South Carolina Legislature

1998-1999 Appropriations-Bill 4700
Part II

The following is a list of the documents containing sections of Part II of the Appropriation Bill, H. 4700, as passed by the House.

Section 1
Code Commissioner
Section 2
Coin-operated Machines or Devices, Extend the Seizure and Destruction Provisions Applicable to Games of Chance, Conform Existing Licensing Requirements for Coin-operated Machines; Tax Crimes and Penalties; the Offense of Gambling; Repeal the Retail License Requirement for a Location with Video Games with a Free Play Feature, the Exemption of Video Games with a Free Play Feature from the Gambling Offenses, and the Video Games Machines Act.
Section 3
South Carolina Performance and Accountability Standards for Schools (Pass) Act; Repeal Monitoring Implementation of the Education Improvement Program; Public School Assistance Fund; School Administrators; Corporal Punishment
Section 4
Full-day Five-year-old Kindergarten
Section 5
Rural Physician Program at the Medical University of South Carolina
Section 6
Funding for Certain Programs of the South Carolina Area Health Education Consortium
Section 7
University of South Carolina School of Medicine Practice Plan
Section 8
South Carolina Tuition Grant Funds; Interest Accruing on Undisbursed Tuition Grant Funds
Section 9
Governing Boards of State-supported Colleges, Universities, and Technical Schools May Lend Their Endowment Funds and Auxiliary Enterprise Funds to Separately Chartered Not-for-profit Legal Entities
Section 10
Borrowing by Area Commissions of Technical Colleges and the Manner in Which These Area Commissions Are Authorized to Dispose of Surplus Real Property; Sales and Disposal of Real Property by State-supported Institutions of Higher Learning
Section 11
Office of General Services of the State Budget and Control Board Shall Prepare an Annual Report of All Real Property Sales, Purchases, Exchanges, Disposals, Acquisitions, and Other Transfers of One Hundred Thousand Dollars or More That Are Submitted by Governmental Bodies To, and Approved By, the State Budget and Control Board
Section 12
South Carolina Federal and Other Funds Oversight Act
Section 13
Legislative Incentives for Future Excellence (Life) Scholarships
Section 14
The Budget and Control Board, in Conjunction with the Department of Education, Shall Transfer All Federal Funds Associated with Agricultural Education at the Department of Education to Clemson - Psa (Public Service Activities) No Later than July Fifteenth of Each Fiscal Year and to Provide for the Manner in Which These Funds Are Required to Be Used
Section 15
Revenue in Connection with Fish, Game, and Watercraft
Section 16
State Employee Payroll Deductions of Charitable Contributions
Section 17
Funds from Fees and Litigation Settlement Allowed to Be Retained by the Attorney General for Operation of the Securities Division
Section 18
Accounting of the Attorney General to the State Treasurer
Section 19
Matters Exempt from Disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act
Section 20
Funding for Certain Educational Programs of Palmetto Unified School District 1 of the South Carolina Department of Corrections
Section 21
Biennial Registration Periods for Motor Vehicles
Section 22
New Motor Vehicle License Plates Required to Be Issued at Least Every Ten Years
Section 23
Distribution and Use of "C" Fund Gasoline Tax Revenues
Section 24
Workers' Compensation and the Designated Average Weekly Wage for Certain Categories of Employees
Section 25
To Provide for the State Accident Fund to Remit to the General Fund Certain Interest Earned or Accruing on Monies in the State Accident Fund and to Distribute to Local Agencies Certain Other Interest
Section 26
Construction and Maintenance of Grade Crossings
Section 27
Credited National Guard Service for Purposes of the South Carolina Retirement System, the Retirement System for Members of the General Assembly, and the Police Officers Retirement System
Section 28
Extending Eligibility for Optional Retirement Program for Faculty and Administration of Publicly-supported Four-year and Postgraduate Institutions of Higher Education to Faculty and Administration of Technical Colleges
Section 29
Trust Fund for Tax Relief; State Property Tax Relief Fund; Reimbursement to Local Political Subdivisions for Homestead Exemptions; Repeal Section 6-27-45, Relating to Homestead Exemption Reimbursement
Section 30
Circumstances Where Gasoline May Be Purchased by State Agencies from Retail Fuel Outlets and State-owned Facilities
Section 31
Equipment Installed on a Firefighting Vehicle Is Included with the Vehicle for Purposes of Calculating the Maximum Sales Tax Due
Section 32
Manner of Waiving Age Restrictions for Attendance in Public Schools
Section 33
Eligibility for Appointment of Judge Advocates and Legal Officers by the Adjutant General
Section 34
No Tax or Fee May Be Imposed by the State Athletic Commission or a County Athletic Commission on the Gross Receipts Received by Reason of the Lease or Sale of Television, Motion Picture, or Radio Rights in Connection with Any Boxing, Wrestling, Kick Boxing, Full Contact Karate, or Sparring Exhibition or Performance in this State
Section 35
Repeal Chapters 19, 20, and 22 of Title 1, Relating to the Establishment of the State Reorganization Commission, Review of State Agencies and Boards, and the Compliance Review Act of 1988
Section 36
Establish in the State Treasury the State Institution Bonds and State Highway Bonds Debt Service Fund
Section 37
To Provide How the Moratorium on State Corporate Income Tax for a Corporation That Is a "Qualifying Business" under the Enterprise Zone Act of 1995 Applies, and to Repeal this Moratorium Provision Effective July 1, 2003
Section 38
No State Correctional Institution or Local Government May Expend State Funds for Cable Television, Satellite Television, or Any Similar Multi-channel Television for Inmate Viewing
Section 39
Transfer of Fines to the Department of Public Safety for the Purpose of Hiring and Training Troopers, and Purchasing Equipment and Patrol Vehicles for the Department
Section 40
Federal Medicaid Funds Shall Be a Separate Line Item in Forecasts of Economic Conditions by the Board of Economic Advisors

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