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S 928
Session 105 (1983-1984)

S 0928 General Bill, By R.C. Dennis, W.W. Doar, Drummond, R.H. Ellis, 
T.E. Garrison, R.C. Lake, Leatherman, Leventis, J.C. Lindsay, A.S. Macaulay, 
M.E. McDonald, F.H. McGill, Moore, Peeler, C.G. Poag, Ravenel, J.R. Richardson, 
Setzler, R.C. Shealy, H.C. Smith, J.V. Smith, N.W. Smith, T.B. Smith, 
D.S. Taylor, N.A. Theodore and J.M. Waddell
 A Bill to designate Sections 11-11-10 through 11-11-110 and Section 11-11-130,
 Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, Article 1 of Chapter 11 of Title 11 of
 the 1976 Code to be entitled "General Provisions"; to designate Section 12 of
 Part II of Act 219 of 1977 as Section 11-11-310 and Article 3 of Chapter 11 of
 Title 11 of the 1976 Code to be entitled "Reserve Fund"; to amend Chapter 11
 of Title 11 by adding Article 5 so as to establish a limitation on
 appropriations of state government based on the economic growth of the State
 as measured by the growth in South Carolina personal income, and a limitation
 on growth of state employment based on the growth of the population of the
 State and provide procedures for computing and suspending both limitations;
 prohibit the Comptroller General from approving or issuing warrants for
 disbursement above the amount appropriated unless authorized by the General
 Assembly; provide that the Division of Research and Statistical Services of
 the Budget and Control Board shall annually compute and certify to the General
 Assembly a current figure to limit appropriations as provided in this Article
 prior to the Board's submission of its recommended budget to the House Ways
 and Means Committee; provide that the General Assembly may suspend the
 spendingNext limitation for any one fiscal year for a specific amount if a
 financial emergency is declared to exist; provide that when surplus funds are
 collected, the surplus may be appropriated by the General Assembly to
 accelerate the retirement of bonded indebtedness transferred to the General
 Fund Reserve, provide tax relief, or be used to avoid the issuance of bonds
 for projects that are authorized but not issued; provide that the ratio of the
 number of permanent state positions to the total annually updated resident
 population of the State may not exceed that ratio of permanent state positions
 as existed in Fiscal Year 1980-81 compared to the total resident population of
 the State as determined by the 1980 Decennial Census; provide that the Budget
 and Control Board determine the number of permanent state positions; prohibit
 the Budget and Control Board from recommending to the Ways and Means Committee
 of the House of Representatives that the Committee may not introduce any
 appropriation bill which provides for an increase in state employment in
 excess of the ratio prescribed in this Article; provide that if a financial
 emergency is declared to exist the General Assembly may suspend the employment
 limitation for any one fiscal year for a specific number; prohibit the use of
 bond proceeds for other than capital improvements and limit annual maximum
 debt service on general obligation bonds to not more than five and one-half
 percent of general state revenues for the fiscal year next preceding; require
 new or increased taxes to be levied by separate legislative acts rather than
 in appropriation acts; and to provide for a tax credit for business
 enterprises who employ eighteen or more full-time employees and locate such
 business in a designated less developed area; and to repeal Section 12, Part
 II, of Act 517 of 1980 and the fifth paragraph of Section 12, Part II, of Act
 219 of 1977, relating to Previousspending and employment limitations and other budget
 matters effective July 1, 1985, and to the provisions authorizing
 recommendations of appropriations to exceed ninety-five percent of the annual
 approved revenue estimates.
   03/28/84  Senate Introduced, read first time, placed on calendar
                     without reference SJ-1209
   03/28/84  Senate Debate adjourned
   03/29/84  Senate Debate adjourned SJ-1251
   04/04/84  Senate Debate adjourned SJ-1287
   04/18/84  Senate Committed to Committee on Finance SJ-1447

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