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** Indicates those vetoes overridden by the General Assembly.

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2018-2019 Appropriation Act



47.1. (DNRNext: Publications Revenue) For the current fiscal year all revenue generated from the sale of the South Carolina Wildlife magazine, its by-products and other publications, shall be retained by the department and used to support the production of same in order for the magazine to be self-sustaining. In addition, the department is authorized to sell advertising in the magazine and to increase the magazines subscription rate, if necessary, to be self-sustaining. No general funds may be used for the operation and support of the South Carolina Wildlife magazine.

47.2. (PreviousDNRNext: Casual Sales Tax Collection) The Department of Natural Resources shall continue to collect the casual sales tax as contained in the contractual agreement between the Department of Revenue and the Department of Natural Resources and the State Treasurer is authorized to reimburse the department on a quarterly basis for the actual cost of collecting the casual sales tax and such reimbursement shall be paid from revenues generated by the casual sales tax.

47.3. (PreviousDNRNext: Proportionate Funding) Each of South Carolinas forty-six soil and water conservation districts shall receive a proportionate share of funding set aside for Aid to Conservation Districts at $15,000 per district for general assistance to the districts program. Available funding above $15,000 for each district will be apportioned by the Department of Natural Resources based upon local needs and priorities as determined by the board. During the fiscal year, the districts funding may only be reduced in an amount not to exceed the percentage of each agency budget reduction. No district shall receive any funds under this provision unless the county or counties wherein the district is located shall have appropriated no less than three hundred dollars to the district from county funds for the same purposes.

47.4. (PreviousDNRNext: Carry Forward - Contract for Goods & Services) If any funds accumulated by the Department of Natural Resources Geology Program, under contract for the provision of goods and services not covered by the departments appropriated funds, are not expended during the preceding fiscal years, such funds may be carried forward and expended for the costs associated with the provision of such goods and services.

47.5. (PreviousDNRNext: Revenue Carry Forward) The department may collect, expend, and carry forward revenues derived from the sale of goods and services in order to support aerial photography, map services, climatology data, and geological services. The department shall annually report to the Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee the amount of revenue generated from the sale of these goods and services.

47.6. (PreviousDNRNext: Clothing Allowance) The Department of Natural Resources is hereby authorized to provide Natural Resource Enforcement Officers on special assignment with an annual clothing allowance (on a prorata basis) not to exceed $600 per officer for required clothing used in the line of duty.

47.7. (PreviousDNRNext: Commissioned Officers Physicals) The department is authorized to pay for the cost of physical examinations for department personnel who are required to receive such physical examinations prior to receiving a law enforcement commission.

47.8. (PreviousDNRNext: Cormorant Control) The Department of Natural Resources shall continue to coordinate a public Cormorant control program with the US Fish and Wildlife Service for Lake Marion and Moultrie. The department shall try to coordinate with the Army Corp of Engineers, Santee Cooper, and the USFWS to include waters above and below each spillway, Wildlife Management Areas, and national refuges. The department shall assess the need to expand the program to other public waters and implement a plan if warranted. If the USFWS allows

continuation of the control program, the department shall establish an online method of permitting.

47.9. (PreviousDNRNext: Web Services and Technology Development) The department may carry forward any unexpended general fund balance remaining on the Other Operating Expenses line, identified in the Web Services and Technology Development program of the department appropriations from Part IA in this Act. Balances carried forward from the prior fiscal year are only authorized to be expended to support technology operating expenses within the department.

47.10. (PreviousDNRNext: Predator Control Program) Of the funds authorized and appropriated in this Act, the Department of Natural Resources is directed to develop and implement a coyote tagging and reward program within this state. They must tag and release four coyotes in each of the four game zones and apply a reward of a complimentary lifetime hunting license per tagged coyote to the hunter/trapper, or his designee.



47.11. (PreviousDNR: Triploid Grass Carp) For the current fiscal year, no water recreation funds or any other funding source may be used to fund the stocking of triploid grass carp on Lake Marion and Lake Moultrie.

47.12. DELETED


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