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2022-2023 Appropriation Act



118.1. (SR: Year End Cutoff) Unless specifically authorized herein, the appropriations provided in Part IA of this act as ordinary expenses of the State Government shall lapse on July 31, 2023. State agencies are required to submit all current fiscal year input documents and all electronic workflow for accounts payable transactions to the Office of Comptroller General by July 14, 2023. Appropriations for Permanent Improvements, now outstanding or hereafter provided, shall lapse at the end of the second fiscal year in which such appropriations were

provided, unless definite commitments shall have been made, with the approval of the State Fiscal Accountability Authority and Joint Bond Review Committee, toward the accomplishment of the purposes for which the appropriations were provided. Appropriations for other specific purposes aside from ordinary operating expenses, now outstanding or hereafter provided, shall lapse at the end of the second fiscal year in which such appropriations were provided, unless definite commitments shall have been made, with the approval of the State Fiscal Accountability Authority, toward the accomplishment of the purposes for which the appropriations were provided.

118.2. (SR: Titling of Real Property) It is the intent of the General Assembly to establish a comprehensive central property and office facility management process to plan for the needs of state government agencies and to achieve maximum efficiency and economy in the use of state owned or state leased real properties. The Department of Administration is directed to identify all state owned properties whether titled in the name of the state or an agency or department, and all agencies and departments of state government are upon request to provide the department all documents related to the title and acquisition of the real properties that are occupied or used by the agency or titled in the name of the agency. Except for any properties where the department determines title should not be in the name of the State because the properties are subject to reverter clauses or other restraints on the property, or where the department determines the state would be best served by not receiving title, and with the exception of properties, highways and roadways owned by the Department of Transportation, title of any property held by or acquired by a state agency or department shall be titled in the name of the state under the control of the Department of Administration. Titling in the name of the state shall not affect the operation or use of real property by an agency. This provision applies to all state agencies and departments except: institutions of higher learning; the Public Service Authority; the Ports Authority; the South Carolina Division of Public Railways; the MUSC Hospital Authority; the Myrtle Beach Air Force Redevelopment Authority; the Department of Transportation; the Midlands Technical College Enterprise Campus Authority, the Trident Technical College Enterprise Campus Authority; the Area Commission of Tri-County Technical College; and the Charleston Naval Complex Redevelopment Authority.

With respect to any past or future acquisition of real property, the application of this provision and prior comparable titling provisions to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources and real property under its ownership or control is subject to the exemption adopted by the South Carolina Budget and Control Board on March 21, 2006.

This provision is comprehensive and supersedes any conflicting provisions concerning title and acquisition and disposition of state owned real property whether in permanent law, temporary law or by provision elsewhere in this act.

The Department of Administration is directed to provide to the Department of Education, funds equal to the amount realized from the sale of the Greenville Halton Road Bus Shop property for school bus maintenance shop relocations, construction, and shop equipment.

118.3. (SR: Contingency Reserve Fund) (A) There is created in the State Treasury a fund separate and distinct from the general fund of the State, the Capital Reserve Fund, and all other funds entitled the Contingency Reserve Fund. All general fund revenues accumulated in a fiscal year in excess of general appropriations and supplemental appropriations must be credited to this fund. Revenues credited to this fund in a fiscal year may be appropriated by the General Assembly. Upon determination by the Comptroller General as to the amount to be deposited in the Contingency Reserve Fund, the Comptroller General shall notify the Board of Economic Advisors and the board shall recognize that amount as surplus funds. Revenues in this fund may be appropriated only for the purposes provided in subsection (B).

(B)(1) If the balance in the general reserve fund established pursuant to Section 36, Article III of the Constitution of this State and Section 11-11-310 of the 1976 Code is less than the required balance, there must be appropriated to it all amounts in the Contingency Reserve Fund up to the total necessary to replenish the general reserve fund. This amount does not replace or supplant the minimum replenishment amount otherwise required to be made to the general reserve fund.

(2) After the appropriation of amounts required pursuant to item (1) of this subsection, any remaining balance may be appropriated by the General Assembly as it deems appropriate.

118.4. (SR: Increased Enforced Collections Carry Forward) Unexpended funds appropriated pursuant to Proviso 90.16 in Part IB of Act 291 of 2010 may be carried forward from the prior fiscal year into the current fiscal year and shall be expended for the same purposes.

118.5. (SR: Health Care Maintenance of Effort Funding) The revenue collected from the fifty cent cigarette surcharge and deposited into the South Carolina Medicaid Reserve Fund established by Act 170 of 2010 and any other funds deposited into the fund shall be deemed appropriated for use by the Department of Health and Human Services for the Medicaid program. Unexpended funds appropriated pursuant to this provision may be carried forward to succeeding fiscal years and expended for the same purposes.

118.6. (SR: Prohibits Public Funded Lobbyists) All state agencies and institutions are prohibited from using general fund appropriations to compensate employees who engage in lobbying on behalf of the state agency or institution. The State Ethics Commission shall require state agencies and institutions that report lobbying activities to the commission to certify that the lobbying activities were not funded by general fund appropriations.

All state agencies and institutions are prohibited from entering into contracts using general fund appropriations to provide lobbying services to the agency or institution.

118.7. (SR: Admissions Tax) For the current fiscal year, up to one hundred fourteen thousand dollars in admissions tax revenue collected annually from all events held at a NASCAR sanctioned motor speedway or racetrack that hosts at least one race each year featuring the preeminent NASCAR cup series must be rebated to the motorsports entertainment complex facility in the current fiscal year to keep a NASCAR race at the motorsports entertainment complex facility. In addition, any sports facility that hosts at least one preeminent Womens Tennis Association-sanctioned tournament or any sports facility that operates as the home venue for a professional soccer team that participates in the United Soccer Leagues, second division or higher, must be rebated to the facility half of its admissions tax revenue for the fiscal year and used by that facility for marketing the events held at the facility.

118.8. (SR: Agency Deficit Notice) The Comptroller General or the Executive Budget Office shall (1) provide written notice to each member of the General Assembly when it makes a report concerning an agency, department, or institution that is expending authorized appropriations at a rate which predicts or projects a general fund deficit for the agency, department, or institution, and (2) make monthly progress reports concerning an agencys, departments, or institutions plan to reduce or eliminate the deficit.

118.9. (SR: Tax Relief Reserve Fund) There is created the Tax Relief Reserve Fund, which shall be separate and distinct from the General Fund. Interest accrued by the fund must remain in the fund. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, on December 31, 2022, the State Treasurer shall transfer funds identified in this act from the General Fund to the Tax Relief Reserve Fund. These funds may only be used to provide tax relief to businesses and individuals as provided by law. Funds within the Tax Relief Reserve Fund shall be retained and carried forward to be used for the same purpose.

118.10. (SR: Tax Deduction for Consumer Protection Services) (A) In addition to the deductions allowed in Section 12-6-1140 of the 1976 Code, there is allowed a deduction in computing South Carolina taxable income of an individual the actual costs, but not exceeding three hundred dollars for an individual taxpayer, and not exceeding one thousand dollars for a joint return or a return claiming dependents, incurred by a taxpayer in the taxable year to purchase a monthly or annual contract or subscription for identity theft protection and identity theft resolution services. The deduction allowed by this item may not be claimed by an individual if the individual deducted the same actual costs as a business expense or if the taxpayer is enrolled in the identity theft protection and identity theft resolution services offered free of charge by the State of South Carolina. For purposes of this item, identity theft protection means products and services designed to prevent an incident of identify fraud or identity theft or other protect the private of a person personal identifying information, as defined in Section 16-13-510(D), by precluding a third party from gaining unauthorized acquisition of anothers personal identifying information to obtain financial resources or other products, benefits or services; and identity theft resolution services means products and services designed to assist persons whose personal identifying information, as defined by Section 16-13-510(D), was obtained by a third party, whereby minimizing the effects of the identity fraud or identity theft incident and restoring the persons identity to pre-theft status.

(B) The deduction provided in (A) is only allowed for taxpayers that filed a return with the Department of Revenue for any taxable year after 1997 and before 2013, whether by paper or electronic transmission, or any person whose personally identifiable information was contained on the return of another eligible person, including minor dependents.

(C) By March fifteenth of each year, the department shall issue a report to the Governor and the General Assembly detailing the number of taxpayers claiming the deduction allowed by this item in the most recent tax year for which there is an accurate figure, and the total monetary value of the deductions claimed pursuant to this item in that same year.

(D) The department shall prescribe the necessary forms to claim the deduction allowed by this section. The department may require the taxpayer to provide proof of the actual costs and the taxpayers eligibility.

118.11. (SR: Tobacco Settlement) (A) To the extent funds are available from payments received on behalf of the State by the Tobacco Settlement Revenue Management Authority from the Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) in the current fiscal year, the State Treasurer is authorized and directed, after transferring funds sufficient to cover the operating expenses of the Authority, to transfer the remaining funds as follows:

(1) $1,253,000 to the Attorney Generals Office for Diligent Enforcement and Arbitration Litigation; $450,000 to the State Law Enforcement Division for Diligent Enforcement; and $325,000 to the Department of Revenue for Diligent Enforcement, all to enforce Chapter 47 of Title 11, the Tobacco Escrow Fund Act;

(2) The Attorney Generals Office shall maintain a balance of $1,253,000 in a fund for future tobacco arbitration. Attorney General funds in excess of $1,253,000 may be utilized for information technology expenses and building infrastructure upgrades. These funds may be carried forward from the prior fiscal year into the current fiscal year and utilized for the same purpose; and

(3) The remaining balance shall be transferred to a restricted account authorized solely for use by the Department of Health and Human Services for the Medicaid program. Earnings on this fund must be credited to the fund and balances may be carried forward from the prior fiscal year for the same purpose.

(B) The requirements of Section 11-11-170 of the 1976 Code shall be suspended for the current fiscal year.

118.12. (SR: One Dollar Appropriations) Funds appropriated in the amount of one dollar by this act shall not be disbursed. The Comptroller General shall adjust the affected agencys chart of accounts accordingly, if necessary.

118.13. (SR: Non-recurring Litigation Recovery Revenue) During the current fiscal year, if there is a recovery or an award in any litigation managed by the State through a party other than the Attorney General, or if a state tax audit results in a collection, any funds received in excess of twenty-five million dollars that are not likely to continue as recurring revenue and would have otherwise been credited to the General Fund shall be credited to the Litigation Recovery Account. The amount credited to this Litigation Recovery Account pursuant to this provision is deemed non-recurring revenue and must be expended only in the manner prescribed by law.

118.14. (SR: Farm Aid) There is created the South Carolina Farm Aid Fund. This fund is separate and distinct from the general fund of the State and all other funds. Earnings on this fund must be credited to it. Revenues credited to this fund in a fiscal year must be used in that fiscal year to operate a grant program that provides financial assistance to farmers.

To be eligible for a grant, the person must have:

(1) experienced a verifiable loss of agricultural commodities of at least thirty percent as a result of the flooding occurring in the aftermath of Hurricanes Michael and Florence for which:

(a) the Governor declared a state of emergency in the State for the county in which the farm is located; and

(b) the United States Secretary of Agriculture issued a Secretarial Disaster Declaration for the county in which the farm is located;

(2) a farm number issued by the Farm Service Agency;

(3) signed an affidavit, under penalty of perjury, certifying that each fact of the loss presented by the person is accurate; and

(4) a signed affidavit, under penalty of perjury, certifying that no federal funds have been received for these specific disasters, and in the event that federal funds are received, the person will return all state monies received under this program.

The Department of Agriculture (department) shall administer the grant program authorized by this proviso. The Department of Revenue shall assist the Department of Agriculture in the administration of the grant program by providing auditing services, accounting services, and review and oversight of all financial aspects of the grant program. There is created the Farm Aid Advisory Board to make recommendations to the department regarding the duties of the department in administering the grant program. The Commissioner of Agriculture, or his designee, shall serve ex officio, as chairman of the board. Also, the Director of the Department of Revenue, or his designee, the Vice President for Public Service and Agriculture of Clemson Public Service Activities, or his designee, and the Vice President for Land Grant Services of South Carolina State Public Service Activities, or his designee, shall serve on the board. The following additional members shall be appointed to the board:

(1) the Commissioner of Agriculture shall appoint one member representing the South Carolina Farm Bureau;

(2) the Commissioner of Agriculture shall appoint one member representing a farm credit association;

(3) the Director of the Department of Revenue shall appoint one member representing the crop insurance industry; and

(4) the Director of the Department of Revenue shall appoint one member who is an agricultural commodities producer.

By July twentieth of the current fiscal year, the board shall hold its initial meeting to recommend an application process by which a person with a loss resulting from the flooding occurring in the aftermath of Hurricanes Michael and Florence may apply for a grant. Upon adoption of an application process, the Department of Agriculture shall provide the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee and the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee with a written copy of its application process within ten days after its adoption. A person shall apply not later than forty-five days after the adoption of the application process. The department must ensure every person interested in applying for a grant has access to adequate resources to submit his application in a timely manner, and upon request, the department must assist a person with the preparation of his application.

Each grant awarded by the department may not exceed twenty percent of the persons verifiable loss of agricultural commodities. However, a person, including any grant made to a related person, may not receive grants aggregating more than one hundred thousand dollars. Also, a person, including any grant made to a related person, may not receive grants that when combined with losses covered by insurance, exceed one hundred percent of the actual loss. If a grant is made to a related person, the amount to be included in the limits set by this proviso must be the amount of the grant multiplied by the persons ownership interest in the related person. However, a person who shares an ownership interest with another person or entity may not be refused a grant solely because the other person or related person has otherwise received the maximum grant amount, but in this case, the persons grant amount is limited by the persons ownership interest.

If the total amount of grants allowed pursuant to this proviso exceeds the monies in the fund, then each persons grant must be reduced proportionately.

To determine loss, the department:

(1) must measure the persons cumulative total loss of all affected agricultural commodities for the year in which the flooding occurred against the persons expected production of all agricultural commodities affected by the flooding occurring in the aftermath of Hurricanes Michael and Florence;

(2) shall use the persons applicable actual production history yield, as determined by the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation, to determine loss for insured agricultural commodities. In determining loss for uninsured agricultural commodities, the department shall use the most recent years county price and county yield, as applicable, as determined by the National Agriculture Statistics Service, United States Department of Agriculture; and

(3) may require any documentation or proof it considers necessary to efficiently administer the grant program, including the ownership structure of each entity and the social security numbers of each owner. Minimally, in order to verify loss, the department shall require the submission of dated, signed, and continuous records. These records may include, but are not limited to, commercial receipts, settlement sheets, warehouse ledger sheets, pick records, load summaries, contemporaneous measurements, truck scale tickets, contemporaneous diaries, appraisals, ledgers of income, income statements of deposit slips, cash register tape, invoices for custom harvesting, u-pick records, and insurance documents.

Grant awards must be used for agricultural production expenses and losses due to the flooding which demonstrate an intent to continue the agricultural operation; however, awards may not be used to purchase new equipment. The department shall develop guidelines and procedures to ensure that funds are expended in the manner outlined in grant applications, and may require any documentation it determines necessary to verify the appropriate use of grant awards including receipts.

If the department determines that a person who received a grant provided inaccurate information, then the person shall refund the entire amount of the grant. If the department determines that a person who received a grant used the funds for ineligible expenses, then the person must refund the amount of the ineligible expenses. If the person does not refund the appropriate amount, the Department of Revenue shall utilize the provisions of the Setoff Debt Collection Act to collect the money from the person.

The department shall coordinate the exchange of information between the USDA and the Department of Revenue to identify any person that received a Farm Aid grant for the flooding occurring in the aftermath of Hurricanes Michael and Florence and also received federal aid relief for the same disaster. Any person that is determined to have received grant funds from both the state and federal government, must immediately repay the state grant they received.

If the department determines that a person knowingly provided false information to obtain a grant pursuant to this proviso or knowingly used funds for ineligible expenses, the person shall be subject to prosecution pursuant to Section 16-13-240.

Within forty-five days of the completion of the awarding of grants, but no later than the end of the fiscal year, the Farm Aid Advisory Board is dissolved. Any funds remaining in the fund upon dissolution shall lapse to the general fund.

The department may accept private funds, grants, and property to be used to make financial awards from the grant program.

The Department of Agriculture must administer the grant program authorized by this proviso using existing resources and funds.

If federal funds are allocated for persons that are otherwise eligible for a grant pursuant to this proviso before the current fiscal year begins, then the provisions of this proviso are not effective and no funds may be credited to the South Carolina Farm Aid Fund.

For purposes of this proviso:

(1) Agricultural commodities means wheat, cotton, flax, corn, dry beans, oats, barley, rye, tobacco, rice, peanuts, soybeans, sugar beets, sugar cane, tomatoes, grain sorghum, sunflowers, raisins, oranges, sweet corn, dry peas, freezing and canning peas, forage, apples, grapes, potatoes, industrial hemp, timber and forests, nursery crops, citrus, and other fruits and vegetables, nuts, tame hay, native grass, aquacultural species including, but not limited to, any species of finfish, mollusk, crustacean, or other aquatic invertebrate, amphibian, reptile, or aquatic plant propagated or reared in a controlled or selected environment, excluding stored grain;

(2) Person means any individual, trust, estate, partnership, receiver, association, company, limited liability company, corporation, or other entity or group;

(3) Related person means any person, joint venture, or entity that has a direct or indirect ownership interest of a person or legal entity; and

(4) Department means the Department of Agriculture.

118.15. DELETED

118.16. (SR: Expenditure of Federal Funds) Any funds received from the Federal Government that are not allocated directly to a state agency must be expended through the legislative budgeting process.

118.17. (SR: State Ports Authority Projects) Any funds appropriated or authorized for the State Ports Authority by Proviso 118.15 (Nonrecurring Revenue) for the intermodal container transfer facility and waterborne cargo infrastructure must be deposited into a separate and distinct account and shall only be used for costs directly related to those two projects. Funds shall not be used for salaries, bonuses, or any kind of normal administrative costs. Funds shall not be used for personnel expenses not directly related to the implementation of the two projects. In addition, the State Ports Authority shall provide quarterly progress reports on the implementation of each facility to the Joint Bond Review Committee, the President of the Senate, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, and the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. These quarterly reports shall include, but are not limited to, financial results, operating plans, budgets, capital plans, and performance objectives and results for the projects. The Joint Bond Review Committee must review and provide comment on expenditures, and may prescribe the reporting format and such other informational requirements and reports as it deems useful and necessary, to ensure the financial integrity, accountability, and stewardship of the funds and the ongoing operations of the project. To the extent permitted by federal law, if federal funds become available to the State that can be used for the Intermodal Container Transfer Facility or for Waterborne Cargo Infrastructure, those federal funds must first be used to complete the project. Any remaining state funds appropriated for these projects shall be transferred to a restricted account at the Department of Administration.

118.18. DELETED

118.19. (SR: Nonrecurring Revenue) (A) The source of revenue appropriated in subsection (B) is nonrecurring revenue generated from the following sources:

(1) $1,023,777,259 from Fiscal Year 2020-21 Contingency Reserve Fund;

(2) $2,853,646,014 from Fiscal Year 2021-22 Projected Surplus;

(3) $16,832,497 from Fiscal Year 2021-22 Debt Service in Excess Obligation;

(4) $53,898,508 from Litigation Recovery Account;

(5) $525,000,000 from Savannah River Site Litigation; and

(6) $100,000,000 from Estimated Excess Debt Service above Projected Expenditures.

Any restrictions concerning specific utilization of these funds are lifted for the specified fiscal year. The above agency transfers shall occur no later than thirty days after the close of the books on Fiscal Year 2021-22 and shall be available for use in Fiscal Year 2022-23.

This revenue is deemed to have occurred and is available for use in Fiscal Year 2022-23 after September 1, 2022, following the Comptroller Generals close of the states books on Fiscal Year 2021-22.

(B) The appropriations in this provision are listed in priority order. Item (1) must be funded first and each remaining item must be fully funded before any funds are allocated to the next item. Provided, however, that any individual item may be partially funded in the order in which it appears to the extent that revenues are available.

The State Treasurer shall disburse the following appropriations by September 30, 2022, for the purposes stated:

(1) Comprehensive Tax

Cut of 2022 (S. 1087) $ 1,000,000,000;

(2) F310 General Reserve Fund

(a) General Reserve Fund

Contribution $ 64,024,852;

(b) General Reserve Fund

Additional Contribution $ 52,298,607;


(3) F300 Employee Benefits

(a) Employee Bonus $ 45,793,437;

(3.1) From the funds appropriated to Statewide Employee Benefits for Bonus Pay, effective on the first pay date that occurs on or after October 17, 2022, the Department of Administration shall allocate to state agencies $45,793,437 to provide for a one-time lump sum bonus. Each permanent state employee, in a full-time equivalent position, who has been in continuous state service for at least six months prior to July 1, 2022, shall receive an $1,500 one-time lump sum payment. This payment is not a part of the state employees base salary and is not earnable compensation for purposes of employer or employee contributions to respective retirement systems. This appropriation may be used for payments to employees only in the same ratio as the employees base salary is paid from appropriated sources and the employing agency shall pay the bonus for federal and other funded full-time equivalent positions employees from federal or other funds available to the agency in the proportion that such funds are the source of the employees salary. The earnings limitation on bonuses in Proviso 117.52 of this Act does not apply to this bonus. For institutions of higher education, the funds received for this bonus may be used without uniformity. Unexpended funds appropriated pursuant to this provision may be carried forward to succeeding fiscal years and expended for the same purposes.

(4) H630 State Department of Education

(a) Capital Funding for

Disadvantaged Schools $ 100,000,000;

(b) Bus Lease/Purchase $ 12,000,000;

(c) State Aid to Classrooms-

Maintenance of

Effort and Equity $ 10,000,000;

(d) ESA Pilot $ 1,000,000;

(e) State Department of

Education Relocation

Additional Cost $ 12,000,000;

(5) H710 Wil Lou Gray Opportunity

School Renovations

and Maintenance $ 200,000;

(6) H750 School for the Deaf & Blind

Renovation of Educational

Buildings $ 4,000,000;

(7) L120 Governors School for Agriculture

at John de la Howe

(a) Cafeteria Upgrade $ 50,000;

(b) Security Fencing $ 250,000;

(c) Power Pole Replacement $ 250,000;

(d) Modern Greenhouse Facilities $ 225,000;

(8) H670 Educational Television

Commission Regional Studio

Construction Enhancements $ 35,000,000;

(9) H640 Governors School for Arts

& Humanities Dining

Hall Expansion and Furniture

Replacement - Phase 1 $ 512,950;

(10) H030 Commission on Higher

Education AmeriCorps Grant (Four

Years of Match) $ 240,000;

(11) H090 Citadel

Engineering Building $ 15,915,510;

(12) H120 Clemson

Maintenance, Renovation, and

Replacement $ 10,000,000;

(13) H150 University of Charleston

Maintenance, Renovation,

Replacement, and Expansion $ 12,500,000;

(14) H170 Coastal Carolina

Maintenance, Renovation, and

Replacement $ 4,000,000;

(15) H180 Francis Marion

Environmental Science and

Forestry Building $ 8,000,000;

(16) H210 Lander

Maintenance, Renovation, and

Replacement $ 6,000,000;

(17) H240 SC State

Maintenance, Renovation, and

Replacement $ 25,000,000;

(18) H270 USC - Columbia

(a) Maintenance, Renovation, and

Replacement $ 10,000,000;

(b) Tucker Center $ 9,000,000;

(19) H290 USC - Aiken

Maintenance, Renovation, and

Replacement $ 1,000,000;

(20) H340 USC - Upstate

(a) Maintenance, Renovation, and

Replacement $ 3,000,000;

(b) Library $ 5,000,000;

(21) H360 USC - Beaufort

Convocation Center $ 10,000,000;

(22) H370 USC - Lancaster

Maintenance, Renovation, and

Replacement $ 750,000;

(23) H390 USC - Sumter

Health, Wellness, and Athletic Facilities $ 9,000,000;

(24) H400 USC - Union

Maintenance, Renovation, and

Replacement $ 600,000;

(25) H470 Winthrop

(a) Maintenance, Renovation, and

Replacement $ 6,000,000;

(b) Wofford Hall and Richardson Hall $ 6,000,000;

(c) Dinkins and Dacus Library

Renovation $ 5,000,000;

(26) H510 Medical University of South

Carolina - MUSC

(a) Purchase of Old Roper St. Francis

Hospital $ 15,000,000;

(b) Hospital Authority - SC Childrens

Hospital Collaborative

Infrastructure $ 10,000,000;

(c) Traumatic Brain Injury Research $ 750,000;

(27) H590 Board for Technical and

Comprehensive Education

(a) Aiken Technical College

Maintenance, Renovation, and

Replacement $ 4,149,395;

(b) Central Carolina Technical College

Maintenance, Renovation, and

Replacement $ 10,000,000;


(c) Denmark Technical College

Maintenance, Renovation, and

Replacement $ 5,000,000;

(d) Florence-Darlington Technical

College Maintenance,

Renovation, and Replacement $ 2,517,863;

(e) Greenville Technical College

Maintenance, Renovation, and

Replacement $ 15,000,000;

(f) Horry-Georgetown Tech College

Maintenance, Renovation,

and Replacement $ 4,490,718;

(g) Midlands Technical College

Maintenance, Renovation, and

Replacement $ 15,000,000;

(h) Northeastern Technical College

Maintenance, Renovation, and

Replacement $ 3,903,796;

(i) Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical

College Maintenance,

Renovation, and Replacement $ 4,751,976;

(j) Piedmont Technical College

Maintenance, Renovation, and

Replacement $ 9,949,243;

(k) Spartanburg Community College

Maintenance, Renovation, and

Replacement $ 13,507,133;

(l) Technical College of the Lowcountry

Maintenance, Renovation, and

Replacement $ 4,532,654;

(m) Tri-County Technical College

Maintenance, Renovation, and

Replacement $ 12,443,753;

(n) Trident Technical College

(i) Maintenance, Renovation, and

Replacement $ 15,000,000;

(ii) Logistics Apprenticeship

Program with

the SC Ports Authority $ 1,100,000;


(o) Williamsburg Technical College

Maintenance, Renovation, and

Replacement $ 1,838,676;

(p) York Technical College

Maintenance, Renovation, and

Replacement $ 5,000,000;

(q) Central Carolina Technical College -

Academic Building $ 19,000,000;

(r) Florence-Darlington Technical College

(i) Darlington County Campus $ 20,000,000;

(ii) EMT & Paramedic Program

Equipment $ 500,000;

(s) Horry-Georgetown Technical College -

Grand Strand Campus

Renovation $ 10,000,000;

(t) Midlands Technical College - Dual

Credit and QuickJobs $ 4,500,000;

(u) Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical

College - Advanced

Manufacturing Building $ 8,000,000;

(v) Technical College of the

Lowcountry - Workforce

Collaborative $ 2,500,000;

(w) Tri-County Technical College -

Transportation, Logistics,

and Utility Center $ 6,000,000;

(x) Trident Technical College -

Berkeley Campus $ 6,000,000;

(y) York Technical College -

Baxter Hood Center $ 28,000,000;

(z) Spartanburg Community

College - Cherokee Campus $ 20,000,000;

(27.1) The funds appropriated in Item (27)(h) may be used to match federal funds for new construction.

(27.2) The State Ports Authority shall enter a Memorandum of Understanding with Trident Technical College for the creation of a truck driver logistics apprenticeship program (LAP).

(28) H790 Department of Archives & History

(a) SC American Revolution

Sestercentennial Commission $ 7,000,000;

(b) Historic Preservation

State Grant Fund $ 500,000;

(c) Agency Digital Conversion

to Cloud Storage $ 250,000;

(d) African American History

Curriculum $ 100,000;

(29) H910 Arts Commission

(a) Resources to Support

Community Arts Organizations $ 3,000,000;

(b) Creative Place Making Pilot in

Rural Communities $ 500,000;

(30) H950 State Museum (State Museum Comm)

(a) Permanent Gallery Renovation

Reimagine the Experience

(RTE) - Phase 3 $ 3,375,000;

(b) Museum Security System

Upgrades - Phase 2 $ 450,000;

(c) Museums IT Network Upgrade $ 110,000;

(31) H960 Confederate Relic Room and

Military Museum Commission

(a) Collections Storage Infrastructure $ 95,000;

(b) SC Vietnam Veterans Program $ 30,000;

(32) H730 Vocational Rehabilitation

(a) Technology Infrastructure $ 269,250;

(b) ADA Compliant Vehicle

Replacement $ 520,000;

(c) Berkeley-Dorchester VR

Center Re-roofing $ 494,000;

(d) Conway VR Center Re-roofing $ 540,000;

(e) Rock Hill VR Center Re-roofing $ 604,000;

(33) J020 Dept of Health & Human Services

(a) Behavioral Health Capacity $ 61,500,000;

(b) Rural Health Network Revitalization $ 3,000,000;

(c) Healthcare Compliance Programs $ 5,000,000;

(d) Youth Psychiatric Residential

Treatment Facility $ 5,000,000;

***(e) Medical Contracts $ 1;



(34) J040 Department of Health &

Environmental Control

(a) ePermitting Project Completion $ 5,039,612;

(b) Hazardous Waste Contingency

Fund $ 2,000,000;

(35) J120 Department of Mental Health

(a) State Veterans Nursing Homes $ 30,600,000;

(b) 9-8-8 Suicide Crisis Hotline

Secondary Call

Center Infrastructure $ 1,300,000;

(c) Mental Illness Recovery

Center, Inc. (MIRCI) $ 500,000;

(36) J160 Department of Disabilities &

Special Needs

(a) Community Based Services $ 140,000;

(b) South Carolina Genomic

Medicine Initiative at

Greenwood Genetic Center $ 2,000,000;

(c) Unite Us IT Implementation $ 1,500,000;

(d) Youth Intensive Residential

Habilitation Homes $ 1,500,000;

(37) L040 Department of Social Services

Title IV-E Annualization $ 9,000,000;

(38) L060 Department on Aging

(a) American Rescue Plan

Funding - State Match $ 3,553,000;

(b) HUD Home Modification $ 150,000;

(39) L080 Department of Childrens Advocacy

(a) Foster Care Review Board

Advocacy Upgrade $ 150,000;

(b) Administration and

Investigations Unit Development $ 25,000;

(c) Children's Advocacy Centers $ 1,000,000;

(40) P120 Forestry Commission

(a) Fire Support Aircraft $ 425,000;

(b) Wee Tee State Forest Bridge

Replacement $ 4,500,000;

(41) P160 Department of Agriculture

Local Farmers Markets

Enhancements $ 3,000,000;

(42) P200 Clemson-PSA

(a) Critical PSA Infrastructure $ 3,626,000;

(b) Edisto Research and Education

Center Research Infrastructure

Upgrades and Expansion $ 7,000,000;

(c) Poultry Science Research Facility $ 1,375,000;

(43) P210 SC State-PSA

(a) Expansion of Emerging

Agribusiness Programs $ 1,600,000;

(b) Small Business

Digital Technologies

Transformation $ 585,000;

(c) Youth Residential Cabin at

Historic Camp Harry E. Daniels $ 2,000,000;

(d) The South Carolina Limnology

Research Center $ 2,000,000;

(e) Nutrition and Mental Health Amid

the COVID-19 Pandemic $ 244,000;

(f) Impact of COVID-19 on Small

Farm Sustainability

and Capacity $ 262,000;

(44) P240 Department of Natural Resources

(a) Water Planning, Mapping and

Monitoring $ 3,500,000;

(b) Law Enforcement - New Class and

Operating $ 676,500;

(c) Vehicle Rotation $ 1,000,000;

***(d) Marine Infrastructure $ 1;

(e) Fish Hatcheries and State

Lakes Maintenance & Repair $ 2,700,000;

(f) Land Conservation $ 40,000,000;

(g) Infrastructure Needs $ 15,100,000;

(h) Waterfowl Impoundments

Infrastructure Maintenance $ 2,727,000;

(i) Field/Regional Office and

Building Maintenance $ 1,000,000;

(j) Shooting Ranges and Dove Fields $ 1;

***(k) Internal Roads and Farm Bridges and

Boat Ramp Maintenance $ 1;

(l) Lake Santee Boat Landing $ 4,000,000;

(45) P280 Department of Parks, Recreation

& Tourism

(a) Regional Promotions - SCATR $ 1,100,000;

***(b) State Parks Road Paving -

Statewide $ 1;

***(c) Campground Utility

Replacement $ 1;

***(d) Statewide Campground

Comfort Stations $ 1;

(e) Statewide Exhibits $ 500,000;

(f) Charles Towne Landing Animal Forest

Enclosure Repairs and Upgrades $ 500,000;

(g) Asbestos, Mold, Mildew and Lead

Abatement - Phase 6 $ 500,000;

(h) Santee Cabin Renovation $ 3,000,000;

(i) Cheraw State Park Cabins $ 1,000,000;

***(j) Murells Inlet Dredging $ 1;

(k) State Park Enhancements $ 16,000,000;

(l) Destination Specific Grants $ 15,000,000;

(m) Edisto Beach Renourishment $ 7,500,000;

***(n) Cabin Construction and

Renovations $ 1;

(o) Regional Tourism Advertising $ 4,000,000;

(46) P320 Department of Commerce

(a) Closing Fund $ 200,000,000;

(b) Strategic Economic Development

Infrastructure $ 100,000,000;

(c) LocateSC $ 5,000,000;

(d) SC Technology and Aviation

Center $ 9,000,000;

(e) South Carolina Association for

Community Economic

Development $ 2,000,000;

(f) Graduation Alliance $ 500,000;

(46.1) The Department of Commerce shall identify and recommend potential projects for review and comment by the Joint Bond Review Committee before any funds may be awarded or expended from the Closing Fund.

*(46.2) From the funds appropriated to the Department of Commerce (Department) for Strategic Economic Development Infrastructure, twenty-five million shall be transferred to the South Carolina Quantum Association (Association) for the purposes of procuring and operating a quantum computing system for the benefit of the State of South Carolina. Prior to the transfer of funds, the Department must enter into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Association which, at a minimum, will include the following:

(a) the makeup of the Association board of directors (board), which, at a minimum, must include a private sector appointed representative of the states three research universities;

(b) the size and appointing authorities of the board cannot be changed without prior written consent from the department;

(c) a stipulation as to where the Association and the quantum computer will be housed;

(d) how the Association will utilize the quantum computer to benefit South Carolina both in economic development and academic research; and

(e) how ownership of the quantum computer will be handled and under what circumstances the department may take possession of the computer.

Prior to signing of the MOU and transfer of the funds, the department must submit the MOU and the Association must submit their bylaws to the Joint Bond Review Committee for review and comment.

(47) P400 Conservation Bank

Conservation Grant Funding $ 25,000,000;

(48) B040 Judicial Department

Court of Appeals New Courtroom

and Office Space $ 1,641,410;

(49) C050 Administrative Law Court

(a) Computer Equipment Maintenance $ 423,385;

(b) Renovations and Furniture $ 923,028;

(50) E200 Attorney General

(a) Crime Victim Assistance Funding $ 10,000,000;

(b) Dennis Building

Infrastructure Upgrades $ 15,000,000;

(c) SC Child ID Program $ 2,000,000;

(d) Savannah River Litigation

(Proviso 59.6) $ 1,000,000;

(51) E210 Prosecution Coordination Commission

(a) Agency Technology Equipment and

Software $ 406,000;

(b) General Tort Liability Increase $ 33,214;

(c) Solicitor Technology Equipment and

Software $ 9,600,000;

***(d) Intake and Analysis Program $ 1;

***(52) E230 Commission on Indigent Defense

Fees and Fines Expenditure Offset $ 1;

(53) D100 State Law Enforcement Division

(a) Agency Personnel and Equipment $ 2,357,200;

(b) Vehicle Rotation $ 1,000,000;

***(c) Insurance Reserve Fund

Increase $ 1;

(d) Animal Fighting Enforcement $ 72,600;

(e) Forensics Breath Testing Units $ 2,562,500;

(f) Bell Helicopter $ 15,000,000;

(g) Pee Dee Regional Office $ 4,000,000;

(54) K050 Department of Public Safety

***(a) Insurance Reserve Fund

Rate Increases $ 1;

(b) Governors Law Enforcement

Award $ 30,000;

(c) Vehicle Rotation $ 3,000,000;

***(d) Statewide Body Camera

Program $ 1;

(e) Local Body Camera and Vests

Grants Programs $ 20,000,000;

***(f) DPS Agent Body Worn

Camera Rotation $ 1;

***(g) Radio Rotation $ 1;

(55) N200 Law Enforcement Training

Council (Criminal Justice Academy)

(a) Dormitory Restrooms Renovation $ 1,240,553;

(b) Center for Excellence in Policing

and Public Safety $ 10,000,000;

(56) N040 Department of Corrections

***(a) Security and Maintenance

Reserve Fund $ 1;

(b) Expansion Of K-9 Unit At Level III

Lee Correctional Institution $ 352,500;

(c) CDL Training School Modification $ 192,000;

(d) Critical Deferred Maintenance

Projects $ 10,000,000;

(e) Insurance Reserve Fund $ 5,984,009;

(f) Agency Critical Equipment

Replacement $ 37,013,067;

(g) Goodman Classroom & Mental

Health Services Modular

Buildings $ 1,350,000;

(h) Command Center Security

Operations & Weapons

Upgrade/Replacement $ 263,710;

(i) Electronic Monitoring Program $ 500,000;

(57) N080 Department of Probation, Parole

& Pardon Services

***(a) Insurance Reserve Fund Rate

Increases $ 1;

***(b) Agency Fleet Replacement Plan $ 1;

(c) Information Technology

Computer Network Refresh $ 1,236,051;

(d) Agency Equipment $ 3,910,683;

(e) Live Scan $ 998,921;

(f) Electronic Monitoring Program $ 500,000;

(58) N120 Department of Juvenile Justice

(a) Severely Mentally Ill (SMI)

Youth Facility $ 20,000,000;

(b) Facilities Management -

Maintenance and

Security Upgrades $ 8,000,000;

(c) Virtual Visitation Kiosk and

Implementation $ 1,500,000;

(d) Electronic Monitoring Program $ 500,000;

(59) L360 Human Affairs Commission

(a) Security Cameras $ 60,000;

(b) Public Information IT $ 70,000;

(c) Cisco Switches Replacement $ 9,000;

(60) L460 Commission for Minority Affairs

Technology Infrastructure Upgrades $ 250,000;

(61) R080 Workers Compensation Commission

IT Legacy System Modernization Project $ 5,000,000;

(61.1) The Workers Compensation Commission shall consult with the Department of Administration to ensure any expenditures on claims system upgrades, updates, or enhancements align with agency needs and the technology Statewide Strategic Information Technology Plan. The Workers Compensation Commission shall report the outcome of their consultation to the Joint Bond Review Committee for review and comment prior to the expenditure of these funds.

(62) R360 Department of Labor, Licensing,

& Regulation

(a) State Fire Marshal - USAR Funding $ 5,000,000;

(b) Agency Technology Upgrades $ 2,000,000;

(c) EMT Training $ 850,000;

(d) Emergency Response Task Force

Regional Team Equipment $ 5,000,000;

(e) Emergency Response Task Force

USAR SC Task Force 1

Equipment $ 12,000,000;

(f) USAR Building Renovation $ 2,750,000;

(g) USAR Headquarters and

Emergency Operations

Centers $ 3,000,000;

(63) R400 Department of Motor Vehicles

(a) CDL Testing Site Expansion $ 3,201,370;

(b) Established Motor Carrier Service

State Program $ 1,092,000;

(64) R600 Department of Employment

& Workforce

Be Pro Be Proud $ 642,500;

(65) U120 Department of Transportation

(a) Rural Interstate Funding $ 133,636,230;

***(b) Surface Transportation

Resiliency Studies $ 1;


(66) U200 County Transportation Funds

CTC Acceleration Fund $ 250,000,000;

(67) U300 Division of Aeronautics

Statewide Airport Growth Response $ 53,000,000;

(67.1) From the funds appropriated for Statewide Airport Growth Response, twenty percent shall be made available to fund airport(s) in counties that do not currently have a public airport.

(68) Y140 State Ports Authority

Naval Base Intermodal Facility

and Container

Barge Infrastructure $ 350,000,000;

(69) A170 Legislative Services

Enterprise Software Systems $ 8,500,000;

***(70) D300 Office of Resilience

Disaster Relief and Resilience

Reserve Fund $ 1;

(71) D500 Department of Administration

(a) Facilities Management -

Maintenance Projects $ 10,000,000;

(b) Digital Government

Transformation $ 6,500,000;

(c) Palmetto Statewide Radio

System $ 2,000,000;

(72) D500 Department of Administration -

Savannah River Site Litigation

(a) North Augusta/Aiken County -

New Savannah

Bluff Lock and Dam

Redevelopment $ 20,000,000;

(b) USC Aiken - National Guard

Dreamport Facility

(coordination with US Cyber

Command) $ 10,000,000;

(c) Aiken County - Improvements

to Sage Mill Industrial

Park to include water and

sewer upgrades $ 5,000,000;



(d) Aiken County - Industrial Park

Project in eastern

Aiken County (land and

infrastructure) $ 10,000,000;

(e) Aiken County - Off-site

Infrastructure Improvements for

SRS/National Lab, including

the Aiken Technology

/Innovation Corridor $ 20,000,000;

***(f) Aiken County - Upgrades to

Horse Creek Wastewater

Treatment Plant (expansion for

future growth) $ 1;

(g) Aiken County - Water line along

Highway 39 from

Wagener to Monetta with

two elevated storage tanks

and three pump stations $ 4,000,000;

***(h) Aiken County - Water line from

Beech Island to Jackson

with elevated storage tanks

and pump stations $ 1;

***(i) Aiken County - Public Safety

Infrastructure/County Fire

Suppression $ 1;

(j) North Augusta - Cyber Initiative

infrastructure investment to

complement Fort Gordon

Army Cyber Command

and Georgia Cyber

Command $ 15,000,000;

(k) North Augusta - Regional Solid

Waste Transfer Station $ 2,000,000;

(l) City of Aiken/Aiken County -

Redevelopment and

Economic Development in

Downtown and Aikens

Northside Toward I-20 $ 25,000,000;


(m) Aiken County - Highway

19 Corridor Business/Economic

Development Improvements

(New Ellenton) and

Downtown Water/Sewer

Infrastructure (Wagener,

Jackson, Burnettetown,

and Salley) $ 6,000,000;

(n) Aiken Technical College -

Nursing School Facility $ 11,500,000;

(o) Aiken Technical College -

Welding Lab $ 1,500,000;

(p) Aiken County Public School

District - New Career

and Technology Center

and district-wide technology

upgrades $ 30,000,000;

(q) Aiken Rural Health

Services Building $ 6,000,000;

***(r) Aiken County Law Enforcement

Complex $ 1;

(s) Aiken County United Way Building

/Infrastructure $ 250,000;

(t) Childrens Place Incorporated/


Therapeutic Child Care

Infrastructure $ 500,000;

(u) Aiken Generational Park $ 1,200,000;

(v) Aiken Railroad Facilities

Renovation and Completion $ 900,000;

(w) Construction of Consolidated

High School and Career

Center and K-8 School

for Williston and Blackville $ 105,000,000;

(x) Barnwell Multipurpose Building $ 2,000,000;

(y) Blackville Multipurpose Space $ 2,000,000;

(z) Williston City Park Multipurpose

Building $ 1,000,000;


(aa) Allendale School District - Capital

Improvements to Allendale High

School and other district

buildings $ 15,000,000;

(bb) Allendale County - Renovate

C.V. Bing High School to

Consolidate Law Enforcement

and Other Town and

County Facilities $ 4,500,000;

(cc) Allendale County - Purchase,

Permitting, and

Development of Potential

Industrial Property Site $ 5,000,000;

(dd) Allendale County - Law

Enforcement Agency

Consolidation and Upgrades $ 2,500,000;

(ee) Bamberg County - Cross

Rhodes Industrial Park

Speculative Building $ 4,000,000;

***(ff) Bamberg County - Airport

Improvements $ 1;

(gg) Bamberg County Consolidated

Schools - Schools

Facilities Bond Reduction $ 5,000,000;

(hh) Colleton County - New speculative

industrial shell

building and engineering of

the primary road into the

Colleton Mega Site $ 1,387,932;

(ii) Piedmont Technical College -

Center for Advanced

Manufacturing $ 10,000,000;

(jj) Edgefield County Law

Enforcement Center $ 18,000,000;

(kk) Edgefield County School District -

Workforce Development Training

and Equipment $ 500,000;

(ll) Fox Creek High School Athletic

Complex $ 500,000;


(mm) Bettis Academy Preparatory

School Renovation

and Construction $ 1,200,000;

(nn) Hampton County - Purchase

property adjacent to Southern

Carolina Industrial Park $ 3,137,931;

(oo) Batesburg-Leesville Industrial

Park - Site

Preparation for Parcel #1 $ 1,250,000;

(pp) Saxe Gotha Industrial Park -

Site Preparation

for Parcel #9 $ 2,500,000;

(qq) Chapin Business and Technology

Park at Brighton -

Site Preparation for

Parcel #10 $ 1,250,000;

(rr) Saxe Gotha Industrial Park -

Phase III Roadway and

Water Expansion $ 4,800,000;

(ss) Batesburg-Leesville Industrial

Park - Construction of Speculative

Building on Parcel #1 $ 2,100,000;

(tt) Orangeburg County - Western End

Industrial Speculative Building $ 4,000,000;

(uu) Orangeburg County -

Property Acquisition $ 500,000;

(vv) Orangeburg County -

Holly Hill Services

Center Renovation $ 1,000,000;

(ww) Orangeburg County - Hidden

Valley Road/

Essex Road Sewer $ 655,172;

***(xx) Piedmont Technical

College - Workforce

Development and

Career Training $ 1;

***(yy) County Transportation

Committees (excluding

primary counties) $ 1;

(72.1) Counties in which projects identified in item (72) are located must submit a written request for funds appropriated in the county to the Executive Budget Office. Funds in this item may be released to fund an eligible project at the direction of the Executive Budget Office, upon the Executive Budget Offices receipt of a written request from the receiving county. Prior to disbursal, the Executive Budget Office shall report each request for disbursement to the Joint Bond Review Committee and the legislative delegation representing the county.

(73) E160 State Treasurer

(a) Disaster Trust Fund $ 10,000,000;

(b) Digital Currency Literacy $ 500,000;

(74) E240 Adjutant General

(a) Armory Revitalization Funding $ 2,500,000;

(b) IT Network Migration License Fees $ 195,000;

(c) Olympia Armory Renovation $ 3,040,450;

(d) SCEMD Building Repairs $ 221,000;

(e) SCEMD Phased Replacement

of HVAC Units (Phase 3 of 3) $ 172,000;

(f) AmeriCorps - State Match $ 338,000;

(75) E260 Department of Veterans Affairs

(a) Military Affairs Expansion $ 8,000;

(b) Mobile Service Capability $ 1,283,380;

(c) Veteran Transition Homes $ 10,000,000;

(d) Military Enhancement Fund $ 10,000,000;

(76) R520 State Ethics Commission

Investigator IV $ 28,150;

(77) X220 Aid to Subdivisions - State


Council of Governments

Supplement Increase $ 1,000,000;

(78) H630 State Department of Education

**(a) Anderson 3 Consolidation

Relocation $ 500,000;

(b) Battery Creek Elementary

Roof Repair $ 1,310,000;

(c) Gallman Elementary School and

Community Center - Renovations

and Repair $ 500,000;

(d) Fairfield County Summer Nutrition

Program $ 6,000;

(e) Camp David Summer Academic

Enrichment $ 50,000;

**(f) Renovations of St. James

Learning Center in Marion $ 500,000;

(g) Artificial Intelligence Pilot

- Autoengineering Pathway $ 500,000;

(h) Christian Learning Center of

Greenville County $ 1,500,000;

(i) Palmetto Palace $ 250,000;

(j) Palmetto Project $ 250,000;

*(k) The Center for Education Equity $ 600,000;

**(l) Turbeville Library $ 750,000;

*(m) Berkley County Library - Goose

Creek $ 300,000;

**(n) John McKissick Field Upgrades $ 500,000;

(o) Boys State $ 25,000;

(p) Girls State $ 25,000;

*(q) Regional Education Centers $ 3,000,000;

(79) H030 Commission on Higher Education

University Center $ 885,000;

(80) H790 Department of Archives & History

(a) City of Gaffney Revolutionary War

Discovery Center - Federal Match $ 1,500,000;

(b) Laurens County Historic Courthouse

Renovation $ 1,000,000;

(c) Cherokee Historical Preservation

Society $ 400,000;

(d) Revolutionary War Discovery

Center $ 1,000,000;

(e) Ninety Six Historical Society $ 12,000;

(f) Pickens County Historical Society $ 50,000;

(g) Barber House - Historical Tourism $ 50,000;

(h) SC Historical Society $ 1,500,000;

(i) Lincoln Preservation Society $ 450,000;

(81) H910 Arts Commission

(a) Hartsville Center Theater $ 500,000;

(b) Theatre of the Republic $ 97,900;

(c) Gibbes Museum of Art $ 1,300,000;

(d) Southside Cultural Monument $ 300,000;

(e) Camden Colonial Arts $ 300,000;

(82) J020 Department of Health & Human


(a) Pregnancy Crisis Centers $ 2,400,000;

(b) Camp Happy Days $ 150,000;

(c) Beyond BASIC Lifeskills -

Intellectual Disability Assistance $ 100,000;

(d) Palmetto Foundation for Prevention

and Recovery - Youth

Intervention Program $ 250,000;

(e) Seahaven Home for Youth $ 50,000;

(f) Antioch Senior Center $ 300,000;

(g) James R. Clark Memorial Sickle

Cell Foundation $ 300,000;

(h) Fresh Start Transitional Project $ 75,000;

(i) Pleasant Valley Connection $ 25,000;

(j) Reedy Fork Center $ 100,000;

(k) Emma Wright Fuller Foundation

(Fuller Normal Institute) $ 250,000;

(l) St. Clare Maternity Home $ 200,000;

(m) Digital Literacy Project $ 500,000;

(n) FoodShare SC $ 200,000;

(o) Colorectal Cancer Prevention

Network $ 250,000;

(p) Sight Savers Child Vision

Screening $ 250,000;

(q) SC Cancer Alliance $ 500,000;

(r) Forrester Behavioral Health $ 2,000,000;

(s) Genesis Health Care, Inc. $ 1,500,000;

(t) Palmetto Mens Center - Hope Health $ 1,000,000;

****(u) Women in Unity $ 300,000;

**(v) The Hive Community Organization $ 150,000;

(w) Helping Hands $ 250,000;

**(x) Nicholtown Child and Family

Collaborative $ 25,000;

(y) Med Ex Academy $ 100,000;

(z) Barksdale Foundation Sickle

Cell Unit $ 500,000;

(aa) SC Cervical Cancer Awareness

Initiative $ 100,000;

(bb) Pregnancy Center and Clinic of the

Low Country $ 50,000;

(cc) Shoreline Behavioral Health $ 1,000,000;

(dd) Abbeville Co. DSS/DHHS $ 100,000;

(ee) Mobile Medical Units $ 190,000;

(ff) Community Health Workers

Association $ 1,000,000;

(gg) Dianne's Call $ 150,000;

(hh) Brain Injury Association $ 374,500;

(ii) Community Medicine Foundation $ 500,000;

(jj) Upstate Family Resource Center $ 900,000;

(kk) Connie Maxwell Children's

Ministries Healing Center $ 250,000;

(ll) Moncks Corner Mental Health

Gym $ 250,000;

(mm) Pathways Community Center

Fire Suppression $ 500,000;

(nn) Hope Center $ 50,000;

(oo) The Medi $ 50,000;

(pp) Project NOLA $ 250,000;

(qq) Medical Ministries $ 500,000;

**(rr) Marion County Long Term

Recovery Group $ 100,000;

(83) J040 Department of Health &

Environmental Control

(a) Aynor Stormwater Project $ 650,000;

(b) Harleyville Sewer Projects $ 350,000;

(c) Ridgeway Water Tower

Maintenance $ 100,000;

(d) Impact fees for water/sewer

construction $ 500,000;


(e) Orangeburg - DPU Water Study $ 10,000;

(f) York County York Upper and Lower

Reservoir Dam Remediation $ 200,000;

(g) York County Elevated Storage Tank $ 400,000;

(h) York Water Filtration Plant

Environmental Remediation $ 700,000;

(i) York County Fishing Creek Waste

Water Treatment Plant Upgrades $ 1,500,000;

(j) York County Water Line

Replacement $ 1,500,000;

(k) Catawba Wateree Water Supply

Master Plan $ 500,000;

(l) Chester Wastewater Connection

to Rock Hill $ 10,000,000;

(m) Windemere Basin Study and

Outfall Maintenance $ 1,500,000;

(n) Sumter County Utility

System Upgrades $ 3,700,000;

(o) James Island Watershed Restoration

- Pollution Mitigation $ 1,000,000;

(p) Nursing Program Expansion and

Retention $ 2,000,000;

(q) Wachesaw Outfall Project $ 1,200,000;

(r) Ocean Outfalls - Myrtle Beach $ 30,000,000;

(s) Ocean Outfalls - North Myrtle

Beach $ 10,000,000;

(t) Town of Honea Path - Chiquola

Mills Site Remediation $ 1,000,000;

(u) Clarendon County Abandonment

of Wells $ 82,500;

(v) SCBio $ 200,000;

(w) EMS Association Recruitment and

Retention $ 1,600,000;

(x) PFAS Remediation $ 10,000,000;

(y) New Morning Foundation $ 1,875,000;

(z) Conestee Dam Emergency

Mitigation $ 3,000,000;

(84) J120 Department of Mental Health

Pickens County Behavioral Health

Services $ 2,000,000;

(85) J160 Department of Disabilities &

Special Needs

(a) Unumb Center - Disabled Residential

and Occupational Center $ 5,000,000;

(b) Special Olympics $ 250,000;

(c) Best Buddies $ 300,000;

(86) J200 Department of Alcohol &

Other Drug Abuse Services

(a) Trinity Health Behavioral Care

Dillon County Facility $ 500,000;

(b) Trinity Behavioral Care Marlboro

County Facility $ 1,500,000;

(c) Clarendon Behavioral Health

Services $ 1,444,980;

(d) Alpha Center (Chesterfield 301) $ 1,750,000;

(87) L040 Department of Social Services

(a) The Courage Center $ 301,461;

(b) Real Champions Pilot Project $ 500,000;

(c) Richland County DSS $ 300,000;

(d) Florence Crittenton Home $ 500,000;

(88) L060 Department on Aging

(a) Oconee County Matching Funds

for Senior Center $ 7,000,000;

(b) Lee County Council on Aging -

Bishopville Senior

Center Renovations $ 150,000;

(c) Murdaugh Center Project -

Federal Match $ 400,000;

(d) Lee County Council on Aging $ 50,000;

(e) Orangeburg Senior Center $ 1,000,000;

(f) Darlington Council on Aging $ 250,000;

(89) L080 Department of Childrens Advocacy

(a) Lowcountry Orphan Relief

Midlands Expansion $ 75,000;

(b) Dickerson Children's

Advocacy Center $ 200,000;

(90) L320 Housing Finance & Development

Authority Statewide Housing Needs

Assessment Darla

Moore School of Business $ 100,000;

(91) P160 Department of Agriculture

(a) York County 4H Arena $ 500,000;

(b) Statewide Agriculture Museum $ 100,000;

(c) Foothills Agriculture Center Projects $ 650,000;

(d) South Carolina Ag in the Classroom $ 750,000;

**(92) P200 Clemson PSA

Economic Development -

Cultural Welcome Center $ 7,000,000;

(93) P280 Department of Parks,

Recreation & Tourism

**(a) Hunting Island $ 250,000;

(b) Hunting Island Lighthouse

Stair Repair $ 1,000,000;

(c) Palmetto Trail $ 2,000,000;

(d) Foothills Trail Maintenance $ 100,000;

(e) African American Tourism Institute $ 25,000;

(f) Summerville Miracle League -

ADA Compliant Field $ 180,000;

(g) Town of Summerville -

Maple Street

Extension Pedestrian Safety

Improvements $ 1,000,000;

(h) Historic Penn Center Restoration $ 900,000;

***(i) Dolly Cooper Park

Improvements $ 1;

(j) City of York City Park - Phase II $ 100,000;

(k) City of Campobello - Community

Center Project $ 200,000;

(l) Slater Hall $ 50,000;

(m) City of Newberry - Downtown

Beautification $ 75,000;

(n) Historic Mitchelville - Site

Preservation and

Development $ 1,200,000;

(o) Fairfield County Recreation Center $ 35,000;

(p) Abbeville County Small Town

Historical and Recreation $ 30,000;


(q) Anderson County Small Town

Historical and Recreation $ 50,000;

(r) City of Calhoun Falls - Recreational

Facility $ 44,000;

(s) City of Calhoun Falls - Baseball

Field Update $ 15,500;

(t) McCormick County - Nuisance

Buildings/Properties $ 300,000;

(u) Town of Lowndesville $ 5,000;

(v) Greenwood Recreation $ 10,000;

(w) City of Saluda $ 5,000;

(x) City of Ninety-Six $ 5,000;

(y) Town of Hodges $ 5,000;

(z) Town of Ware Shoals $ 5,000;

(aa) Town of Troy $ 5,000;

(bb) Town of McCormick $ 5,000;

***(cc) Carolina Cup Equipment and

Repairs $ 1;

(dd) Cherry Grove FFA Camp $ 50,000;

(ee) Tourism Congestion Improvements

- Hwy 90 $ 900,000;

(ff) City of Orangeburg - Civil Rights

Museum $ 250,000;

(gg) Orangeburg County - Lake Edisto

Park Boardwalk $ 500,000;

(hh) Orangeburg County - Homeless

Shelter Renovations $ 450,000;

(ii) Lower Richland Diamond Festival $ 30,000;

(jj) Statewide African American History

Tourism and Marketing $ 2,000,000;

*(kk) Westend Neighborhood Park

Construction $ 500,000;

(ll) Anson Burial Memorial Fund $ 100,000;

(mm) Butler Heritage Foundation -

Economic Development/

Community Investment $ 500,000;

(nn) City of Bishopville Recreation

Facilities $ 400,000;

(oo) Lake Paul Wallace Maintenance

and Revitalization $ 500,000;

**(pp) Enoree Community

Revitalization $ 100,000;

(qq) Hunters for the Hungry $ 100,000;

(rr) Colleton County Green Pond

Community Center $ 324,000;

(ss) Swan Lake Iris Gardens/

Shotpouch Greenway $ 350,000;

(tt) Town of Arcadia Lakes

Beautification $ 500,000;

(uu) City of Conway - Wetland Park

Boardwalk Trails and Gardens $ 250,000;

(vv) City of Conway - Riverwalk

Connection to Kingston Lake $ 750,000;

**(ww) Greeleyville Pavilion $ 15,000;

(xx) West Columbia - Riverfront Repair

and Expansion $ 5,000,000;

(yy) Riverbanks Zoo and Gardens $ 1,000,000;

(zz) Rosenwald School $ 500,000;

(aaa) Morris Island Lighthouse

Interior Repairs $ 400,000;

(bbb) American Landmark Middleton

Place Foundation -

Infrastructure Repairs $ 75,000;

(ccc) Dorchester Heritage Museum

- Capital Fund Drive $ 75,000;

(ddd) American Legion Post 170 $ 43,000;

(eee) PGA Championship $ 5,000,000;

(fff) Saluda Grade Rail Trail $ 5,000,000;

(ggg) Lancaster County Recreational

Facility $ 750,000;

(hhh) Friends of Harbison State Forest $ 250,000;

(iii) Finlay Park $ 1,000,000;

(jjj) Holocaust Council $ 1,000,000;

(kkk) Anne Frank Center $ 2,000,000;

(lll) Fort Howell Park Renovations $ 45,000;

(mmm) Outside Hilton Head

Foundation $ 125,000;

(nnn) Swamp Rabbit Trail $ 500,000;

(ooo) Isle of Palms Harbor Dredging $ 1,500,000;

(ppp) Medal of Honor Leadership and

Education Foundation $ 4,000,000;

(qqq) Green Crescent Trail Phase

II of II $ 800,000;

**(rrr) Socastee Park $ 5,000,000;

(sss) Manchester Trailways $ 25,000;

(ttt) Kings Mountain State Park $ 250,000;

**(uuu) Carolina Cup $ 500,000;

(vvv) Greenville Zoo $ 1,000,000;

(www) Spanish Moss Trail

Pedestrian Crossing $ 200,000;

(xxx) Lexington Greenway Extension $ 8,000,000;

(yyy) Surfside Pier $ 1,000,000;

(zzz) Magnolia Building Renovation $ 800,000;

(aaaa) Bobby Richardson Park $ 1,750,000;

(bbbb) Sumter County Trailhead and

Pedestrian Access $ 3,000,000;

(cccc) Patriot Hall Renovation $ 4,600,000;

(dddd) Patriot Park Expansion/

Miracle Park $ 5,000,000;

(eeee) Giving Hope Gardens $ 200,000;

**(ffff) Criterion Club of Dillon $ 125,000;

(gggg) Town of Lake View - Hilltop

Park $ 145,000;

(hhhh) City of Dillon Golf Course -

Maintenance Needs $ 1,100,000;

(iiii) Main Street Dillion - SC

Streetscape $ 1,250,000;

(jjjj) Coulter Academy $ 500,000;

(kkkk) Old Marlboro Community

Center - King Street $ 750,000;

(llll) Marlboro County

Recreation Facilities $ 2,000,000;

**(mmmm) Heyward House $ 500,000;

(nnnn) MI Bike Path $ 325,000;

(oooo) Revolutionary Park $ 30,000;

(pppp) City of Liberty Rec Center $ 50,000;

(qqqq) Pickens County YMCA $ 1,000,000;

(rrrr) SC Athletic Coaches Association -

North vs. South All Star Game $ 100,000;

(ssss) North Augusta Miracle Field $ 500,000;

(tttt) Springfield Multipurpose

Community &Rec Center $ 1,800,000;

*(uuuu) West Orangeburg Community

Center $ 2,000,000;

(vvvv) CR Neal Center $ 300,000;

(wwww) Trinity Education Community

and Conference Center $ 300,000;

(xxxx) St. Michael's Historic Slave

Cemetery $ 40,000;

(yyyy) Wassamassaw Recreational

Park $ 20,000;

(zzzz) Pineville/Eadytown

Community Park $ 30,000;

(aaaaa) Cross Community Center $ 30,000;

(bbbbb) YMCA Cane Bay $ 50,000;

**(ccccc) Antioch Multi-Purpose

Building $ 200,000;

(ddddd) Dorchester Heritage Center $ 500,000;

(eeeee) Manning Church Street Park

Development $ 699,500;

(fffff) St. Luke Community Basketball

Court Reno - Florence County $ 25,000;

(ggggg) Youth Center Renovations $ 250,000;

(hhhhh) Ridgeway Splashpad $ 50,000;

(iiiii) Sandy Run Walking Trail -

Calhoun County $ 100,000;

(jjjjj) Orangeburg - Whitaker

Park Upgrades $ 350,000;

(kkkkk) Calhoun County Recreational

Facility Upgrades and

Marketing $ 500,000;

(lllll) Penn Center - St. Helena Island $ 1,027,800;

**(mmmmm)Township Auditorium $ 100,000;

(nnnnn) Elmwood Park Cemetery $ 100,000;

(ooooo) YMCA of Columbia $ 150,000;

**(ppppp) State Museum $ 350,000;

(qqqqq) Columbia Urban League $ 500,000;

(rrrrr) City of Columbia Greenway $ 1,500,000;

(sssss) Williams Street Gateway

Infrastructure Project $ 9,000,000;

(ttttt) International African

American Museum $ 1,000,000;

(uuuuu) Seneca Event Center $ 10,000,000;

(vvvvv) Lake Warren State Park $ 1,000,000;

(wwwww) Darlington Raceway $ 500,000;

(xxxxx) Arts Center at Fountain Park $ 1,000,000;

(yyyyy) Southeastern Wildlife Expo $ 300,000;

**(zzzzz) Charleston Wine & Food Festival $ 300,000;

(aaaaaa) Spoleto Festival $ 500,000;

(bbbbbb) Explore Black Charleston/

Columbia $ 100,000;

(cccccc) Riverbanks Zoo $ 1,000,000;

(dddddd) SC Aquarium $ 8,000,000;

*(eeeeee) Office of Tourism Analysis $ 1,000,000;

(ffffff) Angel Oak Park & Preserve $ 3,000,000;

(gggggg) Dolly Cooper Park $ 500,000;

(hhhhhh) Festival on the Avenue $ 100,000;

(iiiiii) West End Neighborhood Park $ 1,050,000;

(jjjjjj) City of Sumter N. Main Corridor

Improvement $ 1,100,000;

(kkkkkk) South Sumter Park $ 2,500,000;

(llllll) Lee State Park $ 75,000;

(mmmmmm) Goodale State Park $ 175,000;

(nnnnnn) Anderson YMCA $ 300,000;

(oooooo) Fountain Inn Main

Street Enhancements $ 1,000,000;

(pppppp) Jones Mill Historic Site

and Park $ 1,600,000;

(qqqqqq) Sanctified Hill Park $ 2,500,000;

(rrrrrr) Lexington County Conference

Center $ 5,000,000;

(ssssss) Film Incentives $ 7,000,000;

(tttttt) Rembert Black Cowboy Festival $ 25,000;

(94) P320 Department of Commerce

(a) Spartanburg Downtown Development

Infrastructure $ 12,000,000;

(b) Charleston Digital Corridor $ 400,000;

(c) Stoney Neighborhood Community

Development Corporation $ 5,000,000;

(d) City of Columbia Railroad Project $ 20,000,000;

(e) Greater South Farrow Road


Development Foundation $ 100,000;

(f) SC Business Advancement Center $ 600,000;

(g) Florence County Industrial Park East $ 3,400,000;

(h) Scranton Industrial Park $ 1,100,000;

(i) Florence County Industrial Park

West $ 4,275,000;

**(j) Greenbrier Resources

Community Development Center $ 50,000;

(k) Town of Lamar Economic

Development $ 150,000;

(l) SC Rural Community and

Workforce Development $ 211,000;

(m) Palmetto Goodwill $ 500,000;

(95) K050 Department of Public Safety

(a) Marion County Sheriff's Office $ 300,000;

(b) Bamberg County Law Enforcement $ 250,000;

(c) Mental Health for Incarcerated

Individuals Pilot Program $ 373,000;

(d) Abbeville County Detention Center $ 225,000;

(e) Abbeville Sheriff's Office $ 279,657;

(f) Turn 90 $ 667,000;

(g) City of Sumter Emergency Services $ 1,700,000;

(h) Spartanburg Police Department $ 490,000;

(i) Bluffton Police Department $ 100,000;

(j) Beaufort County Crime Lab $ 400,000;

(k) SC Feral Hog Eradication

Partnership $ 750,000;

(l) Florence County Sheriff's Office $ 598,000;

(m) Lancaster County Sheriff's Office $ 350,000;

(n) Estill Community Center/Police

Facility $ 350,000;

(o) Tri-County Biological Lab $ 1,000,000;

(p) Youth Empowerment Services, Inc. $ 200,000;

(q) Lee Law Enforcement & Coroners $ 250,000;

(r) Georgetown County Sheriff's Office $ 1,000,000;

(96) R360 Department of Labor, Licensing

& Regulation

(a) Slater Marietta Fire Department $ 250,000;

(b) Fairfield County Fire Service

Firefighter Air Packs $ 400,000;

(c) Town of Patrick Fire Department

Equipment $ 250,000;

(d) City of Marion Fire Department $ 95,000;

(e) Lexington County Fire Service $ 1,000,000;

(f) Western York County Fire

Department $ 250,000;

(g) Fort Lawn Fire Department -

Gallo Winery $ 2,000,000;

(h) Boiling Springs Fire District $ 1,600,000;

(i) Piedmont Fire Department $ 200,000;

(j) V-SAFE $ 3,000,000;

(k) Anderson County Fire Service $ 150,000;

(97) U120 Department of Transportation

(a) City of York Lincoln Road

Sidewalk Installation $ 400,000;

(b) Hampton County - Exit 38 Public

Safety Upgrades $ 200,000;

(c) City of Easley - Congestion

Mitigation $ 500,000;

(d) Left Lane Drivers Signage $ 50,000;

(98) U300 Division of Aeronautics

Hilton Head Island Airport Expansion $ 12,000,000;

(99) Y140 State Ports Authority

Port Royal Sound $ 100,000;

(100) E260 Department of Veterans Affairs

Military Museum $ 8,000,000;

(101) N120 Department of Juvenile Justice

PACE Center for Girls $ 500,000;

(102) X220 Aid to Subdivisions -

State Treasurer

(a) City of Florence Economic

Development $ 2,750,000;

(b) West Main Street Strategic

Growth Corridor $ 4,500,000;

(c) City of Marion $ 90,000;

(d) City of Mullins $ 75,000;

*(e) Saluda County $ 364,000;

(f) Goose Creek Crosswalks $ 35,000;

(g) City of Goose Creek $ 2,500,000;

(h) Greater Waverly Foundation $ 200,000;

(i) Town of Blythewood $ 500,000;

(j) Aynor Town Park Improvements $ 350,000;

(k) St. Stephen Town Hall $ 40,000;

(l) Tri-City Community Center $ 50,000;

(m) Town Resource Center - Phase II $ 50,000;

(n) Charleston Animal Society $ 500,000;

(o) Project Street Outreach $ 50,000;

(p) Wadmalaw Island Community

Center $ 500,000;

(q) Calhoun County Beautification -

Calhoun County $ 35,000;

(r) John Ford Community Center -

Calhoun County $ 76,295;

(s) St. Matthews Railroad

Beautification - Calhoun County $ 95,000;

(t) Town of Timmonsville $ 300,000;

(u) City of Darlington $ 300,000;

(v) CORESC $ 1,000,000;

(w) Lee County Community

Wellness Center $ 750,000;

*(x) Community Vision of Hope $ 100,000;

(y) Tri-City Visionaries $ 150,000;

(z) Juveniles Upholding Morals

and Principles of Society $ 50,000;

(aa) Town of Winnsboro - Main Street

Revitalization $ 500,000;

(bb) North Charleston SC Youth $ 50,000;

(cc) Digital Access $ 250,000;

(dd) City of Georgetown $ 500,000;

(103) D500 Department of Administration

(a) Leadership South Carolina $ 250,000;

(b) Marion County Animal Shelter

Infrastructure costs $ 500,000.

(C) Unexpended funds appropriated pursuant to this provision may be carried forward to succeeding fiscal years and expended for the same purposes.

(D) For purposes of item (B)(78) and all items thereafter, funds shall not be disbursed until verification that receivers organization is registered as a business, nonprofit, or charitable organization with the South Carolina Secretary of States office.

118.20. DELETED

118.21. (SR: Excess Funds for State Health Plan) In Fiscal Year 2022-23, from unallocated American Rescue Plan Act funds, there is hereby appropriated to the State Health Plan a sufficient amount, not to exceed $200 million, as necessary to ensure the uninterrupted payment of claims, if there are not sufficient funds available from its own reserves to pay such claims.




All acts or parts of acts inconsistent with any of the provisions of Part IA or Part IB of this act are suspended for Fiscal Year 2022-23.

If any part, section, subsection, paragraph, subparagraph, sentence, clause, phrase, or word of this act is for any reason held to be unconstitutional or invalid, such holding shall not affect the constitutionality or validity of the remaining portions of this act, the General Assembly hereby declaring that it would have passed this act, and each and every part, section, subsection, paragraph, subparagraph, sentence, clause, phrase, and word thereof, irrespective of the fact that any one or more other parts, sections, subsections, paragraphs, subparagraphs, sentences, clauses, phrases, or words hereof may be declared to be unconstitutional, invalid, or otherwise ineffective.

Except as otherwise specifically provided, this act takes effect July 1, 2022.



Ratified the day 16th of June 2022




Text printed in italic, boldface indicates sections vetoed by the Govenor on June 22, 2022.


*Indicates those vetoes sustained by the General Assembly on June 28, 2022.


**Indicates those vetoes overridden by the General Assembly on June 28, 2022.


***Indicates those vetoes continued by the House on June 28, 2022.


****Indicates those vetoes carried over by the Senate on June 28, 2022.

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