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Session 106 (1985-1986) 

H*2343 Concurrent Resolution, By T.W. Edwards, Carnell, C.M. Dangerfield, 
E.D. Foxworth, H.H. Keyserling, T.M. Marchant, Martin, Phillips, D.E. Winstead and 
R.R. Woods
 A Concurrent Resolution requesting the United States Congress and the present
 administration to take the necessary steps to reduce the heavy influx of
 foreign imports, thereby maintaining South Carolina's highly important textile
 industry and lessening the industry's serious unemployment and plant closing
   02/06/85  House  Introduced HJ-566
   02/06/85  House  Referred to Committee on Invitations and Memorial
                     Resolutions HJ-566
   02/12/85  House  Committee report: Favorable Invitations and
                     Memorial Resolutions HJ-638
   02/12/85  House  Adopted HJ-638
   02/12/85  House  Sent to the Senate HJ-640
   02/13/85  Senate Introduced SJ-411
   02/13/85  Senate Referred to Committee on Labor, Commerce and
                     Industry SJ-413
   02/13/85  House  Recalled from Senate HJ-694
   02/14/85  Senate Recalled from Committee on Labor, Commerce and
                     Industry SJ-501
   02/14/85  Senate Returned SJ-502
   02/21/85  House   Reconsider vote whereby Resolution was adopted HJ-96
   02/21/85  House  Debate adjourned HJ-969
   02/27/85  House  Debate adjourned HJ-1015
   02/28/85  House  Amended HJ-1066
   02/28/85  House  Adopted HJ-1068
   02/28/85  House  Sent to the Senate HJ-1068
   03/05/85  Senate Introduced SJ-737
   03/05/85  Senate Referred to Committee on Labor, Commerce and
                     Industry SJ-737
   06/05/85  Senate Committee report: Favorable Labor, Commerce and
                     Industry SJ-2828
   06/05/85  Senate Adopted SJ-2828
   06/05/85  Senate Returned to House with concurrence SJ-2828

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