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H 2249
Session 103 (1979-1980)

H 2249 General Bill, By H.H. Keyserling and J.H. Toal
 A Bill to amend Sections 16-23-50, as amended, and 23-31-190, Code of Laws of
 South Carolina, 1976, relating to the unlawful purchase and carrying of a
 pistol, so as to increase the penalties; and to amend Section 23-31-140 of the
 1976 Code, relating to application prior to the retail purchase of a pistol,
 so as to provide for a waiting period of seven days from the date of
 application before delivery to the purchaser.
   01/17/79  House  Introduced and read first time HJ-174
   01/17/79  House  Referred to Committee on Judiciary HJ-175
   01/30/79  House  Committee report: Majority favorable with amend.,
                     minority unfavorable Judiciary HJ-329
   01/31/79  House  Retaining place on calendar recommitted to
                     Committee on Judiciary HJ-375

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