South Carolina Legislature

South Carolina Code of Laws

Title 15 - Civil Remedies and Procedures


Referees and Masters

SECTION 15-31-150. Appointment of special referees; compensation; authority.

The provisions of Sections 14-2-50, 14-11-10 to 14-11-90; 14-11-310; 15-31-10 to 15-31-80; 15-39-380 to 15-39-400, and 15-39-490 shall not be construed as preventing a circuit court from appointing a special referee in the manner as provided in Section 15-31-140. Special referees shall be compensated by the parties involved. Special referees shall have the same authority as masters-in-equity and shall be accountable to the appointing court.

HISTORY: 1979 Act No. 164, Part II, Section 21.

Code Commissioner's Note

At the direction of the Code Commissioner in 2010, the reference to 14-31-10 was changed to 15-31-10.

Editor's Note

Section 14-11-90, referred to in the text, was repealed by 1988 Act No. 678, Part V.

Sections 15-31-10 to 15-31-80, and 15-31-140, referred to in the text, were repealed by 1985 Act No. 100, Section 2.

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