Department of Health and Environmental Control.

(3) "Program" means the program established by the department for training and certifying individuals to administer treatment to persons suffering a severe adverse reaction to an insect sting which involves the administration of epinephrine.

SECTION 44-99-30. Training and certification program.

(A) The department is authorized to establish a program to provide for the training and certification of individuals to administer certain forms of emergency treatment for medical hazards caused by insect stings. The department shall develop standards, guidelines, and prescribe regulations for the implementation of the program. All administrative responsibility of the program is vested in the department.

(B) In the development of the curriculum for training and certification under the program, the department shall include the following subjects:

(1) techniques on how to recognize symptoms of systemic reactions to insect stings;

(2) standards and procedures for administering a subcutaneous injection of epinephrine.

SECTION 44-99-40. Certification; renewal; suspension; revocation.

(A) A person desiring certification for the administration of emergency treatment insect sting, pursuant to this chapter, shall apply to the department and complete the program established by the department for training and certification.

(B) The department shall determine and establish the validation and expiration periods for certificates issued pursuant to this chapter and requirements and procedures for renewals if the department considers it necessary.

(C) The department may suspend or revoke a certificate at any time it determines that the holder no longer meets the prescribed qualifications established by the department or has failed to provide services or treatment of a quality acceptable to the department pursuant to this chapter.

SECTION 44-99-50. Requirements for certification; authorized activities.

(A) An applicant for certification shall meet the following requirements:

(1) be eighteen years of age or older;

(2) have, or reasonably expect to have, responsibility for at least one other person as a result of one's occupational or volunteer status, such as camp counselors, scout leaders, school teachers, forest rangers, tour guides, or chaperones;

(3) successfully complete the training program established by the department.

(B) A person, who meets the qualifications of this section and is certified by the department pursuant to this chapter, is authorized to administer in an emergency situation prescribed epinephrine to persons suffering adverse reaction to an insect sting.

(C) A person, who is certified by the department to administer emergency services for insect stings as provided in this chapter, is authorized to obtain from a physician, pharmacist, or any other person or entity authorized to prescribe or sell prescribed medicines or drugs, a prescription for premeasured doses of epinephrine and the necessary supplies for the administration of the drug.

SECTION 44-99-60. Licensed medical personnel need not be certified.

Licensed, registered, and certified physicians, nurses, and other such certified professionals are not required to obtain certification for the administration of emergency treatment to persons suffering a severe adverse reaction to an insect sting as prescribed in this chapter.

SECTION 44-99-70. Fees.

The department may collect fees from applicants for the training program for administration of this chapter.

SECTION 44-99-80. Liability of certificate holder.

No cause of action may be brought against a certificate holder authorized by the department pursuant to this chapter for an act or omission of the certificate holder when acting in good faith while rendering emergency treatment pursuant to the authority granted by this chapter, except in cases of gross negligence.

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