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H*3671 (Rat #0581, Act #0502 of 1986) General Bill, By  House Agriculture and Natural Resources
    A Bill to amend Sections 50-9-10, 50-9-120, 50-9-130, 50-9-150, 50-9-450, 50-9-460, 50-9-470, 50-9-500, 50-9-1020, all as amended, and Sections 50-9-15, 50-9-135, 50-9-140, 50-9-240, 50-9-250, 50-9-550, 50-9-560, 50-9-860, 50-9-1100, and 50-11-60, Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, all relating to hunting, fishing, and game management area permits, so as to impose or increase license and permit fees, permit the removal of destructive wildlife, place restrictions on the lease of land for wildlife management area programs, increase the points for trespassing to hunt, fish, and trap from six to ten, increase penalties and make them more stringent; and to amend the 1976 Code by adding Sections 50-9-145 and 50-3-316; and Article 8 to Chapter 11 of Title 50, so as to provide penalties for abuse of wildlife management area lands and improvements on them; and to provide criteria for the employment of conservation officers.-amended title
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03/20/86House Introduced, read first time, placed on calendar without reference HJ-1719
03/26/86House Objection by Rep. Ogburn, Blackwell, Faber, Tucker, P Harris, Kirsh, HJ-1963
03/26/86House Objection by Rep. Klapman, J Arthur, Simpson, Washington, O Phillips, HJ-1963
03/26/86House Objection by Rep. Day, G Bailey, Winstead & Holt HJ-1963
04/03/86House Objection withdrawn by Rep. P. Harris HJ-2196
04/09/86House Objection withdrawn by Rep. Blackwell, G. Bailey & Tucker HJ-2267
04/10/86House Objection withdrawn by Rep. Holt & Washington HJ-2331
04/15/86House Special order, set for Apr. 16, 1986 after uncontested calendar (Under H 3828) HJ-2357
04/16/86House Amended HJ-2389
04/16/86House Debate interrupted HJ-2394
04/17/86House Amended HJ-2448
04/17/86House Debate interrupted HJ-2455
04/22/86House Amended HJ-2496
04/22/86House Debate interrupted HJ-2510
04/23/86House Amended HJ-2550
04/23/86House Debate interrupted HJ-2571
04/24/86House Amended HJ-2607
04/24/86House Read second time HJ-2621
04/30/86House Read third time and sent to Senate HJ-2747
05/01/86Senate Introduced and read first time SJ-2417
05/01/86Senate Referred to Committee on Fish, Game and Forestry SJ-2417
05/08/86Senate Committee report: Favorable with amendment Fish, Game and Forestry SJ-2528
05/13/86Senate Read second time SJ-2582
05/13/86Senate Ordered to third reading with notice of amendments SJ-2582
05/28/86Senate Debate interrupted SJ-3308
05/29/86Senate Amended SJ-3381
05/29/86Senate Read third time SJ-3424
05/29/86Senate Returned SJ-3424
06/02/86House Non-concurrence in Senate amendment HJ-3541
06/03/86Senate Senate insists upon amendment and conference committee appointed Sens. Ravenel, Pope, and Drummond SJ-3475
06/03/86House Conference committee appointed Pearce, Gentry & Foxworth HJ-3564
06/04/86Senate Conference report received SJ-3540
06/04/86Senate Conference report adopted SJ-3540
06/04/86House Conference report received HJ-3642
06/04/86House Conference report adopted HJ-3658
06/04/86House Ordered enrolled for ratification HJ-3659
06/05/86 Ratified R 581
06/05/86 Signed By Governor
06/05/86 Effective date 06/05/86
06/05/86 Act No. 502
06/20/86 Copies available

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