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H 2675
Session 103 (1979-1980) 

H 2675 General Bill, By W.S. Anderson, J.M. Arthur, J.N. Ashe, H.L. Barksdale, 
D.M. Beasley, P.T. Bradley, L.H. Brinker, D.M. Bruce, T.M. Burriss, M.J. Cooper, 
C.M. Dangerfield, M.R. Daniel, G.W. Dukes, J.C. Duncan, M.L. Eargle, P. Evatt, 
J.G. Felder, P. Freeman, J.P. Gardner, B.J. Gordon, H.C. Granger, A. Hardy, 
P.B. Harris, Harvin, B.H. Harwell, D.O. Hawkins, J.C. Hearn, C.T. Hinson, 
S.H. Howard, B.E. Huff, T.E. Huff, T.L. Hughston, H.H. Keyserling, W.R. Kinard, 
Kirsh, J.R. Klapman, Matthews, D.M. McEachin, D.F. McInnis, E.M. Middleton, 
Phillips, L. Phillips, J.L. Rampey, J.A. Reynolds, R.L. Rigdon, N.C. Russell, 
C.T. Sandifer, R. Schwartz, J.H. Smith, J.H. Toal, W.O. Venters, Washington and 
J.T. Wood
 A Bill to provide that before an elected public official shall be eligible to
 file as a candidate for election to another elective public office, he shall
 first be required to resign his current office if his election to the new
 office would necessitate the holding of a special election to fill the vacancy
 created in his current office.
   03/20/79  House  Introduced and read first time HJ-919
   03/20/79  House  Referred to Committee on Judiciary HJ-919
   05/30/79  House  Committee report: Favorable Judiciary HJ-2308
   05/31/79  House  Read second time HJ-2368
   06/05/79  House  Read third time and sent to Senate HJ-2392
   06/05/79  Senate Introduced and read first time SJ-6
   06/05/79  Senate Referred to Committee on Judiciary SJ-6

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