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H 3252
Session 106 (1985-1986) 

H 3252 General Bill, By Sheheen, Barfield, Boan, F.L. Day, Elliott, P. Freeman, 
Hayes, T.E. Huff, J.W. Johnson, H.H. Keyserling, E.C. Lewis, D.E. Martin, 
R.N. McLellan, H.E. Pearce, J.I. Rogers, R. Schwartz, Sharpe, S.V. Shelton, 
J.J. Snow, L.L. Taylor, J.H. Toal and T.G. Woodruff
 A Bill to enact the Local Government Finance Act authorizing counties to levy,
 within limits, local sales and use taxes; to allow counties and municipalities
 to levy, within limits, local income taxes or local option occupational taxes,
 local motor vehicle license taxes, local admission taxes; to require that an
 advisory referendum must be conducted prior to the implementation by the
 county of the local option sales and use tax; to amend Section 52-15-210, as
 amended, Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, relating to license charges for
 coin-operated devices, so as to authorize municipalities and counties to levy
 a local option coin-operated device tax; and to repeal Sections 56-3-430 and
 56-3-440 relating to prohibiting municipalities with populations between
 fifty-five thousand and seventy thousand from charging inspection or
 registration fees, and the authority of municipalities with populations of
 seventy thousand or more to require registration of motor vehicles.
   01/06/86  House  Prefiled
   01/06/86  House  Referred to Committee on Ways and Means
   01/14/86  House  Introduced and read first time HJ-93
   01/14/86  House  Referred to Committee on Ways and Means HJ-94
   05/28/86  House   Rep. Day requests his name be removed as a
                     sponsor HJ-3447

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