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H 3512 General Bill, By  House Education and Public Works
    A Bill to amend Sections 56-1-40, 56-1-50, 56-1-180, 56-1-440, 56-1-720, 56-1-1030, 56-1-1090, 56-1-1100, 56-5-750, 56-5-1520, as amended, 56-5-2940, 56-5-4100, 56-5-4450, 56-5-5015, 56-5-6410, 56-5-6420, 56-5-6430, 56-9-340, 56-10-240, 56-10-250, 56-10-260, 56-10-270, and 56-67-420, Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, relating to the regulation of the operation of motor vehicles, so as to increase the age of persons who may obtain restricted drivers' licenses from between fifteen and sixteen years old to between sixteen and seventeen years old and to allow them to operate without accompaniment of adult licensees when going to or from their places of business, to allow renewal of beginners' licenses to persons who have special restricted licenses and regular licenses for persons below the age of qualification of the licenses, to provide a procedure for the revocation or suspension of the drivers' licenses of habitual offenders, to allow the Department of Highways and Public Transportation to determine when a person is an habitual offender and to require the Department to notify the solicitor or Attorney General of that fact if criminal charges are involved, to provide for the assessment of five points against a person convicted of driving at a rate in excess of seventy miles an hour, to increase penalties for exceeding the speed limits for violation of drivers' licensing statutes and for D.U.I. convictions, to provide that five dollars of a fine for speeding must be paid to the Department to be used to employ additional patrolmen, to prohibit the suspension of a fine for first offense D.U.I. and the suspension of a monetary fine below that of the next preceding minimum monetary fine, to regulate the manner in which trucks and other vehicles may be loaded and to require them to assure that the load does not escape from the vehicle, to require the use of illuminating devices on vehicles operating when inclement weather or environmental factors severely reduce visibility and to provide penalties, to adopt Safety Standard No. 205 (glazing materials) of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and to apply its provisions to individuals, to provide that in mitigating circumstances a motor vehicle operator may refuse to stop when signaled by a law enforcement officer, but a person unlawfully refusing to stop for a law enforcement officer shall have his driver's license suspended for thirty days, to provide that in assuming responsibility for transporting school children school districts must give priority to children based on age, to require children four through six years of age traveling in the front seat of a motor vehicle to be secured by a seat belt and to require any child one year old and under six years old traveling in the back seat of a vehicle to be secured in a child restraint system or with a seat belt, to exempt drivers from liability if all restraint devices are occupied by children under the age of six years and if a child is physically impaired, to increase penalties for failing to return licenses and registration for loss of proof of financial responsibility, giving false information about insurance coverage, operating an uninsured vehicle, or to transfer a vehicle which has suspended registration and license plates and to provide that in such cases only convictions which occurred within five years of the last conviction constitute prior convictions; to amend the 1976 Code by adding Sections 56-5-2941 and 56-5-6445 so as to provide that the arresting officer in a D.U.I. case shall take the driver's license of the accused and issue a summons to provide a procedure for the operation of vehicles by the accused until disposition of the case and a procedure for forwarding the suspended license to the appropriate state and out-of-state agencies, and to provide that the child restraint device use statutes only apply to motor vehicles equipped with safety belts; and to repeal Sections 56-1-1040, 56-1-1050, 56-1-1060, 56-1-1070, and 56-1-1080 relating to habitual offenders.
01/13/88House Introduced, read first time, placed on calendar without reference HJ-343
01/20/88House Debate adjourned until Wednesday, January 27, 1988 HJ-443
01/27/88House Special order, set for Wed. Jan. 27, 1988, at 2:30 p.m. (under H 3610) HJ-655
01/27/88House Debate interrupted HJ-705
01/28/88House Amended HJ-790
01/28/88House Debate interrupted HJ-830
02/02/88House Amended HJ-877
02/02/88House Read second time HJ-888
02/04/88House Amended HJ-933
02/04/88House Read third time and sent to Senate HJ-936
02/09/88Senate Introduced and read first time SJ-12
02/09/88Senate Referred to Committee on Transportation SJ-13
05/11/88Senate Tabled in committee

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