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Session 109 (1991-1992)

H*3932 Concurrent Resolution, By J.R. Klapman, Alexander, M.O. Alexander, 
R.L. Altman, Bailey, J.J. Bailey, K.E. Bailey, B.O. Baker, R.A. Barber, 
J.M. Baxley, D.M. Beasley, D.W. Beatty, L.E. Bennett, Boan, G.A. Brown, 
H. Brown, J. Brown, D.M. Bruce, P.M. Burch, T.M. Burriss, Carnell, Cato, 
C.D. Chamblee, H.H. Clyborne, J.D. Cole, Cooper, K.S. Corbett, Cork, 
R.S. Corning, J.L.M. Cromer, Elliott, L.L. Elliott, Fair, T.L. Farr, 
J.G. Felder, S.R. Foster, R.C. Fulmer, L.E. Gentry, Glover, S.E. Gonzales, 
J.V. Gregory, H.M. Hallman, J.L. Harris, P.B. Harris, Harrison, Harvin, 
B.H. Harwell, Haskins, Hayes, B.L. Hendricks, J.H. Hodges, D.N. Holt, 
W.S. Houck, T.E. Huff, Inabinett, M.F. Jaskwhich, Jennings, J.C. Johnson, 
J.W. Johnson, Keegan, W.P. Keesley, K.G. Kempe, H.H. Keyserling, M.H. Kinon, 
Kirsh, Koon, Lanford, Littlejohn, S.G. Manly, C.V. Marchbanks, Martin, 
D.E. Martin, L.M. Martin, J.G. Mattos, J.G. McAbee, W.S. McCain, McCraw, 
J.T. McElveen, A.C. McGinnis, McKay, M. McLeod, D.E. McTeer, Meacham, Neilson, 
E.L. Nettles, Phillips, Quinn, J. Rama, Rhoad, T.F. Rogers, L.W. Ross, 
I.K. Rudnick, Scott, Sharpe, Sheheen, J.R. Shirley, P.E. Short, R. Smith, 
J.J. Snow, E.C. Stoddard, C.L. Sturkie, Townsend, J.W. Tucker, Vaughn, 
C.Y. Waites, D.C. Waldrop, C.C. Wells, L.S. Whipper, J.M. White, J.B. Wilder, 
Wilkes, Wilkins, D. Williams, J.B. Williams, S.S. Wofford, D.A. Wright, 
R.M. Young and Young-Brickell
 A Concurrent Resolution to extend the deepest sympathy of the members of the
 General Assembly upon the death of John "Georgetown" Bassard, Sr., of Richland

   04/18/91  House  Introduced, adopted, sent to Senate HJ-4
   04/18/91  Senate Introduced, adopted, returned with concurrence



Whereas, the members of the General Assembly were deeply saddened to learn of the death of Mr. John Bassard, Sr. of Richland County, on April 16, 1991, at the age of ninety; and

Whereas, John Bassard, better known to members of the General Assembly as "Georgetown", a name given to him by the Honorable Edgar Brown, for his hometown, Georgetown, South Carolina; and

Whereas, he was well known to many members of the General Assembly from his days at the Jefferson Hotel where he was a bellboy from 1920 until 1966; and

Whereas, following his days at the Jefferson Hotel he served as a porter in the Blatt Building; and

Whereas, he was a friend and adviser to almost everyone he met and was sometimes called the "125th member of the House"; and

Whereas, he was an outstanding individual, a kind and loving father who was respected by all who knew him; and

Whereas, the members of the General Assembly, by this resolution, would like to extend their heartfelt condolences to his family and friends upon his death. Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives, the Senate concurring:

That the members of the General Assembly extend their deepest sympathy to the family of John Bassard, Sr., upon his death.

Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to his daughter, Phyllis Hutchinson.


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