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H 2188
Session 105 (1983-1984) 

H 2188 General Bill, By H.H. Keyserling, D.M. Beasley, Kirsh and J.C. Pracht
 A Bill to limit the terms of members of all state boards, committees and
 commissions appointed by the Governor or elected by the General Assembly to
 two successive terms or twelve years, whichever is longer, except where the
 person concerned is paid an annual salary by the State and to provide certain
   01/12/83  House  Introduced and read first time HJ-295
   01/12/83  House  Referred to Committee on Judiciary HJ-295
   01/10/84  House  Committee report: Majority favorable, minority
                     unfavorable Judiciary HJ-300
   05/09/84  House   By unanimous consent, minority report withdrawn
   05/15/84  House  Objection by Rep. J. M. Arthur, Williams, Waldrop
   05/31/84  House  Objection withdrawn by Rep. Williams HJ-3538
   05/31/84  House  Objection by Rep. Holt, Woods & Lockemy HJ-3538
   05/31/84  House  Objection withdrawn by Rep. Lockemy & Woods HJ-3557

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