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Session 103 (1979-1980) 

H*2802 Concurrent Resolution, By R.R. Woods, R.K. Anderson, W.S. Anderson, 
W.D. Arthur, H.L. Barksdale, L. Blanding, J.B. Brandt, L.H. Brinker, 
W.P. Cantrell, M.J. Cooper, W.R. Crow, M.R. Daniel, G.W. Dukes, J.C. Duncan, 
J.W. Goggins, B.J. Gordon, Harvin, B.H. Harwell, C.E. Hodges, D.N. Holt, 
I.S. Johnson, H.H. Keyserling, J.E. Kinard, W.R. Kinard, R.A. Kohn, 
S.P. Manning, Matthews, E.M. Middleton, T.W. Mitchell, J. Murray, J.R. Murray, 
Patterson, E.W. Simpson, J.H. Smith, Washington and D.E. Winstead
 A Concurrent Resolution requesting the Public Service Commission and
 municipalities, electric cooperatives and other public entities which furnish
 retail electric service to provide for more lenient electric service
 termination procedures in hardship situations during the heating season with
 provisions for payment of electric bills over an extended period of time.
   04/05/79  House  Introduced and adopted HJ-1195
   04/05/79  House  Sent to the Senate HJ-1196
   04/05/79  Senate Introduced SJ-9
   04/05/79  Senate Referred to Committee on General SJ-9
   06/20/79  Senate Committee report: Favorable General SJ-11
   06/28/79  Senate Adopted SJ-22
   06/28/79  Senate Returned to House with concurrence SJ-22
   06/28/79  House   RECEIVED FROM SENATE HJ-2888

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