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2012-2013 As passed by the House



     49.1.   (DPS: Special Events Traffic Control)  The highway patrol must not charge any fee associated with special events for maintaining traffic control and ensuring safety on South Carolina public roads and highways unless approved by the General Assembly.  Nothing shall prohibit the Treasury of the State from accepting voluntary payment of fees from private or public entities to defray the actual expenses incurred for services provided by the Department of Public Safety.

     49.2.   (DPS: Retention of Private Detective Fees)  The Department of Public Safety is hereby authorized to receive, expend, retain, and carry forward all funds transmitted from SLED related to fees charged and collected by SLED from license and registration fees for private detective businesses, private security businesses, including employees of these businesses, and companies which provide private security on their own premises.  The funds transferred are to be used in the Bureau of Protective Services Program to provide security for state agencies and the Capitol Complex.

     49.3.   (DPS: Motor Carrier Advisory Committee)  From the funds appropriated and/or authorized to the Department of Public Safety and the Department of Motor Vehicles, the departments are directed to jointly establish a Motor Carrier Advisory Committee to solicit input from the Trucking Industry and other interested parties in developing policies and procedures for the regulation of this industry.  The members of the advisory committee shall serve without compensation.

     49.4.   (DPS: Sale of Real Property)  At such time as any portion of the Laurens Road property in Greenville is declared to be surplus by the agency or agencies which occupy said portion, and after receiving approval from the Budget and Control Board for the sale of the property, the Department of Public Safety, the Department of Transportation, and the Department of Motor Vehicles are authorized to receive, retain, expend, and carry forward funds derived from the sale of the real property in which each agency holds an interest or title.  No portion of the property may be declared as surplus by one agency if another agency is occupying said property.  The Department of Public Safety is directed to use these funds to defray the operating expenses of the Highway Patrol and the Department of Transportation and the Department of Motor Vehicles are directed to use their portion of these funds for department operating expenses.

     49.5.   (DPS: CMV Driver Rest Areas)  A joint working group is to be established between the Department of Transportation, Department of Public Safety, State Transport Police and the South Carolina Trucking Association to review and evaluate where critical rest areas may be made available for commercial motor vehicle drivers to park and obtain their federally mandated required rest.

     49.6.   (DPS: SC Law Enforcement Officers Hall of Fame Scholarships)  The Department of Public Safety is hereby authorized to accept donations from the public in order to provide scholarships to the children of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.  The South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers Hall of Fame Advisory Committee is authorized to set the criteria for awarding such scholarships.  All revenue received for this purpose shall be used to provide scholarships and shall be retained, carried forward, and expended for the same purpose.

     49.7.   (DPS: Retention of DMV Cash Transfer)  The Department of Public Safety is hereby authorized to retain, expend, and carry forward funds transmitted by the Department of Motor Vehicles without any specific restrictions for the utilization of these funds pursuant to Proviso 90.20 (SR: DMV Cash Transfer) of Act 23 of 2009.






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