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H 3913
Session 104 (1981-1982) 

H 3913 Concurrent Resolution, By S.P. Manning, A.H. Buchan, V.L. Crocker, 
G.W. Dukes, T.J. Ervin, H.H. Keyserling, E.S. Lake, J.W. McLeod and J.I. Rogers
 A Concurrent Resolution to memorialize the President of the United States not
 to approve the reprocessing of spent nuclear fuel rods or the establishment of
 an AFR site in South Carolina until at least three conditions are met which
 are: one, that such reprocessing is found scientifically safe; two, that a
 Federal Nuclear Clean-Up Fund of no less than one billion dollars is
 established and funded; and three, that a national site for the sotrage of
 high level nuclear waste outside the biosphere has been authorized, funded,
 and built in an unpopulated area of the nation that does not have subterranean
 waters and is not in an earthquake zone.
   05/06/82  House  Introduced HJ-2824
   05/06/82  House  Referred to Committee on Labor, Commerce and
                     Industry HJ-2825

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