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Text printed in italic, boldface indicates sections vetoed by the Governor.

* Indicates those vetoes sustained by the General Assembly.

** Indicates those vetoes overridden by the General Assembly.

Part 1B section 73 X91 - STATEWIDE REVENUE Page 550
2006-2007 Appropriation Act


73.1. (SR: Year End Expenditures) Unless specifically authorized herein, the appropriations provided in Part I of this Act as ordinary expenses of the State Government shall lapse on July 31, 2007. State agencies are required to submit all current fiscal year input documents to the Comptroller General's Office by July 17, 2007. Appropriations for Permanent Improvements, now outstanding or hereafter provided, shall lapse at the end of the second fiscal year in which such appropriations were provided, unless definite commitments shall have been made, with the approval of the State Budget and Control Board and Joint Bond Review Committee, toward the accomplishment of the purposes for which the appropriations were provided. Appropriations for other specific purposes aside from ordinary operating expenses, now outstanding or hereafter provided, shall lapse at the end of the second fiscal year in which such appropriations were provided, unless definite commitments shall have been made, with the approval of the State Budget and Control Board, toward the accomplishment of the purposes for which the appropriations were provided.

73.2. (SR: Law Enforcement Funding) (A) In addition to all other assessments and surcharges, during the current fiscal year, a twenty-five dollar surcharge is also levied on all fines, forfeitures, escheatments, or other monetary penalties imposed in the general sessions court or in magistrates' or municipal court for misdemeanor traffic offenses or for nontraffic violations. No portion of the surcharge may be waived, reduced, or suspended. (B)(1) The revenue collected pursuant to subsection (A) must be retained by the jurisdiction, which heard or processed the case and paid to the State Treasurer within thirty days after receipt. The State Treasurer may retain the actual cost associated with the collection of this surcharge not to exceed $40,000. The State Treasurer shall allocate and transfer quarterly the remaining revenue as follows: 37.75% of these funds quarterly to the circuit solicitors in the manner hereinafter provided, 22.10% to the Department of Juvenile Justice for the Coastal Evaluation Center, for Assault Prevention, and other federal lawsuit related expenses, 15% to the State Law Enforcement Division for its general purposes, 15% to the Department of Corrections for its general purposes, 3.75% to the Attorney General's Office for its general purposes, 3.75% to the Judicial Department for its general purposes, 1.55% to the Department of Natural Resources for statewide police responsibilities, 1% to the Office of Indigent Defense, Division of Appellate Defense for its general purposes, and 0.10% to the Forestry Commission for statewide police responsibilities. The State Treasurer shall transmit the portion of these funds earmarked for the solicitors' offices to the Prosecution Coordination Commission which shall then apportion these funds among the circuit solicitors of this State on a per capita basis equal to the population in that circuit compared to the population of the State as a whole based on the most recent official United States census. The funds shall be used for the operation of the solicitors' offices, and the solicitor may use a portion of those funds to provide for drug courts in their judicial circuits. (2) The funds received by solicitors' offices pursuant to this paragraph in part are to replace the funds received by solicitors in the same year from judicial circuits state support pursuant to Paragraph 33.3 Judicial Circuits State Support. As a result and notwithstanding the provisions of item (1) above, the State Treasurer shall withhold funds received under this paragraph for the benefit of the solicitors and transmit seventy-five percent of the aforementioned funds to the Highway Patrol Division (DPS) to be used for equipment, vehicle purchases, and associated vehicle expenditures, to include maintenance and gasoline, for the Highway Patrol and twenty-five percent of the aforementioned funds to the Judicial Department until such time as these deposits equal the amounts disbursed or to be disbursed to the solicitors under Paragraph 33.3 Judicial Circuits State Support. Thereafter, any such funds received for the benefit of the solicitors shall be disbursed to them in the manner required in item (1) above. (C) It is the intent of the General Assembly that the amounts generated by this paragraph for use by the solicitors' offices shall be in addition to any amounts presently being provided by the county for these services and may not be used to supplant funding already allocated for these services by the county. (D) The State Treasurer may request the State Auditor to examine the financial records of any jurisdiction which he believes is not timely transmitting the funds required to be paid to the State Treasurer pursuant to subsection (B). The State Auditor is further authorized to conduct these examinations and the local jurisdiction is required to participate in and cooperate fully with the examination.

73.3. (SR: Excess Debt Service Funds Carry Forward) The State Treasurer's Office is directed to carry forward $3,507,254 of Excess Debt Service funds from FY 2005-06 and credit such amount to the General Fund in FY 2006-07 to be used as a source to support appropriations. Any remaining Excess Debt Service funds from FY 2005-06 may be carried forward and expended for debt service purposes in FY 2006-07.

73.4. (SR: Court Fee) The Family and Circuit Court filing fee shall be increased by $50. This new revenue shall be allocated as follows:

Judicial Department- $3,500,000;

Commission on Indigent Defense, Defense of Indigents per Capita- $750,000;

Department of Probation, Parole & Pardon Services- $582,000;

Prosecution Coordination Commission- $225,000; and

Commission on Indigent Defense, Division of Appellate Defense- $93,000.

One hundred percent of the $50 increase must go to the above mentioned agencies to retain, expend and carry forward.

73.5. (SR: Titling of Real Property) It is the intent of the General Assembly to establish a comprehensive central property and office facility management process to plan for the needs of state government agencies and to achieve maximum efficiency and economy in the use of state owned or state leased real properties. The Budget and Control Board is directed to identify all state owned properties whether titled in the name of the state or an agency or department, and all agencies and departments of state government are upon request to provide the Board all documents related to the title and acquisition of the real properties that are occupied or used by the agency or titled in the name of the agency. Except for any properties where the Board determines title should not be in the name of the State because the properties are subject to reverter clauses or other restraints on the property, or where the Board determines the state would be best served by not receiving title, and with the exception of properties, highways and roadways owned by the Department of Transportation, title of any property held by or acquired by a state agency or department shall be titled in the name of the state under the control of the Budget and Control Board. Titling in the name of the state shall not affect the operation or use of real property by an agency.

This provision applies to all state agencies and departments except: institutions of higher learning; the Public Service Authority; the Ports Authority; the South Carolina Division of Public Railways; the MUSC Hospital Authority; the Myrtle Beach Air Force Redevelopment Authority; the Department of Transportation; and the Charleston Naval Complex Redevelopment Authority.

This provision is comprehensive and supersedes any conflicting provisions concerning title and acquisition and disposition of state owned real property whether in permanent law, temporary law or by provision elsewhere in this Act.

The Budget and Control Board is directed to provide to the Department of Education, funds equal to the amount realized from the sale of the Greenville Halton Road Bus Shop property for school bus maintenance shop relocations, construction, and shop equipment.

73.6. (SR: Marriage Penalty Relief) Except as otherwise provided, where reference is made to Section 12-6-40(A) of the 1976 Code for purposes of Title 12 of the 1976 Code, any tax year that ends in 2004 or 2005 or for estate tax purposes any decedent dying in 2004 or 2005, 'Internal Revenue Code' means the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended through December 31, 2003, and includes the effective date provisions contained in it.

For purposes of Sections 63 and 179 of the Internal Revenue Code, the amendments made by Sections 103 and 202 of the Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003, P.L. 108-27 (May 28, 2003) are only effective for taxable years beginning in 2004 and 2005.

73.7. (SR: DMV Cash Surplus) The Department of Motor Vehicles shall transfer $4,000,000 to the State General Fund from DMV Operating Subfund 3264.

In order to provide maximum flexibility to maintain critical programs, the department may, in lieu of the specific account identified above, opt to transfer an equal amount of funds from any agency earmarked or restricted account designated as "special revenue funds" as defined by the Comptroller General's records for this purpose.

The above listed amount is transferred to the general fund of the state, and by this provision, this transfer is deemed to have occurred and, notwithstanding any other provision of law, these general fund revenues are available for appropriation as provided in this act. Any restrictions concerning specific utilization of these funds are lifted for the specified fiscal year.

73.8. (SR: Tobacco Settlement) Notwithstanding any other provision of law, and contingent upon the approval of the Tobacco Settlement Revenue Management Authority and parties to the trust agreement, the State Treasurer shall transfer an amount equal to $8,000,000 from the unrestricted taxable proceeds portion of the principal of the Healthcare Tobacco Settlement Trust Fund established pursuant to Section 11-11-170(B)(1) of the 1976 Code to the Department of Health and Human Services to be expended for Medicaid. The State Treasurer is authorized and directed to transfer $425,000 to the Office of the Attorney General from the Operating Contingency Account of the Tobacco Settlement Management Authority for the further enforcement of Chapter 47 of Title 11, The Tobacco Escrow Fund Act, which will protect the payments to the State under the Master Settlement Agreement.


73.10. DELETED

73.11. DELETED

73.12. DELETED

73.13. DELETED

73.14. (SR: Unobligated FY 05-06 General Fund Revenue) (A) The source of general fund revenue appropriated in this provision is $449,544,844 of Fiscal Year 2005-06 unobligated general fund revenue as certified by the Board of Economic Advisors. This revenue is deemed to have occurred and is available for use in Fiscal Year 2006-07 after September 1, 2006, following the Comptroller General's close of the state's books on Fiscal Year 2005-06.

(B) From such Fiscal Year 2005-06 unobligated general fund revenues the appropriations in this provision are listed in priority order beginning with item (1) and each separate appropriation item or subitem must be fully funded before the next item or subitem in order is paid. Provided, however, that any individual item may be partially funded in the order in which it appears to the extent that revenues are available.

The following sums are appropriated for the purposes stated:

(1) Trust Fund Repayment:

(a) D17-Governor's Office OEPP

Subfund 4892 Legacy Trust Fund $1,801;

(b) E12-Comptroller General's Office

Subfund 4007 Unemployment

Compensation $2,400,000;

(c) E16-State Treasurer's Office

(i) Subfund 4070 SC Housing

Trust Fund $6,475,569;

(ii) Subfund 4693 Atmc Wste Brl Fd-

Chm Nclr (Barnwell) $64,634,813;

(iii) Subfund 43A8 Barnwell Economic

Development Fund $596,616;

(iv) Subfund 4843 Local Option Sales Tax $163,568;

(v) Subfund 4955 911 Phone Surcharge $9,408,399;

(d) F03-Budget and Control Board

(i) Subfund 3774 Reserve Accounts $2,600,000;

(ii) Subfund 4161 Insurance

Reserve Fund $22,937,800;

(iii) Subfund 4161 Insurance

Reserve Fund $27,900,000;

(iv) Subfund 4202 State Life and LTD $4,099,594;

(e) J04-Department of Health and Environmental Control

(i) Subfund 3157 Environmental Protection Fnd,

Subfund 4545 Waste Tire Grant Trust Fund,

Subfund 4546 Petroleum Fnd $4,000,000;

(ii) Subfund 3678 County Hazardous Waste

Contingency Fund $1,000,000;

(iii) Subfund 4984 SUPERB Account $941,340;

(f) L32-Housing Finance and Development Authority

Subfund 4797 SHA Program Fund $1,617,784;

(g) R40-Department of Motor Vehicles

Subfund 3264 Operating Revenue $4,000,000;

(h) P28-Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

Subfund 4126 PRT Development Fund $276,379;

(i) R12-State Accident Fund

(i) Subfund 4033 Workers'

Compensation Fund $13,354,722;

(ii) Subfund 4168 Escrow Funds $22,257;

(j) R04-Public Service Commission

Subfund 3035 $1,900,000;

(k) R36-Department of Labor, Licensing, & Regulation:

(i) Subfund 3035 Operating Revenue $500,000;

(ii) Subfund 3135 POLA Revenue $1,997,509;

(iii) Subfund 3173 Education &

Research Fund $124,561;

(iv) Subfund 3730 Vacation Time

Sharing Recognition $252,980;

(v) Subfund 4592 Auctioneer

Recovery Fund $136,899;

(l) P32-Department of Commerce-Public Railways Commission:

(i) Subfund 4813 E Cooper &

Berkeley RR $2,193,850;

(ii) Subfund 4814 Operating &

Maintenance $745,277;

(2) Unobligated Surplus in Part 1A $29,868,957;

(3) E24-Adjutant General's Office

(a) Disaster Warehouse Supplies/Resources $2,030,000;

(b) Satellite Phones $70,000;

(4) H63-Department of Education

(a) Early Childhood - 4 Year

Pre-Kindergarten Program $15,717,104;

(b) First Steps Early Childhood - 4 Year

Pre-Kindergarten Program $1,858,576;

(c) First Steps Early Childhood Initiative - Pilot Program -

Materials, Grants, and Incentives $4,000,000;

(d) School Transportation - Fuel $9,784,856;

(e) Instructional Materials $3,144,273;

(f) Governor's School for Science

and Mathematics $500,000;

(g) Governor's School for the Arts

and the Humanities $500,000;

(5) J12-Department of Mental Health

Veterans Nursing Homes - Colleton County $2,400,000;

(6) F03-Budget and Control Board

(a) Veterans' Cemetery $266,027;

(b) Mfg Alliance "Made in South Carolina" $500,000;

(c) EEDA Marketing & Communications $1,000,000;

(6.1) The Budget and Control Board shall utilize the $1,000,000 appropriated for EEDA Marketing & Communications to support marketing and media communication initiatives that promote statewide community and parental involvement of the Education and Economic Development Act. These funds shall not be transferred nor used for any other purpose.

(7) J02-Department of Health & Human Services

Latch Key Incorporated $9,000;

(8) J04-Department of Health and Environmental Control

BabyNet $32,500;

(9) J16-Department of Disabilities and Special Needs

(a) Residential Waiting List $2,400,000;

(b) Crisis Prevention $6,000,000;

(c) Pervasive Developmental Disorder

Pilot Project $3,000,000;

(d) Transit Support $168,000;

(9.1) The three million dollars appropriated to the Department of Disabilities and Special Needs, as the agency authorized to treat autistic disorder, shall be designated for a Medicaid pilot project to treat children who have been diagnosed by eight years of age with a pervasive developmental disorder. The pilot project must target the youngest ages feasible for treatment effectiveness, treatment for each individual child shall not exceed three years without a special exception as defined in the waiver, and reimbursement for each individual participant may not exceed $50,000 per year. The Department of Disabilities and Special Needs and the Department of Health and Human Services will determine the areas of the State with the greatest need and availability of providers. Children participating in the pilot project will be selected based upon an application system developed in compliance with the Medicaid waiver. Treatment will be provided as authorized and prescribed by the department according to the degree of the developmental disability. In authorizing and prescribing treatment the department may award grants or negotiate and contract with public or private entities to implement intervention programs for children who have been diagnosed with a pervasive developmental disorder. "Pervasive developmental disorder" means a neurological condition, including autistic disorder and Asperger's syndrome, as defined in the most recent edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders of the American Psychiatric Association. By June 30, 2007, the department shall report to the General Assembly and the Governor on the developmental progress of the children participating in the pilot project. This provision does not establish or authorize creation of an entitlement program or benefit.

(10) H87-State Library

DISCUS Content Enhancement $250,000;

(11) H91-Arts Commission

Grants - Education, Arts & Cultural Tourism $585,000;

(12) H95-State Museum Commission

Acquisitions/Collections $200,000;

(13) H15-University of Charleston

Center for Partnerships to Improve Education $400,000;

(14) H59-State Board for Technical and

Comprehensive Education

(a) Center for Accelerated

Technology Training $1,200,000;

(b) Allied Health Initiative $3,706,698;

(15) K05-Department of Public Safety

Hunley Security $23,292;

(16) N04-Department of Corrections

Second Chance Barn $50,000;

(17) B04-Judicial Department

Family & Circuit Court Travel $1,000,000;

(18) U12-Department of Transportation

Road and Infrastructure Improvements-

Greenville ICAR $1,500,000;

(18.1) The Department of Transportation is directed to transfer $1,500,000 to the City of Greenville for roadway infrastructure and related improvements between Laurens Road to Woodruff Road to facilitate ease of access from ICAR, Millennium Park, and other economic development projects located along this new business corridor and in the surrounding vicinity.

(19) P16-Department of Agriculture

Marketing & Promotions -

SC Quality Program $600,000;

(20) P28-Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

African-American Civil War

Reconstruction Society $20,000;

(21) P32-Department of Commerce

Competitiveness Council $400,000;

(22) P28-Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

(a) Charlestown Landing $7,000,000;

(b) International Advertising $500,000;

(c) Palmetto Trails $100,000;

(23) H18-Francis Marion University

Center for the Performing Arts $7,000,000;

(24) H12-Clemson University

International Center for Auto Research $1,500,000;

(25) H27-University of South Carolina

(a) Congaree Initiative $1,500,000;

(b) Palmetto Poison Control Center - Equipment $200,000;

(c) City of Columbia - Incubator Project $200,000;

(d) Small Business Development Centers $250,000;

(26) H12-Clemson University

Call Me Mister $1,300,000;

(27) H15-University of Charleston

(a) Real Estate Program $612,764;

(b) School of Business: Office of

Tourism Analysis $150,000;

(28) H24-South Carolina State University

(a) Transportation Center $748,365;

(b) Obesity Program $300,000;

(29) H15-University of Charleston

MRR Parity $524,238;

(30) H09-The Citadel

MRR Parity $141,326;

(31) H17-Coastal Carolina University

MRR Parity $2,358,122;

(32) H18-Francis Marion University

MRR Parity $172,989;

(33) H21-Lander University

MRR Parity $174,252;

(34) H24-South Carolina State University

MRR Parity $263,347;

(35) H29-University of South Carolina-Aiken

MRR Parity $599,237;

(36) H34-University of South Carolina-Upstate

MRR Parity $1,877,675;

(37) H36-University of South Carolina-Beaufort

MRR Parity $502,175;

(38) H37-University of South Carolina-Lancaster

(a) MRR Parity $650,000;

(b) Repair/Renovation $200,000;

(39) H38-University of South Carolina-Salkehatchie

MRR Parity $100,000;

(40) H39-University of South Carolina-Sumter

MRR Parity $51,269;

(41) H40-University of South Carolina-Union

MRR Parity $16,206;

(42) H47-Winthrop University

MRR Parity $1,172,423;

(43) H51-Medical University of South Carolina

MRR Parity $2,545,904;

(44) H53-Consortium Teaching Hospitals

MRR Parity $511,979;

(45) H03-Commission on Higher Education

(a) GEAR-UP $600,000;

(b) Statewide Electronic Library $2,000,000;

(46) E21-Prosecution Coordination Commission

Victims and Witness Assistance Programs $1,800,000;

(46.1) The $1,800,000 appropriated for Solicitors Victim/Witness Assistance Programs must be apportioned among the circuits on a per capita basis and based upon the official census of 2000. Payment must be made as soon after the beginning of each quarter as practical.

(47) J04-Department of Health and Environmental Control

(a) SC Birth Defects Program $244,250;

(b) Vaccine Purchases for the Underinsured $2,357,390;

(c) Beach Renourishment $5,000,000;

(d) Lakelands Rural Health Network -

Electronic Records $98,000;

(48) L04-Department of Social Services

Boys & Girls Clubs $1,000,000;

(49) H71-Wil Lou Gray Opportunity School

(a) Software Update $68,000;

(b) Operating Expenses $275,000;

(50) H79-Department of Archives and History

Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission $65,000;

(51) H95-State Museum Commission

Observatory, Planetarium, Theater (OPT ) $5,000,000;

(52) P20-Clemson University-PSA

Edisto Research and Education Center $1,000,000;

(53) P24-Department of Natural Resources

Vehicles for New Law Enforcement Officers $505,000;

(54) P32-Department of Commerce

(a) Closing Fund Competitive Recruitment $7,000,000;

(b) Capital Access Program $3,000,000;

(55) J12-Department of Mental Health

(a) Patient Care Buildings Safety Renovations $4,400,000;

(b) Crafts Farrow Renovation for

Forensic Capacity $2,560,000;

(c) Bryan Renovation for Crisis Capacity $1,250,000;

(56) B04-Judicial Department

Center for Fathers & Families Initiative $500,000;

(56.1) The $500,000 appropriated to the Judicial Department for the South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families must be used by that organization to provide a pilot program for low-income fathers as an alternative to incarceration for nonpayment of child support. The center shall use these funds to administer the program for unemployed or underemployed low-income fathers in six fatherhood program sites around the state. These sites shall include any of the following: Conway, Richland County, Lexington County, North Charleston, Georgetown, Lancaster, Great Falls, Bennettsville, Florence, Greenville, Spartanburg, and Winnsboro. The pilot program shall assist low-income fathers in the current fiscal year with securing livable wage employment within forty-five days of their admission into the program and provide other core fatherhood services, including parenting and job retention skills. Fathers who are admitted into the program must be required to consistently make their monthly child support payments, pay any monthly arrearage payments which are due, and attend weekly fatherhood meetings.

The Center for Fathers and Families shall submit to the Senate Finance Committee and House Ways and Means Committee a complete detailed accounting for the expenditures of these funds by April 30, 2007. At a minimum the report shall consist of a line item listing of expenditures, personnel, site locations, the number program participants, and the number who successfully complete the program.

(57) E21-Prosecution Coordination Commission

Drug Court - 12th Circuit $150,000;

(58) E23-Commission on Indigent Defense

Operations & Maintenance $200,000;

(59) J04-Department of Health and Environmental Control

Smoking Prevention and Cessation $2,000,000;

(59.1) The Department of Health and Environmental Control shall utilize the funds appropriated for Smoking Prevention and Cessation to implement such a program based upon the Center for Disease Control and Prevention's best practices. These funds shall not be transferred to other programs within the agency and when instructed by the Budget and Control Board or the General Assembly to reduce funds within the department by a certain percentage, the department may not act unilaterally to reduce the funds for the Smoking Prevention and Cessation Program provided for herein greater than such stipulated percentage.

(60) L36-Human Affairs Commission

Legal - Other Operating $9,591;

(61) H91-Arts Commission

Arts Facility Project $378,636;

(62) H03-Commission on Higher Education

(a) Manufacturing Extension Partnership $1,200,000;

(b) SREB $269,000;

(63) H59-State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education

(a) Technical College of the Lowcountry

Nursing Program $250,000;

(b) Williamsburg - Repair/Renovation $300,000;

(64) D10-Governor's Office-State Law Enforcement Division

(a) Vehicles & Equipment for 10 new

VICE Agents $399,000;

(b) Vehicles & Equipment for 14 new Agents to

Investigate Criminal Abuse at Residential

Care Facilities $558,600;

(65) K05-Department of Public Safety

Replacement of High Mileage Highway

Patrol Vehicles $4,149,243;

(66) U12-Department of Transportation

Mass Transit $1,300,000;

(67) P12-Forestry Commission

Mission Critical Functions $1,000,000;

(68) U12-Department of Transportation

Port Access Road $5,000,000;

(69) P28-Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

(a) Advertising $5,500,000;

(b) Regional Tourism Districts $550,000;

(70) R28-Department of Consumer Affairs

Computer Services $200,000;

(71) E24-Adjutant General's Office

State Regional District Operations Program $203,088;

(72) P32-Department of Commerce

Hydrogen/Fuel Cell Coalition and Equipment $81,230;

(73) F03-Budget and Control Board

RFP & Study of Statewide Assessments $1,000,000;

(73.1) The Budget and Control Board shall issue a request for proposal for the purpose of conducting a study on the feasibility and cost of converting the state assessment program to a computer-based or computer-adaptive format. Funds appropriated herein for the Statewide Assessment System shall be used to cover the cost of conducting the study.

(74) J04-Department of Health and Environmental Control

Trauma Center Fund $2,000,000;

(74.1) Of the funds appropriated to the Department of Health and Environmental Control for the South Carolina State Trauma Care Fund, $2,000,000 shall be utilized for increasing the reimbursement rates for trauma hospitals, for trauma specialists' professional fee, for increasing the capability of EMS trauma care providers from counties with a high rate of traumatic injury deaths to care for injury patients, and for support of the trauma system, based on a methodology as determined by the department with guidance and input from the Trauma Council as established in Section 44-61-530 of the South Carolina Code of Laws. The methodology to be developed will include a breakdown of disbursement of funds by percentage, with a proposed 77% disbursed to hospitals and trauma physician fees, 11% of the 21% must be disbursed to EMS providers for training EMTs, Advanced EMTs and paramedics by the four regional councils of this state and the remaining 10% must be disbursed to EMS providers in counties with high trauma mortality rates, and 2% allocated to the department for administration of the fund and support of the trauma system. The Department of Health and Environmental Control shall promulgate regulations as required in Section 44-61-540 of the 1976 Code for the administration and oversight of the Trauma Care Fund.

(75) H63-Department of Education

Interpreter Recruitment and Training Program $50,000;

(76) H15-University of Charleston

Marine Genomics $603,000;

(77) F03-Budget and Control Board

(a) Confederate Relic Room $410,435;

(b) Operating Expenses $1,298,973;

(78) E04-Lieutenant Governor's Office

Community Based Support Services -

Office on Aging $2,900,000;

(79) J02-Department of Health and Human Services

(a) Physician Reimbursements $3,000,000;

(b) Rural Hospital Grants $6,500,000;

(c) Health Care Information Referral Network $336,000;

(80) J12-Department of Mental Health

Charleston Center Administration Addition $1,500,000;

(81) N04-Department of Corrections

Medical Department Technology Upgrades $489,850;

(82) E23-Commission on Indigent Defense

(a) Conflict Fund $500,000;

(b) Criminal Domestic Violence Defense $460,000;

(83) F03-Budget and Control Board

(a) SC National Heritage Corridor $250,000;

(b) Geodetic Mapping $250,000;

(c) Demolition of Park Buildings $470,750;

(d) Facilities Management - Other Operating $35,000;

(e) SE Regional Settlement $395,000;

(83.1) The Budget and Control Board shall utilize the $470,750 appropriated for "Demolition of Park Buildings" to contract for the demolition of dilapidated buildings at the State Park area which have been determined to be unsafe. Any funds remaining after the project has been completed shall be transferred to the General Fund.

(83.2) The Budget and Control Board shall transfer $35,000 to the Newberry County Sheriff's Office for public safety enhancements.

(84) F27-Budget and Control Board, State Auditor's Office

(a) Other Operating $681,654;

(b) Contractual Services $39,550;

(85) X22-Aid to Subdivisions - State Treasurer

Aid Planning Districts $110,000;

(86) H95-State Museum Commission

(a) Cherokee County Museum $450,000;

(b) York County Museum $450,000;

(c) Chapman Cultural Center $500,000;

(d) Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium $500,000;

(e) Coastal Discovery Museum $400,000;

(f) Mauldin Cultural Center $100,000;

(g) African-American Museum in Charleston $500,000;

(h) Myrtle Beach Children's Museum $750,000;

(i) Imagine Nation: Children's Museum

of the Upstate $700,000;

(j) Greer Museum $100,000;

(k) Cayce Museum $50,000;

(87) J02-Department of Health and Human Services

(a) Hemingway Health Complex $465,000;

(b) Foothills Information Network $500,000;

(c) Federally Qualified Community

Health Centers $1,000,000;

(d) Midlands Community Health Center $675,000;

(88) J12-Department of Mental Health

(a) Nurturing Center $90,000;

(b) Crisis Center of Marion, Florence,

Darlington $500,000;

(89) H87-State Library

(a) Barnwell County Library $250,000;

(b) Boiling Springs Library Expansion $200,000;

(c) Society Hill Library $250,000;

(d) Public Library Construction Grants $100,000;

(90) F03-Budget and Control Board

Statehouse Grounds and Complex

Upgrades and Improvements $6,000,000;

(91) N12-Department of Juvenile Justice

Coalition to Prevent Juvenile Crime-After School &

Summer Programs $500,000;

(91.1) The Department of Juvenile Justice is directed to transfer $500,000 to the Coalition to Prevent Juvenile Crime for use in expanding after-school programs and establishing summer programs to combat gang activities, improve drop out statistics, and prevent juvenile crime.

(92) U12-Department of Transportation

(a) Expansion Work on Hard Scrabble Road $200,000;

(b) Greenville County Street

Drainage Improvements $300,000;

(93) P24-Department of Natural Resources

(a) Savannah River Basin Compact $250,000;

(b) Infrastructure Repairs $600,000;

(94) P28-Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

(a) H. Cooper Black Field Trial &

Recreation Area $531,300;

(b) Dorchester County Youth and

Senior Renovation Project $180,000;

(c) National Historic Register Site -

Randolph Cemetery $175,000;

(d) Marion County Tourism Resource

and Education Center $250,000;

(95) F03-Budget and Control Board

(a) Weldon Auditorium $500,000;

(b) Success Center Building $100,000;

(c) City of Georgetown - Business

Revitalization & Promotion $23,460;

(d) Georgetown Marina $1,000,000;

(e) City of Columbia - Streetscape $1,000,000;

(f) Columbia Black Expo $200,000;

(g) Camden First Community

Development Program $150,000;

(h) Lexington County Water and Sewer $250,000;

(i) East Camden Sewer System $250,000;

(j) Police Substation Screaming Eagle Road $100,000;

(k) Drummond Center Erskine College

Program Support $700,000;

(96) H47-Winthrop University

Tillman Hall Repair $6,700,000;

(97) H51-Medical University of South Carolina

(a) Hollings Cancer Center $500,000;

(b) College of Dental Medicine $7,000,000;

(98) J20-Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services

The Phoenix Center $6,200,000;

(99) F03-Budget and Control Board

Tobacco Arbitration Settlement $1,200,000;

(100) E23-Commission on Indigent Defense

Civil Appointments Fund $1,500,000;

(101) H15-University of Charleston

Grice Marine Biology Laboratory $4,000,000;

(102) P32-Department of Commerce

Competitive Grants $500,000;

(103) F03-Budget and Control Board

Competitive Grants $3,000,000;

(104) J04-Department of Health and Environmental Control

Competitive Grants $2,800,000;

(105) P28-Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

Competitive Grants $3,000,000;

(106) E28-Election Commission

HAVA Training for Voters $500,000;

(107) F03-Budget and Control Board

(a) Marion County Senior Center $250,000;

(b) Old Springfield High School Renovations $75,000;

(108) U12-Department of Transportation

Smart Ride Program - Newberry and Camden $380,000;

(109) P28-Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

Brookgreen Gardens Maintenance

and Transportation $108,000;

(110) F03-Budget and Control Board

Lake City Senior Center $200,000;

(111) H37-University of South Carolina-Lancaster

Repaving $100,000;

(112) P21-South Carolina State University-PSA

(a) Lower Orangeburg/Upper Dorchester Community

Development Corporation $150,000;

(b) Historical Analysis Study - African

American Community

Wealth Creation $150,000;

(113) P28-Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism

Marion County Recreation Facility $100,000;

(114) H87-State Library

Olanta Library $250,000;

(115) K05-Department of Public Safety

Sumter County Justice Assistance Grant $52,572;

(116) H63-Department of Education

First Steps Centers of Excellence $2,000,000;

(116.1) Expand First Steps Centers Of Excellence child development centers through a two year pilot program serving at-risk children ages zero to four beginning in the trial districts and expanding to the plaintiff districts.

(117) P32-Department of Commerce

Hartsville Railroad Project $250,000;

(118 F03-Budget and Control Board

Hartsville Drainage Project $200,000; and

(119) P16-Department of Agriculture

Jasper County Farmers Market $200,000.

Entities that receive funding through item (95) subitems a) through k) listed under the Budget and Control Board are required to submit a report to the Budget and Control Board, the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, and the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee which contains a complete accounting for the expenditure of the funds received. Reports shall be transmitted no later than 90 days after the close of the fiscal year in which funds were distributed.

Unexpended funds appropriated pursuant to this provision may be carried forward to succeeding fiscal years and expended for the same purposes.

73.15. (A) There is created in the State Treasury a fund separate and distinct from the general fund of the State, the Capital Reserve Fund, and all other funds entitled the Contingency Reserve Fund. All general fund revenues accumulated in a fiscal year in excess of general appropriations and supplemental appropriations must be credited to this fund. Revenues credited to this fund in a fiscal year may be appropriated by the General Assembly in its regular session in the year following the close of the applicable fiscal year. Revenues in this fund may be appropriated only for the purposes provided in subsection (B).

(B)(1) If the balance in the general reserve fund established pursuant to Article III, Section 36 of the Constitution of this State and Section 11-11-310 of the 1976 Code is less than the required balance, there must be appropriated to it all amounts in the Contingency Reserve Fund up to the total necessary to replenish the general reserve fund. This amount does not replace or supplant the minimum replenishment amount otherwise required to be made to the general reserve fund.

(2) After the appropriation of amounts required pursuant to item (1) of this subsection, any remaining balance may be appropriated for or used to offset revenue reductions for:

(a) infrastructure improvements; and for purposes of this item, infrastructure includes, but is not limited to, fixed transportation facilities, to include highway, rail, water, and air, and the basic facilities, services, and installations needed for the functioning of government, to include water, sewer, and public sector communications;

(b) school buildings;

(c) school buses; and

(d) expenses incurred by this State as a result of natural or other disasters declared by the President of the United States. Should the General Assembly not be in session during a declared disaster, the Budget and Control Board may, by unanimous approval of its members, utilize the Contingency Reserve Fund to underwrite state government costs directly associated with the disaster. Eligible costs include those costs associated with public safety personnel and equipment as well as funding match requirements with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

(3) Appropriations from the Fund must be made by means of a joint resolution.

73.16. DELETED

73.17. (SR: Redirect FY 05-06 Increased Enforcement Collections) (A) Any excess revenue collected pursuant to Proviso 73.17 of the Fiscal Year 2005-06 General Appropriation Act after the listed items are fully funded shall be deposited in a fund separate and distinct from the General Fund as established within the Office of the State Treasurer. This revenue is deemed to have occurred and is available for use in Fiscal Year 2006-07.

(B) From such excess increased enforcement collections, the State Treasurer shall disburse the following funds:

F03 Budget and Control Board

(a) Central Carolina Allied Health

Service Center $2,000,000;

(b) Conway Maintenance Shop Renovations $1,000,000;

(c) Anderson County Health

Department Roof Replacement

and Magistrate's Court Building $3,500,000;

(d) Edgefield Building Renovations $300,000;

(e) Dorchester Interfaith Outreach

Ministry Homeless Center

and Soup Kitchen $250,000;

H59 State Board for Technical and Comprehensive


Horry-Georgetown Technical College $1,000,000;

H12 Clemson University

Infrastructure Repairs $900,000;

H87 State Library

Calhoun County Library $1,000,000;

E24 Adjutant General's Office

(a) Hurricane Shelter Generator Connections $3,200,000;

(b) Statewide Emergency

Communication System $500,000;

(c) EMD-Hurricane Emergency Preparation,

Planning and Response $250,000;

(d) EMD-Dedicated Plans and Response $250,000;

J12 Department of Mental Health

Williams Building Cooperative Ministries

Homeless Shelter

Renovation & Operation $750,000; and

R44 Department of Revenue

Alternative Fuel and Fuel

Efficiency Incentives $7,050,000.

Any excess revenue collected after the above items are fully funded shall be credited to the South Carolina Budget and Control Board Grants Program. No funds may be obligated from the South Carolina Budget and Control Board Grants Program after September 30, 2006. Unexpended unobligated revenue in the grants program shall lapse to the General Fund and shall be available for use in Fiscal Year 2006-07 as the General Assembly deems appropriate.

73.18. DELETED


All acts or parts of acts inconsistent with any of the provisions of Parts IA or IB of this act are suspended for Fiscal Year 2006-2007.

Except as otherwise specifically provided, this act takes effect immediately upon its approval by the Governor.


Ratified the 7th day of June 2006.

Vetoed in its entirety by the Governor -- 6/13/06.

Veto overridden by the House -- 6/14/06.

Veto overridden by the Senate -- 6/14/06.

rnor -- 6/13/06.

Veto overridden by the House -- 6/14/06.

Veto overridden by the Senate -- 6/14/06.

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