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Session 106 (1985-1986)

H*2920 Concurrent Resolution, By J.J. Snow, M.O. Alexander, R.L. Altman, 
J.F. Anderson, W.D. Arthur, Bailey, K.E. Bailey, Barfield, D.M. Beasley, 
L.E. Bennett, D. Blackwell, L. Blanding, Boan, J.D. Bradley, P.T. Bradley, 
T.A. Brett, G.A. Brown, J.H. Burriss, M.D. Burriss, Carnell, M.D. Cleveland, 
M.J. Cooper, Davenport, F.L. Day, P.W. Derrick, T.W. Edwards, Elliott, J. Faber, 
J.G. Felder, E.D. Foxworth, L.E. Gentry, F. Gilbert, C.L. Griffin, D.O. Hawkins, 
L.I. Hendricks, T.E. Huff, W.H. Jones, H.H. Keyserling, J.R. Klapman, Koon, 
E.S. Lake, Martin, D.E. Martin, J.G. Mattos, F.E. McBride, D.M. McEachin, 
J.W. McLeod, D.E. McTeer, H.L. Mitchell, D.A. Moss, Neilson, Patterson, 
H.E. Pearce, J.T. Petty, Phillips, L. Phillips, Rhoad, C.H. Rice, R.L. Rigdon, 
J.I. Rogers, T.F. Rogers, Russell, R. Schwartz, Sharpe, Sheheen, S.V. Shelton, 
P.E. Short, E.W. Simpson, E.C. Stoddard, C.L. Sturkie, L.L. Taylor, 
B.E. Thrailkill, Townsend, D.C. Waldrop, Washington, J.M. White, T.G. Woodruff and 
R.R. Woods

Similar(S 593) A Concurrent Resolution to memorialize the Governor to actively support Congressional efforts to correct the unfair timber trade advantage enjoyed by Canadian timber producers over South Carolina producers and to memorialize the South Carolina Congressional Delegation to utilize its influence to persuade the Congress and the Reagan Administration to seek measures that insure the ability of United State producers of softwood timber to compete on a fair and equal basis with exports from Canada. 05/02/85 House Introduced and adopted HJ-2909 05/02/85 House Sent to the Senate HJ-2911 05/02/85 Senate Introduced SJ-1918 05/09/85 Senate Adopted SJ-2050 05/09/85 Senate Returned to House with concurrence SJ-2050

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