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2018-2019 Senate Finance



104.1. (SFAA: Procurement of Art Objects) Before any governmental body, with the exception of the South Carolina Museum Commission, the Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum Commission, and the South Carolina Hunley Commission as defined under the South Carolina Consolidated Procurement Code, procures any art objects such as paintings, antiques, sculptures, or similar objects above $1,000, the head of the Purchasing Agency shall prepare a written determination specifying the need for such objects and benefits to the State. The South Carolina Arts Commission shall review such determination for approval prior to any acquisition.

104.2. (SFAA: Lawsuit Funding) The Executive Director shall pay from the Insurance Reserve Fund the defense costs of the State, which are incurred in the current fiscal year, in the Abbeville school funding litigation and the prisoner mental health care litigation. The appropriate official from the House of Representatives and the Senate must certify to the Executive Director on a monthly basis the costs incurred in defense of this litigation. Upon receipt of the certification, the Executive Director shall pay the provider of these services the amount certified.

104.3. (SFAA: Public Procurement Unit) For purposes of participation in the Minnesota Multi State Contracting Alliance for Pharmacy (MMCAP), a private, nonprofit corporation that provides only free medical care may be allowed to participate as a local public procurement unit in the MMCAP cooperative purchase. The participation of nonprofit corporations in the program is contingent upon approval of the Minnesota Multi-State Contracting Alliance for Pharmacy. Participating nonprofit corporations must comply with all applicable federal laws or regulations for participation in the MMCAP cooperative purchase. The state shall not be liable for any action or inaction of such a nonprofit corporation.

104.4. (SFAA: Insurance Coverage for Aging Entity Authorized) The State Fiscal Accountability Authority, through the Insurance Reserve Fund, for Fiscal Year 2017-18 2018-19, is also authorized to offer insurance coverage to an aging entity and its employees serving clients countywide which previously obtained its tort liability insurance coverage through the board. The Insurance Reserve Fund and the State of South Carolina shall not be liable to any person or entity, including an insured, for any insufficiencies of coverage provided hereunder.

104.5. (SFAA: IRF Report) The State Fiscal Accountability Authority shall prepare a report on prior fiscal year utilization of the Insurance Reserve Fund to include for each transaction the amount, the recipient of the funds, the date of the transfer or payment, and the action or reason that necessitated the transfer. The report shall be submitted to the President Pro Tempore of the Senate, the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, the Speaker of the House of Representatives, and the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee by October fifteenth, of the current fiscal year.

104.6. (SFAA: Second Injury Fund Closure Plan) The State Fiscal Accountability Authority is authorized and empowered to take all necessary actions to administer the closure plan for the Second Injury Fund, as adopted pursuant to Section 42-7-320(A) of the 1976 Code, as amended, and to use the separate and distinct trust and administrative accounts established for this purpose.

104.7. (SFAA: IT Planning Transfer) The State Fiscal Accountability Authority shall transfer $400,000 from revenue generated from contract administration fees on information technology contracts to the Department of Administration to support the states information technology planning program.

104.8. (SFAA: Attorneys) For the current fiscal year, during the transition of the Insurance Reserve Fund from the Budget and Control Board to the State Fiscal Accountability Authority, the Insurance Reserve Fund shall continue to approve the attorneys-at-law retained to defend those it insures. In addition, the authority of the former Budget and Control Board under Section 1-7-170(A) is devolved upon the State Fiscal Accountability Authority.

104.9. (SFAA: Compensation - Agency Head Salary) In the event of an agency head or technical college president vacancy, the governing board of the agency or the Governor, or the appointing authority of a technical college president, must have the prior favorable recommendation of the Agency Head Salary Commission to set, discuss, offer, or pay a salary for the agency head or technical college president at a rate that exceeds the minimum of the range established by the Agency Head Salary Commission. No agency head or technical college president shall be paid a salary higher than that recommended by the commission. Boards and commissions, or the Governor if he is the appointing authority, of newly created agencies or technical colleges shall not offer or pay a salary to a prospective agency head until a salary range has been established and the salary approved by the Agency Head Salary Commission. The funding of the salaries of any agency head or technical college president should come from resources within the agency. The State Fiscal Accountability Authority shall contract every four years for a study of agency head and technical college president compensation. The cost of the study must be shared by the participating agencies. The staff of the State Fiscal Accountability Authority shall serve as the support staff to the Agency Head Salary Commission. Limited only by the maximum of the respective salary range, the General Assembly authorizes the respective appointing authority for an agency head or technical college president to provide salary increases for an agency head or technical college president not to exceed that recommended by the Agency Head Salary Commission. No agency head or technical college president shall be paid less than the minimum

of the pay range nor receive an increase that would have the effect of raising the salary above the maximum of the pay range.

104.10. (SFAA: Continuation of Authority) The respective divisions of the State Fiscal Accountability Authority are authorized to provide to and receive from other governmental entities, including other divisions and state and local agencies and departments, goods and services, as will in its opinion promote efficient and economical operations. The divisions may charge and pay the entities for the goods and services, the revenue from which shall be deposited in the state treasury in a special account and expended only for the costs of providing the goods and services, and such funds may be retained and expended for the same purposes.


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