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Chapter 11. Police Officers Retirement System
... the provisions of subsection (3), a retired member who has been restored to active employment by virtue of election to the office of sheriff is restored as a member of the system upon taking office and electing to cease receiving a retirement ...
Title 12. TAXATION
Chapter 45. County Treasurers and Collection of Taxes
... that portion of or interest in the property acquired subsequent to assessment by the person so applying, and thereupon the county treasurer, county sheriff, county tax collector, town or city tax collector or any officer charged with the ...
Title 14. COURTS
Chapter 3. Supreme Court
... 14-3-150. Duties of county sheriffs and clerks; enforcement of service and execution. The Supreme Court may require the sheriff of each and every county to whom any order or process issuing from said court may be directed to serve ...
Chapter 67. Recovery of Real Property
... of the summons may be made and service upon parties outside of the State and unknown claimants obtained in the following manner. When the sheriff of the county in which the action is brought shall have duly determined that the defendant cannot ...
Chapter 5. Coroners and Medical Examiners
... Act No. 52, § 2, eff June 6, 2007.
Chapter 25. Judgment and Execution
... convicted persons to perform labor in public interest. Notwithstanding another provision of law, a local governing body may authorize the sheriff or other official in charge of a local correctional facility to require any able-bodied ...
Chapter 57. Trade Practices
... by 1987 Act No. 155, § 1; 1993 Act No. 181, § 716.
Title 44. HEALTH
Chapter 1. Department of Health and Environmental Control
... shellfish in any polluted area may be impounded at the discretion of the arresting officer. The equipment impounded shall be delivered to the sheriff of the county in which the arrest was made and shall be retained by the ...
Title 44. HEALTH
Chapter 41. Abortions
... an abortion on a pregnant woman based on the exception in either subsection (B)(1) or (2) must report the allegation of rape or incest to the sheriff in the county in which the abortion was performed. The report must be made no later than ...
Title 44. HEALTH
Chapter 53. Poisons, Drugs, and Other Controlled Substances
... of maintaining a written log as provided for in subsection (J)(2) is subject to the penalties provided for in subsection (H)(4). (K) The sheriff or chief of police shall monitor and determine if retailers, other than licensed ...

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