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Session 102 (1977-1978) 

H*2385(Rat #0266, Act #0163 of 1977)  General Bill, By N.A. Theodore, 
R.K. Anderson, W.D. Arthur, J.N. Ashe, H.L. Barksdale, T.B. Barrineau, 
J.D. Bradley, J.B. Brandt, J.E. Bryant, A.H. Buchan, R.H. Burnside, 
T.M. Burriss, M.J. Busbee, B. Campbell, R.L. Carter, W.R. Clyburn, R.L. Cobb, 
M.J. Cooper, W.R. Crow, C.M. Dangerfield, M.R. Daniel, W.G. DesChamps, 
S.K. Dreyfus, G.W. Dukes, M.L. Eargle, P. Evatt, J.G. Felder, H.F. Floyd, 
J.G. Floyd, S.N. Gasque, P. Gelegotis, B.J. Gordon, H.C. Granger, J.W. Graves, 
G.W. Gregory, C.L. Griffin, P.B. Harris, Harvin, J.C. Hearn, R.L. Helmly, 
L.I. Hendricks, C.E. Hodges, S.H. Howard, B.E. Huff, T.L. Hughston, 
I.S. Johnson, D.W. Keller, H.H. Keyserling, J.R. Klapman, R.A. Kohn, 
S.P. Manning, Matthews, J.G. McAbee, D.F. McInnis, P.B. McLeod, W. McLeod, 
T.W. Mitchell, J.R. Murray, M.E. Nunnery, Patterson, J.C. Pracht, I.K. Rudnick, 
J.M. Scott, J.H. Smith, W.C. Stanley, N.W. Stevenson, E.C. Stoddard, 
H.E. Taylor, J.H. Toal, Washington and R.R. Woods

Similar(S 177) A BILL ESTAB SC EDUCATION FINANCE PROGRAM PROV ALLOCATION ST FUNDS TO SCH DISTRICTS ACCORD PROCEDURES PRES IN PROGRAM & PROV LOCAL DIST CONTRI REPEAL SEC 21-257 & 21-258 RE MONTHLY DISTR STATE AID & SALARY SCHEDULE FOR TEACHERS.-AST 02/02/77 House Introduced and read first time HJ-323 02/02/77 House Referred to Committee on Education and Public Works HJ-324 03/10/77 House Committee report: Majority favorable with amend., minority unfavorable Education and Public Works HJ-865 03/30/77 House Amended HJ-1261 03/30/77 House Read second time HJ-1279 03/31/77 House Read third time and sent to Senate HJ-1302 04/05/77 Senate Introduced and read first time SJ-12 04/05/77 Senate Referred to Committee on Education SJ-12 04/26/77 Senate Committee report: Majority favorable with amend., minority unfavorable Education SJ-7 05/03/77 Senate Committed to Committee on Finance SJ-16 05/05/77 Senate Committee report: Majority favorable, minority unfavorable Finance SJ-24 05/12/77 Senate Amended SJ-19 05/12/77 Senate Read second time SJ-20 05/12/77 Senate Ordered to third reading with notice of amendments SJ-20 05/17/77 Senate Amended SJ-14 05/17/77 Senate Debate interrupted SJ-16 05/18/77 Senate Amended SJ-9 05/18/77 Senate Debate interrupted SJ-33 05/19/77 Senate Amended SJ-14 05/19/77 Senate READ THIRD TIME SJ-15 05/19/77 Senate Roll call YEAS 42 NAYS 4 SJ-15 05/19/77 Senate Returned SJ-15 05/20/77 House Debate adjourned HJ-2433 05/31/77 House Concurred in Senate amendment and enrolled HJ-2733 06/07/77 House Ratified R 266 HJ-3012 06/10/77 Signed By Governor 06/10/77 Effective date 7/2/78 06/10/77 Act No. 163 06/29/77 Copies available

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