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H 3739
Session 102 (1977-1978) 

H 3739 Joint Resolution, By W.D. Arthur, R.K. Anderson, W.S. Anderson, 
J.M. Arthur, J.N. Ashe, L.E. Bennett, E.S. Blease, J.B. Brandt, D.M. Bruce, 
A.H. Buchan, G.E. Byrd, R.L. Carter, C.D. Chamblee, W.R. Clyburn, R.L. Cobb, 
C.L. Collins, W.R. Crow, W.G. DesChamps, M.L. Eargle, P. Evatt, J.G. Felder, 
H.F. Floyd, J.G. Floyd, P. Freeman, J.P. Gardner, J.W. Goggins, B.J. Gordon, 
H.C. Granger, J.W. Graves, M.S. Gulledge, P.B. Harris, J.B. Harvey, Harvin, 
J.C. Hearn, R.L. Helmly, B.L. Hendricks, C.T. Hinson, C.E. Hodges, D.N. Holt, 
B.F. Hornsby, S.H. Howard, I.S. Johnson, H.L. Jolly, H.H. Keyserling, 
J.E. Kinard, J.R. Klapman, Koon, T.J. Lister, Matthews, J.G. McAbee, 
R.L. McFadden, M.D. McGowan, D.F. McInnis, W. McLeod, J.B. Meyers, 
E.M. Middleton, J.R. Murray, M.E. Nunnery, J.C. Pracht, A.V. Rawl, I.K. Rudnick, 
C.T. Sandifer, L.M. Sauls, R. Schwartz, J.M. Scott, Sheheen, K.W. Shelley, 
E.W. Simpson, J.H. Smith, J.J. Snow, N.W. Stevenson, E.C. Stoddard, H.E. Taylor, 
N.A. Theodore, W. Tison, W.O. Venters, Washington, G. Wilson and J.J. Young

Similar(S 849) A JR PROV NO INS RATE INC BE APP UNTIL ST INS COMM ANALYZED EFF OF MERIT RATING PLAN BECAME EFF JULY 1977 & ANY INS LEGIS PASSED 1978 & HAS SUBMITTED WRITTEN FIND TO COMMITTEES & SUSPEND SEC 38-43-640 RE REVIEW OF INS RATE FILINGS FOR LIKE TIME.-ST 03/07/78 House Introduced and read first time HJ-1108 03/07/78 House Referred to Committee on Labor, Commerce and Industry HJ-1109

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