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Session 111 - (1995-1996) - S 1188
Title Portion: A Joint Resolution proposing amendments to Article III, Section 7 of the Constitution of South Caro
... daily circulation once a week for three successive weeks prior to the next general election. Propositions must be numbered consecutively and put on the ballot at the general election in the order of the petition's certification by the ...
Session 111 - (1995-1996) - S 1295
Title Portion: A Bill to amend Title 44, Chapter 35, Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, relating to cancer, to
... cancer patients throughout the State. Section 44-35-110. The Department of Health and Environmental Control shall formulate and put into effect an educational plan for the purpose of preventing cancer, of aiding in the early ...
Session 111 - (1995-1996) - S*1335
Title Portion: A Bill to amend Chapter 9, Title 25, Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, relating to emergency me
... management/services directors of the various jurisdictions where any type of incident requiring evacuations might occur. Such plans shall be put into effect by request of the state from which evacuees come and shall include the manner ...
Session 111 - (1995-1996) - S*1370
Title Portion: A Concurrent Resolution congratulating the South Carolina State University Bulldogs Men's Basketbal
... led by coach Cy Alexander, compiled a record of 22 wins and seven losses, remaining undefeated in 13 home games; and Whereas, the Bulldogs put together an eight-game winning streak in one stretch and then went on to win 18 of their last ...
Session 111 - (1995-1996) - S*1375
Title Portion: A Bill to provide that Orangeburg County on July 1, 1997, shall consist of three consolidated schoo
... establish and maintain educational consortia; and (9) be responsible for policymaking action and the review of regulations established to put these policies into operation. Assets and liabilities transferred; bonded debt ...
Session 111 - (1995-1996) - S 1400
Title Portion: A Bill to amend Chapter 43, Title 40, as amended, Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, relating to
... barrier, or both, to detect entry at a time the pharmacist is not present. The barrier must be approved by the Board of Pharmacy before being put into use. (14) display, when the pharmacy department is closed or in the absence of the ...
Session 111 - (1995-1996) - H*3000
Title Portion: A House Resolution to provide a procedure for allotting seats to members of the House of Representa
... of the members must be allotted as follows: The Clerk shall prepare a ballot for each county with only its name printed on it. These must be put in a closed box. The Speaker shall then direct a person or persons to draw them out, ...
Session 111 - (1995-1996) - H 3052
Title Portion: A Bill to amend Title 62, Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, relating to the Probate Code, by ad
... who declines to serve or resigns, or the legal representative of a deceased or incapacitated custodial trustee, as soon as practicable, shall put the custodial trust property and records in the possession and control of the successor ...
Session 111 - (1995-1996) - H*3132
Title Portion: A Bill to amend Section 14-7-250, as amended, and 14-7-850, Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, r
... "Section 14-7-250. The names of those who are drawn and actually serve as jurors must be placed in an envelope and must not be put back into the jury box until the first revision of the jury list provided for after they have been so ...
Session 111 - (1995-1996) - H*3143
Title Portion: A Bill to amend the Code of Laws of South Carolina, 1976, by adding Section 53-3-130 so as to provi
... Parks, Recreation and Tourism study shows golf generating more than six hundred forty-four million dollars annually for the state's economy, putting it on a par with the state's larger industries; and Whereas, given that the National ...

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