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H 3806
Session 106 (1985-1986) 

H 3806 General Bill, By H.H. Keyserling
 A Bill to amend Article 9, Chapter 55, Title 44, Code of Laws of South
 Carolina, 1976, relating to the approval of the sewerage disposal methods at
 homesites, so as to add Section 44-55-870 to require a certificate by the
 county health department or other appropriate agency be furnished to the
 purchaser of a lot or parcel of land without improvements that it meets
 minimum standards for septic tank usage if it is not accessible to a sewer
 line, to require the certificate be furnished at the time of the closing of
 the sale of the lot or parcel, and to provide penalties for violations.
   04/10/86  House  Introduced and read first time HJ-2325
   04/10/86  House  Referred to Committee on Medical, Military,
                     Public and Municipal Affairs HJ-2325

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