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Session 103 (1979-1980) 

H*3393 Concurrent Resolution, By Harvin, J.N. Ashe, H.L. Barksdale, 
L.E. Bennett, L. Blanding, J.B. Brandt, Branton, L.H. Brinker, A.H. Buchan, 
C.D. Chamblee, V.L. Crocker, W.R. Crow, M.L. Eargle, J.C. Hearn, C.T. Hinson, 
D.N. Holt, H.H. Keyserling, J.E. Kinard, S.P. Manning, Martin, Matthews, 
J.G. McAbee, D.F. McInnis, J.D. McInnis, D.E. McTeer, T.W. Mitchell, Moore, 
Patterson, J.L. Rampey, W.A. Reel, J.J. Snow, D.E. Winstead and J.T. Wood
 A Concurrent Resolution memorializing the President of the United States to
 expeditiously implement the Farmers Loan Program of the Secretary of
 Agriculture to support the 1979 cost of producing feed grains.
   01/24/80  House  Introduced and adopted HJ-429
   01/24/80  House  Sent to the Senate HJ-430
   01/24/80  Senate Introduced SJ-9
   01/24/80  Senate Referred to Committee on Agriculture and Natural
                     Resources SJ-9
   02/28/80  Senate Committee report: Favorable Agriculture and
                     Natural Resources SJ-9
   03/05/80  Senate Adopted SJ-12
   03/05/80  Senate Returned to House with concurrence SJ-12
   03/05/80  House   RECEIVED FROM SENATE HJ-1260

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