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S 1317
Session 108 (1989-1990)

S 1317 General Bill, By M.B. Williams, D.L. Hinds and J.M. Long
 A Bill to amend Section 22-8-20, Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976,
 relating to the hours magistrates spend in the exercise of their judicial
 function, so as to have a senatorial delegation consider the duties involved
 in the exercise of a magistrate's judicial function when classifying or
 reclassifying magistrates as full time or part time; to amend Section 22-8-40,
 relating to designation and compensation of magistrates, so as to provide that
 the senatorial delegation of each county instead of the county governing board
 designate full-time and part-time magistrates serving within the county, and
 to allow the senatorial delegation some discretion in fixing magistrates'
 salaries; and to amend Section 22-8-50, relating to magistrates' grievances
 against rulings or actions taken by a county or county governing board, so as
 to exclude matters concerning classification, reclassification, or
 compensation of magistrates; and to amend Section 22-2-200, relating to
 accommodations tax revenue as affecting the number of magistrates, so as to
 allow the senatorial delegation to increase the number of magistrates in
 counties which generate four million dollars or more in accommodations tax
   02/22/90  Senate Introduced and read first time SJ-8
   02/22/90  Senate Referred to Committee on Judiciary SJ-8
   03/21/90  Senate Committee report: Favorable Judiciary SJ-13
   03/22/90  Senate Amended SJ-27

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