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Session 103 (1979-1980)

H*2321(Rat #0249, Act #0167 of 1979)  General Bill, By J.H. Toal, W.S. Anderson, 
W.D. Arthur, D.M. Beasley, J.B. Brandt, D.M. Bruce, T.M. Burriss, C.M. Cain, 
B. Campbell, W.P. Cantrell, C.D. Chamblee, R.L. Cobb, M.J. Cooper, V.L. Crocker, 
W.R. Crow, M.R. Daniel, J.C. Duncan, P. Evatt, P. Freeman, J.W. Goggins, 
C.L. Griffin, M.S. Gulledge, A. Hardy, P.B. Harris, Harvin, J.C. Hearn, 
L.I. Hendricks, S.H. Howard, H.H. Keyserling, W.R. Kinard, Kirsh, S.P. Manning, 
J.G. McAbee, R.L. McFadden, R.N. McLellan, E.M. Middleton, T.W. Mitchell, 
J. Murray, M.E. Nunnery, Phillips, J.M. Rucker, Sheheen and R.R. Woods

Similar(S 181, H 2168, H 2390) A Bill to amend the Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, by adding Section 58-3-145 so as to provide that a Circuit Court Judge shall preside at certain rate hearings of the Public Service Commission; to amend Section 58-3-20, relating to the Public Service Commission, so as to provide for the composition of the Public Service Commission, election of members by the General Assembly nominated by a Merit Serit Selection Panel and to establish a transition schedule for such election; to amend the 1976 Code by adding Sections 58-3-21, 58-3-22, 58-3-23 and 58-3-24 so as to provide for the creation of the South Carolina Public Service Merit Selection Panel and the election and appointment of the members thereof; to provide for merit selection nomination of candidates for General Assembly election of the members of the Public Service Commission and the procedures therefor; to prohibit election to the Commission of persons related to panel members or who are members of the General Assembly or have served as members thereof in the four year period to nomination as Commission members; to prohibit members of the General Assembly or members of their law firms from appearing before the Commission and rate hearings; and to amend Section 58-3-40, relating to the Chairman of the Commission so as to provide that he shall be elected for two years.-at 01/24/79 House Introduced and read first time HJ-283 01/24/79 House Referred to Committee on Judiciary HJ-283 03/01/79 House Committee report: Majority favorable with amend., minority unfavorable Judiciary HJ-745 04/04/79 House Debate interrupted HJ-1190 04/05/79 House Debate interrupted HJ-1274 04/06/79 House Debate interrupted HJ-1308 05/01/79 House Debate interrupted 05/02/79 House Amended HJ-1819 05/02/79 House Debate interrupted HJ-1861 05/03/79 House Debate interrupted HJ-1884 05/08/79 House Amended HJ-1911 05/08/79 House Debate interrupted HJ-1924 05/09/79 House Debate interrupted HJ-1933 05/10/79 House Debate interrupted HJ-1955 05/15/79 House Debate interrupted HJ-2010 05/16/79 House Debate interrupted HJ-2075 05/17/79 House Amended HJ-2159 05/17/79 House Debate interrupted HJ-2165 05/18/79 House Amended HJ-2194 05/18/79 House Read second time HJ-2207 05/22/79 House Read third time and sent to Senate HJ-2217 05/22/79 Senate Introduced and read first time SJ-7 05/22/79 Senate Referred to Committee on Judiciary SJ-7 06/12/79 Senate Committee report: Majority favorable with amend., minority unfavorable Judiciary SJ-12 06/19/79 Senate Debate interrupted SJ-30 06/20/79 Senate Debate interrupted SJ-26 06/21/79 Senate Debate interrupted SJ-25 06/26/79 Senate Debate interrupted SJ-25 06/27/79 Senate Debate interrupted SJ-9 06/28/79 Senate Amended SJ-45 06/28/79 Senate Read second time SJ-45 06/28/79 Senate Ordered to third reading with notice of amendments SJ-45 07/02/79 Senate Amended SJ-13 07/02/79 Senate Debate interrupted SJ-13 07/03/79 Senate Amended SJ-21 07/03/79 Senate Debate interrupted SJ-40 07/10/79 Senate Amended SJ-21 07/10/79 Senate READ THIRD TIME SJ-21 07/10/79 Senate Returned SJ-21 07/11/79 House Debate adjourned HJ-3006 07/12/79 House Concurred in Senate amendment and enrolled HJ-3030 07/17/79 House Ratified R 249 HJ-3076 07/18/79 Signed By Governor 07/18/79 Effective date 07/01/79 07/18/79 Act No. 167 07/24/79 Copies available

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