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Session 109 (1991-1992)

H*3674 Concurrent Resolution, By W.S. McCain
 A Concurrent Resolution to designate the month of March, 1991, as National
 Nutrition Month in South Carolina.

   03/12/91  House  Introduced, adopted, sent to Senate HJ-2
   03/12/91  Senate Introduced SJ-11
   03/12/91  Senate Referred to Committee on Invitations SJ-12
   03/20/91  Senate Committee report: Favorable Invitations SJ-13
   03/20/91  Senate Adopted, returned to House with concurrence SJ-13



Whereas, in response to growing public interest in fitness, diet, and nutrition National Nutrition Week was initiated in 1973 and became a month-long observance in 1980; and

Whereas, South Carolinians spend millions of dollars annually in the pursuit of health and fitness, National Nutrition Month is dedicated to helping the public establish nutritionally sound eating habits and make informed food choices; and

Whereas, the theme of this month-long effort to increase awareness of the importance and pleasure of a healthy lifestyle is "Bite Into A Healthy Lifestyle"; and

Whereas, the South Carolina Dietetic Association is a statewide nonprofit organization with over 450 registered dietitians and nutritionists, whose members represent a range of practical areas including public health, sports nutrition, corporate wellness, diet counseling for weight management, cholesterol reduction, pediatric nutrition, eating disorders, and food service management in hospitals, long-term health care facilities, education, and research; and

Whereas, programs and services offered by the South Carolina Dietetic Association include the establishment and enforcement of standards for academic training and practice in clinical nutrition, food service management, and community dietetics. The SCDA also sponsors a number of continuing education programs for its members throughout the year; and

Whereas, the SCDA is active in recruiting students to the field of nutrition. In South Carolina, Winthrop College, Clemson University, and South Carolina State College offer four-year and six-year programs in nutrition. Now, therefore,

Be it resolved by the House of Representatives, the Senate concurring:

That the month of March, 1991, is designated National Nutrition Month in South Carolina.

Be it further resolved that a copy of this resolution be forwarded to Barbara McCann, M.S., R.D., president of the South Carolina Dietetic Association and chief dietitian at Orangeburg-Calhoun Regional Hospital.


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