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Session 121 - (2015-2016)
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Session 121 - (2015-2016) - H*5032
Summary: Robert Chen
... role in facilitating the formation of a Memorandum of Agreement that allows residents with a Taiwanese driver's license to forgo written and driving tests to receive a South Carolina driver's license and also allows South Carolina's licensed ...
Session 121 - (2015-2016) - H 5094
Summary: Recreational vehicles
... Nothing in this section must be construed to prevent a licensed recreational vehicle dealer from providing vehicles for demonstration or test driving purposes. Section 56-14-40.    (A)    Before a license as a ...
Session 121 - (2015-2016) - H 5108
Summary: Local government fleets
... the various education and government employment-related entities as to how to best encourage and facilitate eligible citizens to consider truck driving as a career, and to help them acquire the necessary skills to attain a CDL; ...
Session 121 - (2015-2016) - H 5163
Summary: License plates
... notwithstanding other provisions of this chapter to the contrary, may be used exclusively on motor vehicles owned by, assigned, or loaned for test driving purposes to the dealer when operated on the highways of this State by the dealer, its ...
Session 121 - (2015-2016) - H*5454
Summary: Honorable Joel Lourie
... and his concern for victims of crime in our State is perhaps unmatched. His efforts and support of Emma's Law which revised and strengthened driving under the influence laws in the State were instrumental in its passage. In addition, ...
Session 121 - (2015-2016) - H*5493
Summary: Coastal Carolina University Baseball Team
... advanced to Omaha in truly dramatic fashion, as junior short stop Michael Paez hit a walk-off chopper to the left in the wee hours of the morning, driving home senior Anthony Marks to beat the Tigers by a score of 4-3; and Whereas, in his ...

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