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Agency's Strategic Budgeting & Spending

Below are links, by year, to Excel documents that include details about how much money the agency budgeted to accomplish its strategic plan and how much it actually spent. Also included below is the agency's strategic budget for the current year. This information was provided by the agency in its Annual Restructuring Report, Program Evaluation, Request for Information, or Accountability Report.

The Strategic Budgeting - Details Excel document includes information about the amount of money the agency budgeted toward accomplishing each objective in its strategic plan, as well as the amount budgeted toward "unrelated purposes." An "unrelated purpose" is money the agency was directed to spend that was not related to an objective in the agency's strategic plan. (i.e. pass through, etc.). This document also includes details on the amounts budgeted to each objective and unrelated purpose by source of funds.

Disclaimer: The amount the agency budgeted and spent per goal and objective are estimates from the agency. The Committee informed the agency that it understood the information would be estimates but that it was acceptable as long as the agency had a logical basis, which it could explain, as to how it reached the numbers it provided.

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  • Amount Available to Budget
  • Where Agency Budgeted the Funds
  • Budgeting & Spending Documents
  • Spending Details
  • Additional links related to information on spending

  • Money Budgeted for Current Goals, Objectives and Unrelated Purposes (2015-16)

    Amount Available to Budget: $708,226,013

    General v. Other v. Federal
  • State General Fund = $144,680,333 (20.4% of total)
  • State Other Fund = $79,972,916 (11.3% of total)
  • Federal = $483,572,764 (68.3% of total)

  • Recurring v. Non-recurring
  • Recurring = $144,680,333 (20.4% of total)
  • State General Fund = $144,680,333
  • Non-recurring (one-time) = $563,545,680 (79.6% of total)
  • Earmarked Funds = $79,122,930
  • Restricted Funds = $849,986
  • Federal = $483,572,764

  • Where Agency Budgeted the Funds:
    Agency did not provide information on the amount it budgets to accomplish each of its goals and objectives. The agency stated it did not capture cost data at the strategic plan level in 2015-16.

    Goal 1 - $Unknown - Promote the safety and well-being of children and vulnerable adults; promote permanency for children.

  • Objective A1 - $Unknown - Assess and improve the quality of Abuse and Neglect Report Intake decisions.

  • Objective A2 - $Unknown - Improve the timeliness of initiating investigations.

  • Objective A3 - $Unknown - Improve the quality and consistency of ongoing assessments of safety and risk to children and vulnerable adults.

  • Objective A4 - $Unknown - Reduce repeat maltreatment for children and vulnerable adults.

  • Objective A5 - $Unknown - Develop a Case Practice Model that clearly articulates Best Practice and the core values that inform how DSS interacts with children, families and vulnerable adults to increase safety and well-being.

  • Objective A6 - $Unknown - Improve the permanency and stability of children and vulnerable adults in their living situations by providing supports to help preserve the family unit.

  • Objective A7 - $Unknown - Ensure the educational, physical and mental health needs of children and vulnerable adults are addressed.

  • Objective A8 - $Unknown - Provide services and supports to help youth in foster care successfully transition to living independently.

  • Objective A9 - $Unknown - Improve the continuity of family connections and work towards equitable access to services by ensuring services are aligned with the needs of children and connected to their neighborhood, community, faith, extended family, tribe, school and friends.

  • Objective A10 - $Unknown - Educate families and train providers to help ensure children receive safe and quality child care.

  • Objective A11 - $Unknown - Improve assessment, referral and follow-up of domestic violence services.

  • Goal 2 - $Unknown - Help preserve the family unit by enhancing the capacity of individuals and families to provide for their own needs.

  • Objective B1 - $Unknown - Increase recruitment, retention, and capacity of foster and adoptive parents.

  • Objective B2 - $Unknown - Help prepare and transition clients to employment and self-sufficiency.

  • Objective B3 - $Unknown - Ensure appropriate resources are distributed with integrity and in a timely, accurate, and equitable manner.

  • Objective B4 - $Unknown - Provide assistance to custodial parents who need help obtaining child support payments.

  • Objective B5 - $Unknown - Complete the transformation of the Child Support Program.

  • Goal 3 - Ensure DSS workforce is supported in their efforts to provide high-quality service that is responsible and engaged.

  • Objective C1 - $Unknown - Recruit and retain sufficient workforce of qualified and diverse individuals.

  • Objective C2 - $Unknown - Improve performance and quality of service through continuous professional development, coaching, training, and cross training.

  • Objective C3 - $Unknown - Foster a culture of customer service, both internally and externally.

  • Objective C4 - $Unknown - Manage caseloads by establishing and implementing caseload standards.

  • Objective C5 - $Unknown - Establish and maintain a Continuous Quality Improvement System and enhance the capacity of DSS staff to analyze and use data to inform and improve decision-making.

  • Objective C6 - $Unknown - Strengthen and support the well-being of the DSS workforce, including assistance to address secondary trauma experienced by staff.

  • Objective C7 - $Unknown - Develop uniform process for updating and disseminating policy updates, including statutory changes.

  • Objective C8 - $Unknown - Ensure all contracts have a defined purpose and include measurable outcomes and deliverables.

  • Objective C9 - $Unknown - Protect the assets of DSS, ensure accountability over funds, and help prevent and detect fraud, waste, and abuse.

  • Goal 4 - $Unknown - Foster trust, collaboration and communication with stakeholders to improve outcomes for children, families and vulnerable adults.

  • Objective D1 - $Unknown - Strengthen partner relationships and increase recognition that safety and well-being of children and vulnerable adults is the responsibility of the entire community.

  • Objective D2 - $Unknown - Increase awareness of DSS mission, programs, services and strategic priorities.

  • Objective D3 - $Unknown - Strengthen alignment among DSS and other governmental agencies to provide more effective and efficient services to clients.

  • Objective D4 - $Unknown - Foster a culture of transparency.

  • Objective D5 - $Unknown - Provide timely, consistent, accurate and culturally responsive communication.

  • Objective D6 - $Unknown - Improve responsiveness to public feedback.

  • Objective D7 - $Unknown - Provide two-way communication channels to keep employees and external stakeholders informed while soliciting on-going input.

  • Unrelated Purpose #1 - $775,000 - Efficiently distribute non-recurring appropriations as directed by the General Assembly

    Budgeting and Spending Documents
  • 2015-16 Strategic Budgeting - Details (Excel Spreadsheet)

  • Spending Details

    In March 2008, the Comptroller General unveiled the state's first Spending Transparency Website. According to the Comptroller General's webpage, the goal is to shine a light on spending, thus improving the quality of government and giving taxpayers click-of-a-mouse access to details about how their money is spent. This information is available at

  • Annual Summary Spending
  • Includes annual totals by state agency, broken-down by all categories of spending.
  • Monthly Detailed Spending
  • Includes travel, contractual services, and supplies for all reporting periods prior to July 2010. Beginning July 2010, spending for all categories is being made available.
  • The spending details you see are each agency's monthly disbursements, including any payments made on its monthly charge card statements. For those charge card payments, the name of the payee (the party the check is written to) will be the issuer of the card (Bank of America) rather than the individual merchants who accepted the credit card whenever the agency bought from them during the month. The various merchants or vendors the agency bought from can be viewed by clicking on the link below called "Monthly Charge Card Usage" and then selecting the matter of interest and agency.
  • Spending by Vendor
  • Allows you to perform an alphabetic search by vendor for payments made by all state agencies.

  • Additional Links to Related Information on Spending
  • Comptroller General's Fiscal Transparency
  • State Contracts
  • Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (Current and Prior Years)
  • Monthly General Fund Revenue Reports
  • State Fiscal Accountability Authority Meetings (Live-Streamed and Archived by SC ETV)

  • Legislative Services Agency
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