South Carolina Legislature

South Carolina Code of Laws

Title 46 - Agriculture



SECTION 46-29-10. United States cotton standards adopted.

The official cotton standards of the United States, as established and promulgated from time to time by the Secretary of Agriculture of the United States, shall, while they are in effect, be the official cotton standards of this State.

HISTORY: 1962 Code Section 13-1; 1952 Code Section 13-1; 1942 Code Section 6388; 1932 Code Section 6388; 1922 (32) 840.

SECTION 46-29-20. Fraudulent packing.

Any person who shall knowingly and wilfully pack into any bag or bale of cotton any stone, wood, trash cotton, cottonseed, water or any matter or thing whatsoever or cause such packing to be done, with the intent and purpose of cheating or defrauding any person whomsoever in the sale of such cotton, or who shall exhibit or offer for sale any bag or bale of cotton so fraudulently packed, at the time of such exhibit or offer for sale any such bag or bale of cotton knowing it to be so fraudulently packed, shall on conviction thereof be sentenced to pay a fine of not more than five hundred dollars nor less than twenty dollars and to be imprisoned for a term of not more than six months nor less than one month.

HISTORY: 1962 Code Section 13-2; 1952 Code Section 13-2; 1942 Code Section 1280; 1932 Code Section 1280; Cr. C. '22 Section 175; Cr. C. '12 Section 453; Cr. C. '02 Section 340; G. S. 2517; R. S. 279; 1875 (15) 976.

SECTION 46-29-30. Public ginners shall keep books for inspection; numbering of bales.

Every person who runs a public gin shall keep a book in which shall be entered a full account of all the cotton brought thereto with the date and the name of the person bringing it. Such book shall be open to inspection by the public. The ginner shall also, if requested so to do by the owner of the cotton, number consecutively each bale of cotton as it comes from the press, by stencil or other permanent mark, beginning with the number one at the opening of the ginning season, so that the stencil or number mark shall correspond with the number and weight of the identical bale of cotton as it is recorded in the ginner's book of records.

HISTORY: 1962 Code Section 13-4; 1952 Code Section 13-4; 1942 Code Section 6398; 1932 Code Section 6398; Civ. C. '22 Section 3313; Civ. C. '12 Section 2339; 1902 (23) 1021; 1929 (36) 153.

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