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H 3558
Session 103 (1979-1980) 

H 3558 General Bill, By T.W. Mitchell, L. Blanding, C.D. Chamblee, J.W. Graves, 
I.S. Johnson, H.H. Keyserling, F.T. Moore, J.C. Pracht, Washington, 
M.H. Westbrook and R.R. Woods
 A Bill to amend the Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, by adding Section
 42-11-35 so as to create a presumption that chronic obstructive pulmonary
 disease of a cotton textile worker is casued by exposure to cotton dust and by
 adding Section 42-15-75 so as to prohibit harassment of employees filing
 workmen's compensation claims and provide penalties therefor; and by adding
 Section 42-11-175 so as to provide procedures for medical evaluation of
 occupational disease by doctors selected by the claimant and the employer and
 provide for reference to medical panels and for payment of fees and costs by
 the employer when occupational disease awards are granted by the Industrial
 Commission; to amend Section 42-5-10, relating to the requirement that
 employers secure workmen's compensation payments for employees, so as to
 require such security during appeals of a compensation claim; to amend Section
 42-11-185, as amended, relating to the use of medical examination in lieu of
 medical panels, so as to further provide for the selection of doctors and
 prohibit doctors under industrial contracts to testify in occupational disease
 claim hearings; and to repeal Section 42-11-90, relating to the amount of
 compensation when occupational disease is combined with other infirmities.
   02/27/80  House  Introduced and read first time HJ-1138
   02/27/80  House  Referred to Committee on Labor, Commerce and
                     Industry HJ-1138

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