South Carolina Legislature

Senate Ethics Committee's Formal Advisory Opinions

2019-1. SEI and Appointments
2016-1. Legislative Special Interest Caucuses
2016-2. Filing Requirements for Campaign Banking Statements
2015-1. Use of Campaign Funds - Personal Vehicle Reimbursements
2007-1. The 45 Day-Rule
2004-1. Contacting Judiciary Members
2002-1. Election Related Communications
2002-2. Judiciary Candidate Endorsements
1997-1. Use of Campaign Funds - Loan Reimbursements
1997-2. Use of Campaign Funds - Donations
1997-3. Voting Recusal - Service on Boards and Commissions
1997-4. Use of Campaign Funds - News columns and Newsletters
1996-1. Definition of Candidate and In-Kind Contributions
1996-2. Voting Recusal - Relationships with Political Subdivisions
1995-1. Use of Campaign Funds - Sponsoring Events / Events Honoring Officials
1995-2. Accepting Educational Materials
1994-1. Soliciting Contributions for Federal Campaigns
1994-2. Voting Recusal - Judicial Elections
1994-3. Accepting Honorary Memberships
1993-1. College Board Candidate Endorsements
1993-2. Use of Campaign Funds - Party Dues. Donations. and Legal Research
1993-3. Invitations from Lobbyist's Principals
1993-4. Use of Campaign Funds - Gifts, Dues, Donations, Meals, and Trips
1993-5. Reporting Requirements for Candidates Elected by the General Assembly
1993-6. Appointments to Boards and Commissions
1993-7. Use of Campaign Funds - Ordinary Expenses
1992-1. Candidate Campaign Committees
1992-2. Filing Requirements for Initial Campaign Reports
1992-3. In-kind Contributions - Legal Research
1992-4. Invitations to Events and Speaking Engagements
1992-5. Client Representation before County Councils
1992-6. Invitations to Events and Complimentary Tickets
1992-7. Voting Recusal - Agency, Board, and Commission Elections
1992-8. Business Interests with Lobbyist's Principals
1992-9. Accepting Contributions from Federal Campaign Funds
1992-10. Accepting Trip Invitations
1992-11. Economic Interests and Conflicts of Interest
1992-12. Joint Fundraising Events
1992-13. Reimbursements from Lobbyist's Principals
1992-14. Campaign Fund Transfers
1992-15. Lobbying after Retirement

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