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S 334
Session 105 (1983-1984)

S 0334 General Bill, By McConnell, H.A. Chapman, W.W. Doar, Drummond, 
R.H. Ellis, T.E. Garrison, Leatherman, Leventis, J.C. Lindsay, A.S. Macaulay, 
H.E. McDonald, M.E. McDonald, F.H. McGill, P.B. McLeod, Moore, E.J. Patterson, 
Peeler, C.G. Poag, Ravenel, J.R. Richardson, N.C. Russell, A.M. Sanders, 
Setzler, R.C. Shealy, J.V. Smith, N.W. Smith, T.B. Smith, D.S. Taylor and 
N.A. Theodore
 A Bill to establish a limitation on expenditures of state government based on
 the economic growth of the State as measured by the growth in South Carolina
 personal income, and a limitation on growth of state employment based on the
 growth of the population of the State and provide procedures for computing
 both limitations; prohibit the use of revenue bond proceeds for other than
 capital improvements and limit annual maximum debt service on general
 obligation bonds to not more than five and one-half percent of general state
 revenues in the previous fiscal year; require new or increased taxes to be
 levied by separate legislative acts rather than in appropriation acts; and to
 repeal Section 12, Part II of Act 517 of 1980, relating to spending and
 employment limitations and other budget matters effective March 1, 1985.
   03/16/83  Senate Introduced and read first time SJ-732
   03/16/83  Senate Referred to Committee on Finance SJ-733

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