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H 4936
Session 108 (1989-1990)

H 4936 General Bill, By Glover
 A Bill to amend the Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, by providing for the
 Parental Responsibilities Act; to amend the 1976 Code by adding Section
 59-17-130 so as to provide for the requirements of school districts relating
 to parental involvement and home school relations; by adding Section 59-26-80
 so as to provide for inservice training programs to help at-risk youth and
 their parents; and by adding Section 59-26-90 so as to provide for the use of
 employment time by school guidance counselors; to amend Section 20-7-20,
 relating to a children's policy, so as to provide for the State's
 responsibility regarding the school attendance law; to amend Section 43-5-550,
 relating to the statewide work support services delivery system, so as to
 provide for a condition for receiving public assistance; to amend Section
 59-20-60, relating to the spending priority of school districts, school
 improvement reports, and the Education Finance Review Committee, so as to
 provide for the content of a written appraisal of a report; to amend Section
 59-26-20, as amended, relating to the duties of the State Board of Education,
 so as to provide for instructional or administrative personnel programs to
 include training in working with at-risk youth and their parents; to amend
 Section 59-65-50, relating to reporting school nonattendance to a court, so as
 to provide for an intervention plan to secure a child's school attendance and
 for a report of nonattendance to the solicitor; and to amend Section 59-65-60,
 relating to a court's procedure upon receiving a nonattendance report, so as
 to increase the penalty and provide for public service and participation in
 appropriate programs for a parent who fails to comply with a related court
 order and provide for electronic home detention.
   04/04/90  House  Introduced and read first time HJ-19
   04/04/90  House  Referred to Committee on Education and Public
                     Works HJ-20

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