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Title 39 - Trade and Commerce


State Warehouse System [Repealed]

SECTIONS 39-21-10 to 39-21-360. Repealed by 1990 Act No. 436 Section 2, eff April 24, 1990.

Editor's Note

For provisions governing the State Warehouse System, see sections 39-22-10 et seq.

Former Sections 39-21-10 to 39-21-360 were derived from 1962 Code Sections 69-101 to 112, 115, 117, 118, 121, 122, 124 to 133.1, 134 to 136; 1952 Code Sections 69-101 to 112, 115, 117, 118, 121, 122, 124 to 135; 1942 Code Sections 3253-1, 6466 to 6476, 6480, 6481, 6483, 6484, 6486, 6492 to 6498; 1932 Code Sections 6466 to 6469, 6471 to 6474, 6476 to 6478, 6482, 6483, 6486, 6487, 6491 to 6498; Civ. C. '22 Sections 3372 to 3375, 3377 to 3380, 3382 to 3384, 3388, 3389, 3392, 3393, 3395 to 3402; Cr. C. '22 Sections 291, 292; 1912 (27) 707; 1914 (29) 18; 1915 (29) 144; 1919 (31) 290; 1920 (31) 902; 1921 (32) 303; 1933 (38) 95, 236; 1934 (38) 2261; 1936 (39) 1615; 1941 (42) 119, 150; 1942 (42) 1524, 1605; 1945 (44) 72; 1948 (45) 1726; 1954 (48) 1566; 1956 (49) 1678, 1679, 1680; 1957 (50) 2; 1967 (55) 428, 905; 1981 Act No. 156, Sections 2 to 13; 1983 Act No. 112, Sections 1, 2.

Former Section 39-21-10 was entitled "Duties of former cotton warehouse system conferred on Department of Agriculture".

Former Section 39-21-20 was entitled "Leasing of warehouses by Department".

Former Section 39-21-30 was entitled "Appointment and bonds of employees".

Former Section 39-21-40 was entitled "Promulgation of rules and regulations".

Former Section 39-21-50 was entitled "Receipt of lint cotton for storage".

Former Section 39-21-60 was entitled "Storage of products other than cotton".

Former Section 39-21-70 was entitled "'Linters' shall not be stored".

Former Section 39-21-80 was entitled "Federal standards and classifications shall be authoritative".

Former Section 39-21-90 was entitled "Issuance and contents of receipts for stored cotton".

Former Section 39-21-100 was entitled "Form and execution of receipts".

Former Section 39-21-110 was entitled "Penalties for issuing fraudulent receipt".

Former Section 39-21-120 was entitled "Penalties for inducing warehouse manager to issue false receipt".

Former Section 39-21-125 was entitled "Penalties for issuing warehouse receipt in name other than owner's".

Former Section 39-21-126 was entitled "Penalties for failure to notify state warehouseman or dealer of outstanding liens on agricultural commodity".

Former Section 39-21-130 was entitled "Penalties for inducing warehouse manager to make delivery without receipt".

Former Section 39-21-135 was entitled "Penalties for making delivery without receipt".

Former Section 39-21-140 was entitled "Penalties for auditor failing to report violation of Sections 39-21-120 or 39-21-130".

Former Section 39-21-150 was entitled "Issuance of duplicate receipts when former receipt is outstanding; exception".

Former Section 39-21-160 was entitled "Extent of State's guarantee of weight, class and grade".

Former Section 39-21-170 was entitled "Cotton stored shall be tagged".

Former Section 39-21-180 was entitled "Department shall not operate warehouse which does not pay expenses".

Former Section 39-21-190 was entitled "Loans on or sales of cotton for owners".

Former Section 39-21-200 was entitled "Insurance".

Former Section 39-21-210 was entitled "Revolving fund for payment of insurance premiums".

Former Section 39-21-220 was entitled "Department may carry insurance on cotton and warehouses when it cannot procure insurance".

Former Section 39-21-230 was entitled "Schedule of rates of insurance".

Former Section 39-21-240 was entitled "Form of insurance policy".

Former Section 39-21-250 was entitled "Reinsurance".

Former Section 39-21-260 was entitled "Limit on individual risks".

Former Section 39-21-270 was entitled "Handling of premiums; payment of deficits in insurance fund".

Former Section 39-21-280 was entitled "Collection of premiums; warehouse shall be closed if premiums unpaid".

Former Section 39-21-290 was entitled "Inspection of warehouses".

Former Section 39-21-300 was entitled "Disposition of sums collected".

Former Section 39-21-310 was entitled "Transfer of funds to special account to guarantee State warehouse receipts; special additional assessment against warehousemen".

Former Section 39-21-320 was entitled "Annual report of Commissioner".

Former Section 39-21-330 was entitled "No debt or liability of State shall be created by warehouse system".

Former Section 39-21-340 was entitled "Warehousemen may make contracts to secure support prices for certain stored commodities".

Former Section 39-21-350 was entitled "Records to be maintained by warehouse".

Former Section 39-21-360 was entitled "Issuance of state warehouse receipt".

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