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H 2070
Session 105 (1983-1984) 

H 2070 Concurrent Resolution, By H.H. Keyserling, B. Campbell, P. Freeman and 
T.L. Hughston

Similar(S 28) A Concurrent Resolution calling upon the Governor and the Attorney General of this State to continue to take whatever steps may be necessary to protect the health, safety, and environmental quality of South Carolina and her citizens, whether through discussions, negotiations, or legal actions in federal or state courts. 12/06/82 House Prefiled 12/06/82 House Referred to Committee on Labor, Commerce and Industry 01/11/83 House Introduced HJ-164 01/11/83 House Referred to Committee on Labor, Commerce and Industry HJ-164 01/12/83 House Recalled from Committee on Labor, Commerce and Industry HJ-305 01/12/83 House Committed to Committee on Invitations and Memorial Resolutions HJ-305 01/19/83 House Committee report: Favorable Invitations and Memorial Resolutions HJ-408 01/20/83 House Debate adjourned HJ-454 01/25/83 House Objection by Rep. P. Bradley, Hearn & T. Huff HJ-492 01/25/83 House Adopted HJ-495 01/25/83 House Sent to the Senate HJ-495 01/25/83 Senate Introduced SJ-247 01/26/83 Senate Referred to Senators from District Number 8 SJ-253 02/01/83 Senate Recalled from Senators from District No. 8 SJ-300 02/01/83 Senate Committed to Committee on Medical Affairs SJ-300 03/03/83 Senate Committee report: Majority favorable, minority unfavorable Medical Affairs SJ-617 03/30/83 Senate Special order, set for after S-139 SJ-841 03/30/83 Senate Reconsidered SJ-861 06/09/83 Senate Recommitted to Committee on Medical Affairs SJ-2010

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