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Part 1B section 28 H91-ARTS COMMISSION
2013-2014 Appropriation Act



    28.1.   (ARTS: Professional Artists Contract)  Where practicable, all professional artists employed by the PreviousArts CommissionNext in the fields of music, theater, dance, literature, musical arts, craft, media arts and environmental arts shall be hired on a contractual basis as independent contractors.  Where such a contractual arrangement is not feasible employees in these fields may be unclassified, however, the approval of their salaries shall be in accord with the provisions of Section 8-11-35 of the 1976 Code.

    28.2.   (ARTS: Special Revolving Account)  Any income derived from PreviousArts CommissionNext sponsored arts events or by gift, contributions, or bequest now in possession of the PreviousArts CommissionNext including any federal or other funds balance remaining at the end of the prior fiscal year, shall be retained by the commission and placed in a special revolving account for the commission to use solely for the purpose of supporting the programs provided herein.  Any such funds shall be subject to the review procedures as set forth in Act 651 of 1978.

    28.3.   (ARTS: Partial Indirect Cost Waiver)  The commission is allowed to apply a fifteen percent indirect cost rate for continuing federal grants for which they must compete.  The commission shall apply the full approved negotiated rate to the Basic State Grant and any new grants received by the commission.

    28.4.   (ARTS: Grants)  The PreviousArts CommissionNext must expend seventy percent of appropriated state funds on grants to support the statewide improvement of learning and enrichment opportunities for children and communities through educational and cultural programs with proven research based strategies.

    28.5.   (ARTS: Distribution to Subdivisions)  Of the funds appropriated and/or authorized to the PreviousArts Commission for Distribution to Subdivisions, the following amounts shall be distributed in the same manner as the funds were distributed in the prior fiscal year:  $11,420 for Alloc Mun-Restricted; $3,381 for Alloc Cnty-Restricted; $78,376 for Alloc School Dist; $12,336 for Alloc Other State Agencies; $429,845 for Alloc-Private Sector; $29,494 for Alloc - Private Sector; $31,581 for Aid Mun-Restricted; $15,485 for Aid Cnty-Restricted; $358,344 for Aid School Districts; $205,138 for Aid Other State Agencies; $794,598 for Aid To Private Sector; and $3,168 for Aid To Private Sector-Reportable.





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