South Carolina Legislature

1976 South Carolina Code of Laws

Title 47 - Animals, Livestock and Poultry


Confined Swine Feeding Operations

SECTION 47-20-165. Promulgation and effect of separate and distinct confined swine feeding operations regulations.

(A) In addition to any regulations authorized to be promulgated pursuant to this chapter, the Department of Health and Environmental Control shall promulgate regulations regarding confined swine feeding operations which are separate and distinct from the regulations promulgated pursuant to this chapter.

(B) The separate and distinct regulations shall not be proposed until after the regulations required to be promulgated pursuant to this chapter take effect.

(C) The provisions of this chapter and Section 46-45-30 are severable and enforceable irrespective of whether a particular regulation has been promulgated.

(D)(1) The separate and distinct regulations shall include, but are not limited to, including the following:

(a) definitions;

(b) setback requirements;

(c) land application rates for animal waste and waste storage ponds;

(d) lagoon construction and maintenance requirements;

(e) odor control;

(f) vector control;

(g) application and annual operation fees;

(h) monitoring wells;

(i) certification of owners or operators of confined animal feeding operations and waste management systems;

(j) public notice requirements; and

(k) permit renewals.

(2) In addition, the separate and distinct regulations shall be based upon an evaluation of the impact upon the interests of the environment and agribusiness.

(3) In promulgating the separate and distinct regulations, the department shall use the limits, distances, and other requirements provided in this chapter as the basis for the regulations. When the department submits the proposed regulations to the General Assembly for approval, in addition to the information which must be filed pursuant to Section 1-23-120 of the 1976 Code, the department shall include an explanation for each change proposed in the separate and distinct regulations from the requirements of this chapter.

(E) When the regulations promulgated by the department pursuant to this section are approved by the General Assembly or take effect without action of the General Assembly, the provisions of this chapter and Section 46-45-30, and any regulations promulgated pursuant to authority granted in this chapter, are thereby repealed and shall no longer have the force and effect of law.

HISTORY: 1996 Act No. 460, Section 3, eff July 1, 1996.

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