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H*3241 (Rat #0585, Act #0517 of 1980) General Bill, By  House Ways and Means
    A Bill to make appropriations to meet the ordinary expenses of the State Government for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1980, and for other purposes; to regulate the expenditure of such funds; to further provide for the operation of the State Government during the fiscal year; to appropriate funds allotted to the State Government under the provisions of the State and Local Fiscal Assistance Acts of 1972 and 1976 (Revenue Sharing) and the Public Works Employment Act of 1976 (Federal); to appropriate funds from the General Fund to supplement the appropriation made in Act 199 of 1979, Part I, Section 120, Aid to Subdivisions; to amend the Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, as follows: (1) amend Section 10-3-30, as amended, relating to the Governor's Mansion and Lace House Commission, so as to delete the provision which allows funds to be accepted and disbursed without passing through the Office of the State Treasurer; (2) amend Section 12-7-660, as amended, relating to the definition of Adjusted Gross Income, so as to exclude fees paid by parolees and probationers from gross income for State Income Tax purposes; (3) amend Sections 14-8-20 and 14-8-540, as amended, relating to the Court of Appeals, so as to delay the implementation date of the Court; (4) amend Section 34-1-20, as amended, relating to the Board of Financial Institutions, so as to provide that one member shall be engaged in the Cooperative Credit Union Business; (5) amend Section 54-3-10, relating to the Board of the South Carolina State Ports Authority, so as to increase its membership; (6) amend Sections 9-1-1790 and 9-11-90, as amended, relating to the S. C. Retirement System and the S. C. Police Retirement System, so as to increase the amount a retired member who returns to covered employment may earn without affecting his benefits; (7) amend Section 12-21-1510, relating to obtaining certificates of registration by producers of beer and wine, so as to permit transfers between wholesalers to distribute same brands when authorized by the registered producer or exclusive agent; (8) amend Section 42-5-90, relating to the authorization of the Chief Insurance Commissioner to approve rates for Workmen's Compensation Insurance Policies, so as to provide that proceedings under the Section shall be deemed to be proceedings to fix or alter rates for consumer services in relation to the duties of the Division of Consumer Advocacy; (9) amend Section 2-3-30, as amended, relating to subsistence allowances, so as to increase such allowances for members of the General Assembly and the Lieutenant Governor; to amend Acts and Joint Resolutions as follows: (1) amend Act 199 of 1979, relating to justification of amounts of money requested by agencies, departments or institutions, so as to require additional information deemed necessary by the State Budget and Control Board after consultation with the Joint Legislative Appropriations Review Committee; (2) amend Act 163 of 1977, as amended, relating to the South Carolina Education Finance Program, so as to provide that the written appraisal by the School District Board of Trustees shall be received by the school no later than June thirtieth of each year and provide that a summary of the full report and appraisal shall be distributed to the parents of children enrolled in the school no later than September thirtieth of each year and to exempt for two school years spending requirements for funds generated by speech handicapped pupils; (3) amend Part IV-A of Act 164 of 1979, as amended, relating to the Court of Appeals, so as to delay the implementation date, to extend the time for electing Judges of the Court, to revise the beginning date of the initial terms of the Judges of the Court, to create a Joint Committee on the Court and to provide the manner in which certain appropriations shall be expended; (4) amend Act 646 of 1978, relating to special obligation bonds of technical education colleges and centers, so as to delete provisions relating to deposit of income earned from temporary investments; (5) amend Section 32 of Part II of Act 199 of 1979, relating to the budget format of the General Appropriations Bill, so as to require that each Section contain a separate line item for all employees whose compensation is coming from funds being transferred to the General Fund from another funding source; to enact new Statutes: (1) to create the Joint Legislative Committee on Personal Service Financing and Budgeting; (2) to provide transfers from the Department of Mental Health paying patient fee account; (3) to require an annual inventory and report of residential property of all state agencies, to provide for the sale of property not being utilized and to provide for the use of the funds derived from the sale; (4) to provide for dental coverage under the Health Insurance Master Contract; (5) to provide that parolees and probationers shall pay a fee of ten dollars per month for each month on probation except in certain cases and to provide for the disposition of such fees; (6) to create a permanent Senate Operations and Management Committee; (7) to establish a Governor's Nuclear Advisory Council; (8) to establish a Legislative Advisory Committee on Early Childhood Education and Development; (9) to provide that the Operations and Management Committees shall evaluate and make recommendations to the General Assembly concerning existing study committees; (10) to provide for the establishment of an official annual spending limitation on state expenditures based on the principle that the expenditure of state funds in any one fiscal year shall not exceed expenditures of the prior year by a greater percentage than the past three years' average rate of annual growth in state personal income, to provide that the ratio of state employees to state population shall not be increased above such ratio as it existed for the fiscal year 1980-81 and to establish procedures to implement such limitation, to require that Acts which levy or increase taxes shall be separate from the State General Appropriation Act, and to limit the amount of funds used for bonded debt service to five percent of General Revenue for the previous year; (11) to require a statement in the legal description of any deed or other conveyance of property previously used as a hazardous waste facility that such property has been so used; (12) to authorize and direct the Department of Health and Environmental Control to establish a hazardous waste contingency fund and to provide for the collection and disbursement fees to be deposited in such fund; (13) to provide that South Carolina Retirement System pensioners shall be eligible for membership in the South Carolina State Employees Credit Union; (14) to provide for disclosure of impact of inflation on the State's individual income tax revenues and provide for annual inflation adjustment to individual income tax rates and certain exemptions and deductions allowed to be used in computing individual state income taxes; (15) to provide for an additional report to be made by the State Treasurer to the General Assembly on state revenue, interest on deposits and investments, debt service expenditures, status of general fund reserve and other information he deems pertinent; (16) to authorize school trustees to waive up to three days of required school attendance because of inclement weather during the 1979-80 school year, and repeal an Act of 1980, bearing Ratification Number 405, relating to waivers because of inclement weather.-at
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01/15/80House Introduced, read first time, placed on calendar without reference HJ-239
01/15/80House Special order, set for 3:00 P. M., WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 23, 1980 HJ-244
01/23/80House Amended HJ-405
01/23/80House Debate interrupted HJ-416
01/24/80House Amended HJ-437
01/24/80House Debate interrupted HJ-453
01/29/80House Amended HJ-471
01/29/80House Debate interrupted HJ-496
01/30/80House Amended HJ-516
01/30/80House Debate interrupted HJ-541
01/31/80House Amended HJ-559
01/31/80House Debate interrupted HJ-583
02/05/80House Amended HJ-627
02/05/80House Debate interrupted HJ-653
02/06/80House Amended HJ-667
02/06/80House Debate interrupted HJ-716
02/07/80House Amended HJ-731
02/07/80House Debate interrupted HJ-781
02/08/80House Amended HJ-787
02/08/80House Read second time HJ-842
02/11/80House Read third time and sent to Senate HJ-843
02/12/80Senate Introduced and read first time SJ-25
02/12/80Senate Referred to Committee on Finance SJ-25
03/05/80Senate Special order, set for WEDNESDAY, MARCH 19, 1980 SJ-3
03/11/80Senate Committee report: Favorable with amendment Finance SJ-12
03/18/80Senate Amended SJ-15
03/19/80Senate Amended SJ-110
03/20/80Senate Amended SJ-2
03/25/80Senate Amended SJ-17
03/25/80Senate Read second time SJ-17
03/25/80Senate Ordered to third reading with notice of amendments SJ-17
03/26/80Senate Amended SJ-23
03/27/80Senate Amended SJ-5
04/01/80Senate Amended SJ-16
04/02/80Senate Amended SJ-16
04/03/80Senate Amended SJ-8
04/08/80Senate Amended SJ-17
04/09/80Senate Amended SJ-14
04/09/80Senate READ THIRD TIME SJ-14
04/09/80Senate Returned SJ-14
04/16/80House Non-concurrence in Senate amendment HJ-2101
04/16/80Senate Senate insist upon amendment and conference committee appointed SJ-4
04/17/80House Conference committee appointed HJ-2194
05/22/80Senate Free conference powers granted SJ-26
05/27/80House Free conference powers granted HJ-3197
05/29/80House Free conference report received HJ-3410
05/29/80House Free conference report rejected HJ-3431
05/29/80House Free conference committee appointed HJ-3434
06/03/80Senate Free conference report received SJ-39
06/03/80Senate Free conference report adopted SJ-39
06/04/80House Free conference report received HJ-3485
06/04/80House Free conference report adopted HJ-3505
06/04/80House Ordered enrolled for ratification HJ-3505
06/04/80House Ratified R 585 HJ-3599
06/10/80 Signed By Governor
06/10/80 Effective date FISCAL YEAR 1980
06/10/80 Act No. 517
07/22/80 Copies available

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