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Title 44. HEALTH
Chapter 7. Hospitals, Tuberculosis Camps, and Health Services Districts
... being offered to those nursing homes currently holding a Medicaid patient days permit in that county, then existing nursing homes with a restricted Certificate of Need, within the same county, may apply for a Medicaid nursing home permit to ...
Title 44. HEALTH
Chapter 69. Licensure of Home Health Agencies
... State. The department may facilitate the negotiation, contracting, or transfer of these activities through licensure and without requirement of a Certificate of Need as set out in Section 44-69-75 and without regard to the Procurement Code, ...
Title 44. HEALTH
Chapter 6. Department of Health and Human Services
... shall provide outpatient information to the office as set forth in the regulation. Other providers offering services with equipment requiring a Certificate of Need shall provide outpatient information to the office. Additionally, licensed home ...

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