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H 4043
Session 103 (1979-1980)

H 4043 Resolution, By S.P. Manning, R.L. Altman, H.L. Barksdale, L. Blanding, 
R.L. Carter, C.D. Chamblee, V.L. Crocker, J.C. Duncan, L.E. Gentry, B.J. Gordon, 
J.V. Gregory, C.L. Griffin, M.S. Gulledge, B.F. Hornsby, H.H. Keyserling, 
W.R. Lee, T.W. Mitchell, J. Murray, J.C. Pracht, R.L. Rigdon, N.C. Russell, 
E.W. Simpson, J.J. Snow, J.H. Toal, W.O. Venters, Washington and R.R. Woods
 A House Resolution requesting the President of the United States and the
 Congress of the United States not to purchase the Allied General Nuclear
 Services Plant in South Carolina for the purpose of storing nuclear waste for
 the United States and certain other countries of the world but instead
 expressing the hope that such storage facility can be purchased by the
 utilities in South Carolina to store only their own nuclear spent fuel rods.
   06/03/80  House  Introduced HJ-3438
   06/03/80  House  Referred to Committee on Judiciary HJ-3439

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